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Thoth-7 of swords-futility

The Four 7's of Tarot:

Many of us who've had elementary physics know that there is only one energy, and that we can't create nor destroy this energy, but we can transform and transmit it; even by our imagination or observation. In fact, everything that is, is a transformation of the One energy/Life...including you! The Sevens are no exception, they are a state of energy- conscious that is a transformation that unbalances the previously stable sixes. We often call this one energy-light, both invisible and reflected and/or the electromagnetic spectrum.

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The 7th Sephiroth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, is Netzach (victory), which is a position low on the Tree of Life, and off of the middle pillar, thus, all 7's are very unstable.

It is a risky business descending, using frantic energy into this domain of illusion, as Netzach is attributed to Venus, and Earth. This knocks Venus off her heavenly perch which to Venus is a great catastrophe; Venus is assigned the metal copper, shinny outside, but corrupt inside. Therefore, the four Sevens, bring no comfort and are a depredation of the element they represent, exposing their greatest weakness. Outer shine and inner corruption.


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Astrologically this card is Moon in Aquarius. The Moon in Aquarius indicates sociability, often religious inclination. While the Moon is less fluid and changeable here, the balances established are still easily upset.

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To a Qabalist, this is Netzach (Victory) in Yetzirah (Astral World). The Astral world is fluid and deceptive, while Netzach is success after battle. Which indicates that much struggle is wrought before achieving what you envision. Hence, the shine of victory is corrupted by the detritus of battle.

The mundane divination meaning of this card is unstable effort, vacillation and untrustworthy character.

More over, this card represents wanting something but believing you can't have it. You are resigned to giving up. However, there is the desire and possibility of victory over this feeling of futility within the next 7 weeks or 7 months. The feeling of futility is really just creating problems for yourself by not believing in your inner creative potential. The 7 of Sword implies that the individual mind has become inflexible and focused on fear of lack. Hence, mental flexibility is the up side of this card. It reminds us to experiment in all areas of our life; lifestyle, daily routine, beliefs, hope and communications. Reminding us that "To settle for" is to practice mental futility as a happy balance of unconscious and consciousness are never achieved. Because of the influence of Netzach-victory, we must shed thoughts of futility and hope for the best as we fight on. This is because life is a constant transformation of Force and Form (Chokmah and Binah)...Form and Force, symbolized in Qabalistic Tarot, as the figure eight.

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night sun-7 of swords

In the Night Sun Tarot, Fabio Listrani, concentrates on the upbeat message of the 7 of Swords. As the upside, is hope, meditation, new roads to be traveled etc.. Because of the ever changing cycles of the Moon, who represents "imagination", nothing is written in stone as imagination linked with determination, always gets the job done. Here the individual, is holding the "world egg", promising new creation. The alchemical symbol for air, the element assigned to the swords suit, is shown on the ground, as part of the new path. As common with his sword suit, Fabio Listrani has designed the background of this card as yellow, the color assigned to the element of air, and the sacred geometry of the Soul-mind.

As a Psyche/Soul, we enforce our will upon the motion/life of our physical-form by creating beliefs, dogma, ideas that set energy-in-motion (emotion), which is the Will to Force. To know that Energy-in-Motion, is the Will that is you and not the follower that is body---is to avoid futility. I Am the E-Motion that operates this body, rather than, I am emotional which implies that the body is moved by environment rather than the force of the on-board consciousness. When Emotions are just let loose without Willful focus, they are unstable effort, vacillation, and untrustworthy character. Hence, any mental control is futile. Like all Motion, Energy-in-motion (emotions) requires guidance systems or intent, in order to "hit their target". "Above all things know thyself", also describes a vital character who knows what it wants and is able to line up it's sights and get what it wants without harming others in the process. "To know thyself", means that every thing you see is another way to be you [Force and Form of the One Energy] so you knowingly treat them well but here is the caveat; to treat others as yourself is a law which you never have broken! If you think ill of you, you treat others ill! If you think Well of you, you treat others well! That is how the One Conscious operates, since all that is, is another way to be the One Energy that can't be destroyed or created, only transformed and transmitted! Therefore, Dr. Paul Foster Case design a "guidance system", using the Tree of Life, for the Force and Form that is us. It's called: The Pattern on the Treastle board: The Truth about Self.

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It is should be obvious that it is FUTILE to seek happiness when you are unhappy with you! Victory over chaos, comes from an Ordered Mind/Emotion union; Love being the Greatest Balance of Ordered harmony! Love thyself, makes all things possible. Dislike yourself, makes everything a horrendous effort of futility! This card says, "Wake-up to a new perspective about you or all your actions are futile; you're good enough to inherit the All!"  Remember, inheritance is not earned, it is accepted. Hence, the Justice of freedom of thought, states, that what you think you are worth, is what you get! We are all the Children of the Divine Creative (Divine Parents)---our presence is enough to inherit the Universe but we decide our presence by our perspective of ourselves! Why limit your presence? As a consciousness, Rock On with your body-dance partner! You are the Force of your Forms so dance in the rhythm produced by Mind-Soul and Body in equalized motion! The Ten statements of the "Truth about Self" are about the ten Sephirotic states of Mind that compose the Unconscious and consciousness that is "YOU". Recite these daily, and your life will become powerful, rather than futile.

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One could say that The Thoth 7 of Swords card represents the sabotaging mind where you know what you want symbolized by the central sword and then go about defining the reasons why you can't obtain it, as shown by the six swords surrounding the central one.

This is the "yes-but" mind that often keeps us from making our dreams work.

As stated: Astrologically the 7 of Swords is Moon and Sun in Aquarius, the circle with a dot in the center is a symbol of the Sun, the Crescent is the Moon and the wavy lines at the bottom are Aquarius.

Each of the six swords of procrastination bear a planetary sign for the six ways we sabotage our selves.

  1. The yes-but aspect of Saturn is telling us there is too much red-tape or it's too complicated.
  2. Another Sword has on the handle the symbol of Mercury which is about the negative communication of " I can't... I wish I'd a ...If only..." all negative reasons why "it won't work".
  3. Another sword handle bares the planetary sign of Jupiter; the planet that symbolizes flexibility and expansion. The negative self-talk of Jupiter is  "it's too limiting and constricted" or " I am not lucky" or "I am not talented enough".
  4. Another sword sports the planetary sign of Mars. Positively Mars is a sign of dynamic energy, vitality, and assertion but the negative side of Mars is " I don't have the energy to...I am burnt's dull and boring etc."
  5. Another sword handle is adorned with the sign of Venus; the planet of Love. The Venusian negatives would be," I really don't care...It doesn't mean anything to me anyway." 
  6. Then there is the final sword whose handle supports the double loops which represent the Sun and the Moon the negatives of which are consciously and subconsciously you sabotage yourself out of doing what it is that you want to do. In other words, you are caught in "wanna-be-ism" which is a viscous cycle of mental inferiority.

I like to say that, instead of the Power of

I AM, we are caught in the self-denial of I Ain't... Often we run "mind loops" that constantly repeat our past as today's reason for not progressing or going forward with our life. These mind loops are the "nag within" syndrome that fear of discomfort/fear of vulnerability/FEAR OF REJECTION, often generates in our subconscious to avoid presumed pain.

Hence, The Tarot -7 of Swords follows the Axiom, "Above all things, know thyself". There is also an old but well established doctrine of the Gnosis, and Qabalah; "that it is futile trying to understand the "Great No-Thing", by using words as thought".

In the Gnostic Gospels of Didymos Judas Thomas, Jesus is quoted as saying,"If those who lead say to you,'see, the kingdom is in the sky.' then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea,' then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, you will then become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons [suns] of the living father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who is that poverty." (The Gnostic Gospel of Thomas---The Nag Hammadi Library--). The Truth here being, that when you "know yourself", you are on the right "channel of receiving" from your Transmitting Soul, who knows you.

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The word Suns in brackets is of my own insertion, because the original word is interpretation as Son and/or Sun, both having similar meanings in Qabalah. The fact that many Monks who interpreted the Gospels from the original Greek, were misogynistic, required them to use the word "Son". Qabalah and Science both know that we are all androgyny; each of us, both male and female, are to be Tiphareth (beauty) which is "the Son/Sun" and/or Enlightened Mind- number 6 on the Tree of Life that is known as the Christ or Buddha consciousness and/or The Real Person.

In the process of "Remembering ourselves", the 7 of Swords points us toward Tiphareth/Beauty. Considered one of the mystical feminine numbers, 7 is not only the number of the "goddess -Venus", it also is the Sephira- Netzack (meaning Victory) on the Tree of Life. Netzach- Victory, in the suit of Swords is not as catastrophic as 7 in the other suits, as Netzach is the Sephiroth of Venus. This modifying influence is accentuated by the celestial fact of the Moon being in Aquarius, as the planetary rule of this card. To speak of this modifying influence simply, is that the intellectual wreckage of this card is not so vehement as is the 5 of Swords-Defeat. For there is vacillation, and a certain tolerance brought on by the need to compromise. However, in certain circumstances, the need to compromise, can bring even greater disaster than defeat, depending on the success of the policy of compromise.

The policy of appeasement that is suggested by this card, is always in doubt, as there exists uncompromising-violent forces which prey on vacillation.

What the 7 of Swords represents, is the futility of using the cultural doctrine of appeasement to approach God-Self Knowledge, i.e. The Higher Self. The brain is indoctrinated by those who rule definition, so the definition that has been pounded into your head, as "pleasure/pain training", (brain washing) will not let you stand in your Power. On the contrary, you must kneel and bow your head to weakness and fear as your "mental master". This need to appease those who you think can hurt you, is a violation of your Soul's "state of Mind", as you must compromise positive action with automatic reaction.

Throughout my Qabalistic/Tantric training, I have always told my reactive survival based brain, "If you wish to speak to me, you must stand, for I'll not kneel to your weakness", for I am the Soul/Spirit, who is action and not a enslaved-thought processed policy of appeasement. Hence, it is the Policy of the "Will to be", that is our Soul that is the necessary mental state needed to "above all things, know thyself".

Therefore, it is futile, to use the brain's cultural software, when seeking your memory as a "Higher Self"; you must use Declaration, I AM.....rather than "I wish or I want". Hence, the repetitive need for the article: The Truth of Self.

When the Tarot- 7 of Swords-, is thrown during a reading, the querent is or shall be:

  • Experiencing 7 weeks or 7 months of  futile effort because of the characteristics of, self doubt, such as,  being untrustworthy, due to mental vacillation. 
  • This brings about unstable effort in all that is attempted.  
  • There is also the prospect of journeying over-land, with mixed results.  
  • Partial success is suggested, because of  yielding  when victory is at hand. 
  • Such a yielding is brought on by the self-defeating thoughts of self doubt which tend to "drain  strength" because of internal conflict. 
  • In such thought, there is an inclination to let loose when on the point of gaining, through the process of not continuing effort.
  • There is also suggested, a love of abundance, a fascination of display (where the wrapping is more important than the gift), given to compliments, ease of affronts and insolence's with need to detect and spy on others.
  •  Also, inclinations to betray confidences, not always intentional, but subject to vacillation, causing unreliability. The strength of which all depends on the dignity of the accompanying cards.
  • The querent will have the opportunity presented to them, in the next 7 weeks or 7 months, to break out of your self-imposed defeatism and move towards creating what they really do want.
  • It's time to "damn the torpedoes and go full steam ahead".
  •  You do know what you want, that is the truth you may be trying to avoid. 
  • The falsehood is the feeling of hopelessness and helplessness. 
  • Remember that the 7's are associated with the Charioteer, which is the originator of motion and change. So this card is not nagging at your weakness but advising you that choosing you wants moves you forward into a satisfying life motion and that you have the inherent power to do so. 
  • You have the capability to release sabotaging thought processes that where developed in a past that may go back to 7 years or when you where 7 years old. 
  • Focus on what you truly want; focus your heart, creative mind and passion on it, and your programed  self-defeat won't be able to impede you , it just becomes white noise in the back wash of your powerful wake on the ocean of possibilities.

Thank you for your interest,comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.