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Thoth- 5 of Wands-Strife

Astrologically the 5 of Wands card is Saturn in Leo. Since Leo is a fire sign, this represents quarreling and strife that comes from an outpouring of force that is both agitated and disturbing.

Illustrated on the Thoth Tarot card are the Golden Dawn wands of a Chief Adept, crossed by the Phoenix Wand of the Adeptus Major of Geburah and by the Lotus Wand of the Adeptus Minor of Tiphareth. These wands symbolize the nature of the energetic forces involved which are volcanic and purgative through fire, where energy resurrects from the ashes. Crowley's Thoth Tarot Card, shows the nature of the energy rather than its disturbed nature as displayed by the Golden Dawn or Rider-Waite Tarot Decks. As stated, in the art of the Thoth 5 of Wands, are shown the Lotus wand of the Golden Dawn Adeptus Minor of Tiphareth, the Phoenix Wand of the Adeptus and the Major of Geburah, all crossing the central wand of the Major Adept. The fact that the Major Adept Wand is central and lead in color, is because it's position implies this severity is directed by Geburah, as the heaviness of Saturn (time), rather than happenstance. The Phoenix wand implies resurrection from the purgation of Fire, while the Lotus Wand is of the Mother.

Mundanely it is enough to say that when this card is thrown it represents a confusion of ideas and retribution which is the active power of re-balance. The querent (person receiving the reading) can be having a moment of strife in the petty obstacles of life and love where nothing seems to work out right in work or play.

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Night Sun Tarot- 5 of Wands

Since 5 of Wands is purgative in nature, we know that it is a precursor to change, where change is needed in ones spiritual, emotional, and mental processes. Therefore, the "inner fire" of Spirit is bringing change in life by unconsciously changing our direction of life motion with a swift surge of agitating energy to adjust the "small ego" and/or self-conscious identity. This new path is shown on the Night Sun Tarot, as the Leo caped, sacred geometry tattooed individual, using a serpentine wands as a walking stick, is confronted by a path outlined by 4 serpentine wands, who seem to be in "striking position". For a moment this may frustrate the individual who consciously wants things to go their way, but with realization, soon the conflict will become an agreement to adapt to change. The only real oppression here is from one's lack of self-knowledge and ignorance of life's changeable nature. This card may sound devastating but it really is more of a pinch on the ear to get us to turn our head and if we observe the new perspective willingly, we'll be rewarded with a greater self-awareness and a less agitated life. Of course, if it falls next to a 5 of Swords- Defeat, or 5 of Disks- Worry than the 5 of Wands-Strife becomes more ominous and demands that immediate action be taken before greater health problems ensue.

The individual depicted on the Night Sun Tarot, is covered in the reds of Geburah, the Red Sephiroth, he is on a journey in a fiery land. In Qabalah, the 5 of Wands is often called the "masters journey card", since there is much resistance from the animal mind to face what it deems uncomfortable and/or risky. Only the power of the "Inner Will", can drive one forward into the Occult- now.

The astrological sign of Leo is depicted on the upper right of this lovely card, and the zodiacal sign for Saturn is on the upper left.

To the 4 Elements, the fives bring serious problems of unbalance. Hence, the 4 serpentine wands form the path.

The serious problems of the 5's can be explained as the 5 of Wands brings quarrel and strife in the Vital energy: The 5 of Cups, brings disappointment to relationships; The 5 of Swords, brings defeat to health and mind; The 5 of Disks, brings strangulation to income and business.

All 5's are seemingly very gloomy; However, the other cards in the divination will show how long the difficulty, as well as, how serious the fives are to be taken. Really, these nasty old 5's just announce that a difficulty exists and often the solution to the problem at hand is in the rest of the Tarot reading.

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This Lord of Strife, astrologically is Saturn in the constellation of Leo, which is the influence of Geburah in the World of Pure Spirit; Atziluth of the Qabalistic 4 Worlds. Here the powerful heavy effects of Saturn, united with a Fire sign like Leo, brings quarreling and Strife in energy.

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The Angels of the Decan are Vahaviah and Yelayel, necessary knowledge for those who wish to call on them.

Wands are a continual outpouring of force, with Saturn influence, this flow of force is agitated and disturbed, not unlike water flow is disturbed by rocks, causing rapids. Or more likely, as volcanic magma is disturbed by the tons of rock its pushing through. Thus in the Five of Wands, there is contest unresolved.

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Many people find Geburah a difficult Intelligence to understand because She is a volcanic as Pelé ( Hawaiian Volcano Goddess), all seemingly irrational disturbance, yet these disasters are derived from the benign and gentle influence of the Feminine Creatrix that is Great Mother Binah. To me, this just shows Spirit's "tough love" for its incarnations; i.e., "mommy spank"! Spirit knows you are the most creative Image yet, and have the internal strength necessary to handle anything this Universe can throw at you, after all your Soul is her "golden child". Yet, because we often believe the definitions of those who rule definition (our indoctrinates), we see ourselves as a weakness, trying to become strong. All because we are taught to believe that mortality/vulnerability is a weakness, rather than the only way to experience the knowledge, our Souls seek. Plus, without form to sense the effects of thoughts, there is no discernment in the mind.

It is obvious that immortal souls don't have need of courage; they don't die. Being infinite they also can not see an end or beginning of themselves, as they don't have one. So to learn discriminating or discerning thought, and be able to observe how it works as a pattern in life, they need to operate through a mortal-living being. Also, infinite beings, also don't have sensuality. Sensuality requires a "beginning and an end", to exist as a sensor. The very fact that the Soul of you is seeking sensuality by building an incarnate persona, requires severity/friction just to make it so and a fearlessness to make it happen! All is "friction", "action/reaction" in the mortal realms. For example, a certain amount of friction (strife) is required to form energy into creations. Without the severity of friction, form could not become form nor could it move! Just so, without the friction of severity in ones life, accomplishment, progress and evolution would not happen! We Souls knowingly build an incarnation, knowing it can be a "crap shoot" on earth and certain severity/strife will be applied just by the planet alone! Heck, sometimes the Soul-body hook-up doesn't work, so we have a heart-breaking Crib death!

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In quick reiteration: Geburah, is on the Left hand path--the Path of the Goddess as Sephiroth #5 who is the State of Energy Conscious called Severity. A master's journey, is a Path of the Flaming Sword, which dictates a dichotomy of both primal irrational energy and the benign and gentle influence of the feminine. This very fact is also shown in the stars of the 5 of Wands, as this card is ruled by Saturn in Leo. Leo shows the element of Fire at its strongest and most balanced. While Saturn weighs it down and embitters it.

This is a type of volcanic energy---in that it destroys to build up, just as the Hawaiian islands experience volcanoes. There seems to be no end to this energy of destruction and renewal.

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As stated: The Middle Wand represented in the Five of Wands, is the Wand of the Chief Adept and shows that the Authority of Severity is derived from superiors; keeping this from being a truly disastrous moment in the Querent's life. There are also two Wands of the Second/ Major Adept Topped with the Head of the Phoenix, these Second Adept wands represent purgation through Fire and the resurrection of the pure energy from its ashes. The Minor Wands (or Third Adept) are considered the "daughters" of the Three of Wands-Virtue, which refers to Binah (Great Mother) in the Suit of Fire.

What the understanding of the destructive benevolence of the 5 of Wands points out is the absolute need to tear down the old to build the new and/or wake up the non-productive being with a hot jolt of sever energy (energy-in-motion) to get them moving and producing again. Rather than destroy a soul who is mired in its own delusions, The Great Mother, would rather shock you back into performance than loose you. This is a card that bespeaks "Tough Love".

Now, the stability of the fours is being shaken by a powerful active force called Strife. The word Strife tends to carry clouds of discomfort to our thought processes; However, this isn't as bad as it sounds. For energy to stay an active force, it must keep moving---when we get complacent and satisfied in our stability--well, energy must transform to continue moving. So the Authority in your life (The Divine in you) starts moving things around in your life to get you moving! The bell is rung, you best come out swinging for its now time to change things!

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The accompanying states of confusion, frustration and anxiety are all states of abundant energy that is being held back by complacency and unwillingness to move forward. This causes Strife to "come to Grand Mother's house" as a wolf in disguise to stimulate you to act. Astrologically this card is Saturn in Leo, Saturn is the planet of discipline, of knowing your limits, boundaries, and of time. Saturn reminds us to do things step-by-step---but do them you must!

Leo is dynamic creative power that wants limitless expression and will not be held back. You can see that this is a paradigm for confusion, anxiety and angst if you resist taking those necessary steps for motion in you life. Baby steps, work but only if you take them! This is not a time to live in your dreams----you now must act!

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The yellow background of the Thoth card, represents the active energy of Leo, as does the lion cape on the Night Sun Tarot Card.

  1. The gray lotus, on the Thoth Tarot card, represents creative thought unable to bloom ( The Alchemical leaded consciousness) because of anxiety and confusion.
  2.  The Phoenix headed wand represents the triumph of rising from your own angst to greater heights of creation.
  3. The winged Eye of Horus is the all seeing eye of creation.
  4.  The snakes beneath it represent regenerative force which is what happens when we release anxiety to the motion of creative self.

All in all this card is called the "master's journey card" for it states that the Divine thinks you're good enough for the job of expanding and liberating life in your own creative manner and wants you back in motion. Repose is over---time to get back on your feet and move forward!

  • So if the 5 of Wands card is thrown during a divination:
  •  In the next 5 weeks or 5 months, the opportunity for releasing anxiety or frustration to creative self is to be utilized.
  • Any frustration with either Leo people or in the month of Leo or with your own creativity should be solved within this time.
  • Creative thought and action are required!
  • Many of us have inherited anxiety, or patterns of angst from our parents and or family life----now is the time to break these patterns in your self. Just remember, blame will not help you here, nor is it a viable motion, so forget blame and correct the error you see in your patterns of motion.
  • Evolution demands we correct the errant emotional patterns of our past to move forward as a successful "I AM ME" in the eternal NOW!
  • One will experience in 5-wks or 5-months, Strife, quarreling, fighting, violent contest, and even boldness and rashness.
  • There could be cruelty, lust, and desire---overwhelmingly so.
  • Prodigality and generosity as well.
  • The lay of the cards will show the dignity but anyway you look at it, an eruption of energy-in-motion directed by a "Higher Power" is upon the Querent and no matter how fearfully viewed or painful the experience, it is for the benevolent purpose of revitalizing the Querent.
  • That the querent is involve in a spiritual conflict. This frustrating conflict can ensue for 5 weeks or 5 months because of this confusion of ideas.  The solution of which depends on the diligence of the querent.
  • Here, the querent is adjusting the identity, struggling with self-doubt while striving to move forward.
  •  There maybe a struggle or strenuous warfare- like competition for riches and success, a kind of battle in life. 
  • The querent might also feel like they are in a impasse, powerless in a time of trial and difficulty. 

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