The tarot of Eli, LLC: The Thoth Tarot-7 of Wands-Valour & The Night Sun Tarot-7 of Wands.

Tarot Card Comparisons:

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Thoth-7 of wands-valour

Astrologically this 7 card represents Mars in Leo. Mars in Leo is a position of courage and strength but a clash is certain, whereas, victory is not.

Qabalistically, this card is the influence of Netzach (victory) in Atziluth (World of Pure Spirit). This card is about opposition and possible victory, depending on the amount of courage exercised by the querent.

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The 7 of Wands (basically all sevens) show a positive result which is dependent upon the action taken by the individual. However, the battle suggested by this card, may also be disorganized and disordered producing uncertain results. Order, depends on the Valour of the individual, as everyone else, associated with the issue is in chaos. A determined individual, who "takes the bit" and charges into the fray---a do or die mentality--will prevail.

The capability to be disorganized and disordered comes from being unsure of yourself and your ideas, which is implied by The primitive club forefront of the Golden Dawn Wands of the Adepts.

So what the Spirit is telling the querent here, is that only through individual Valour will the individual prevail in the present or coming fray of possible outcomes. Self Trust, is the Valour producing mechanism here and lack of self trust will end up as a negative outcome.

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Night Sun Tarot- 7 of Wands

Esoterically, Wands represent "sex-energy"(life-force) which is the passionate force of Will-To-Be. Will is of Spirit, which indicates that we must be listening more to our Spirit than our brain... for true Valour is powered by the Will of the inner Spirit. This indomitable will  is easily seen as the Planet Mars represents War-or Battle and Leo represents the Solar Self (Spirit) which suggests that only the Battling Spirit can win here. This is implied on the Night Sun 7 of Wands Card, by equipping the two central and intertwined Serpent headed wands with wings.  So generally, the Tarot 7 of Wands shows a force transcending the material plane and is a powerful force that requires one capable of wielding it. It is Kundalini Force, shown as the 2 intertwined central wands on the Night Sun card, and implied on the Thoth Card, as a Primitive club like Wand.  The background of the Night Sun 7 of Wands is the red or fire, the cards element. The white roses of the Creatrix are shown in bloom, also implying the union of the Divine Creatrix and Divine Creator. There is a hidden warning here for, if a person of little valor (valour) invokes Kundalini, empowered and disorganized or disordered emotions shall prevail; However, if the person knows that they are untiring Spirit, who operates their own body as a Wand of an Adept, and sees challenges as accomplishments rather than problems--their inner Valour shall attain outer victory. So no matter how much you fear, charge into the fray with confidence that your Spirit shall prevail!

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The Thoth, 7 Of Wands: Valour:

This card represents the unbalancing of a previous spiritual victory, by the dynamic flow of transformational energy all around us; things change. Just when we thought we were victorious over the emotional, spiritual and physical resistance to our vision some issues change and we have to exercise bravery, and valor to not doubt and fight ourselves as we proceed towards our vision. This departure from balance tends to direct us to loss of confidence; However, if we hold to our vision and trust our inner integrity, we shall still achieve our goal and also learn discrimination in the process.

To reiterate: The Thoth 7 of Wands Card is Astrologically, Mars in Leo. Mars represents a dynamic vitality, an agitation of motion while Leo represents creativity and/or creative expression. This suggest that you don't try to stop the new motion in your life but instead become creative in channeling it towards your vision without compromising or settling for less. As the paraphrase of Admiral David Farragut said, "Damn the Torpedo's! Full Steam ahead!"

  1. The central wand is the inner self trust gained by experience.
  2. The lotus wand  represents the unfolding of your vision if you show the valor necessary to carry on and not be deterred by conflict.
  3. The Ibis headed wands represent the new directions that allow you to move in new regenerative ways that you value.
  4. By showing valor in the face of adversity, you will be able to see things more clearly and be able to honor your vision and creativity which is represented by the winged Eye of Horus wands (a symbol of the All Seeing Eye).

The The 7 of Wands- of both cards,

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represents Netzach (Victory) in the suit of Fire. However, the number 7 itself is a weak earthly-magnetic -feminine number as regards to the Tree of Life . This Male Fire is also attributed to Mars in Leo, so the Sun is still in full strength, but by being focused on the 7th Sephiroth, it is overpowering and causes an unbalance that can be seen as wavering fire on the wands of the Thoth card.

The idea implied by this Card

is of a battle being thrown into disorder (flames going in all unsystematic directions on the Thoth card), where the army is losing and only by the exercise of individual Valour can victory be achieved. This is depicted on the Thoth Tarot card by the 6 Wands of the 3 Adepts relegated to the background, diminished and becoming common place while the seventh wand, a large crude club, is in front. This Thoth illustration implies that the first weapon at hand is a unsatisfactory weapon in ordered combat and only the valor of the club wielder can carry the day.

When the 7 of Wands is thrown during a reading, it implies:

  1. That for the past 7 weeks or 7 months, or in the future 7 weeks or 7 months ( depending on accompanying cards), the Querent will be experiencing opposition.
  2. Possible victory, depending on the  energy and courage exercised; valor, obstacles, difficulties, yet with the courage to meet them.
  3. Quarreling, ignorance, pretense, wrangling, and threatening behavior, influence over a subordinate and victory in small, petty and/or unimportant things. Again the dignity of the card, whether well or ill, is always decided by the surrounding cards.
  4. In any case, in-order to overcome difficulties, the Seven of Wands implies passionate effort must be supplied no matter what outcome is feared.  The Statement by Charles Lotterhand," The outer aspects of everything seems negative but I still have my expectation of a result that would normally be an impossibility", would sum up nicely what this card means.
  • That in the next 7 weeks or 7 months it is important that you have the courage and valor to stay with what you value, especially with the Leo people in your life ( July 21 to August 21).
  • It is important that you stay by what you value concerning work, career and/or creative expression by not compromising or settling for less. Stick to your guns-so to speak.
  • Trust yourself and your valued experiences.

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