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The Thoth Tarot-3 of Swords-Sorrow

The universal melancholy.

The Tarot's- Four 3's are associated with Binah, the 3rd Sephiroth-Understanding, who is the Great Mother/Feminine or Creatrix of the Divine Creative Androgen. In Understanding, the idea/Wisdom of the 2nd Sephiroth-Chokmah becomes fertilized and a child can be born. For instance, Wisdom may dictate that slamming your thumb in a door is to be avoided and is an accepted safety rule. Understanding tells you why this is so. With Understanding, we know about mass, velocity, action-reaction, biology and the fragility of flesh. Therefore, Wisdom+ Understanding, becomes Knowledge, a mental freedom, rather than subservience to rules.

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The formulation of the Supernal Triangle, (Kether-Crown, Chokma-Wisdom & Binah-Understanding) is a Mental stability that cannot be made unstable. In Qabalah, one knows the Triangle/Trinity that begins all Creation as many combinations of 3. For instance, Maid-Mother-and Crone, each a special perspective on the Female triangle of Womb-rite, or Father-Son- and Holy Ghost, each a active part of the stable foundation of "the Spirit Fire" or rite of Phallus. Then there is Ocean-Rain-and River, each a process of Life or Ocean-Sun-and Earth or Spirit, Mind and Body... I can go on and on but in all cases, when all Trinities are in equilibrium, a fertilization is achieved and a "child can be born".

The Thoth Tarot-3 OF SWORDS; Sorrow , mundanely implies:

Thoughts of sorrow, which come from events and/or past patterns that have not been released and dealt with. This card can also represent a triangular relationship that generates sorrowful feelings or thought.


this card is Saturn in Libra and therefore, in the Gnosis of the Hermetic Qabalah, is not a vulgar sorrow, but a sorrow of universal consciousness; a quality of melancholy that radiates from the Great Mother and/or Creatrix.

This deep sorrow comes from the fact that She gave Life to Her Beautiful children:

  1. Who, along with  all that is created, must die. This causes a sorrow in any Mother's heart. 
  2. Another part of Sorrow, is the fact that all children must become independent and leave the loving mother whose heart still holds them.
  3. Then there is yet a 3rd sword to this sorrow trinity, for her children are the "beautiful golden child" in her eyes, yet in their own they see themselves inferior or as monsters who live in ignorant- fearful identity, this really "stabs her in the heart".  Therefore, the 3 of Swords, can be called the Ternary Sorrow of Creation, for even we who think so little of ourselves as to be monsters (our own greatest enemy) in our own eyes, feel a form of melancholy after a heart felt creation doesn't live up to our expectations. Look; us moderns know that you must turn a radio to the proper station signal to get the radio station to transmit or communicate to you. If the radio and the wanted radio station are not in sync, you'll never hear it. Thus, it is with the Divine Creative. We are both the Transmitter and the Transmitted, for we are the Self and Its Image! Think little of yourself, and you will not be able to tune into the Love that Mother showers us all with. 

Let's ask ourselves this question," If I think that in order to get any great artist to warm up to me, I should, as a mater of course, insult their work." If you have answered," That's ridiculous, the artist will be upset with me and hold a deaf ear to anything I say", or some such, then you can understand that to call ourselves, sinners, inferiors, weakness, cowards, sluggards, evil, bad, unworthy etc. we are insulting the Greatest Artist ever ....Our Creatrix! To get the Divine Creative to listen to you you don't beg and plead because you think you are a miserable wretch; If you do you'll not be heard or seen; Because The Divine Creative can't hear you nor see you as such! To the Divine Creative you are all Beautiful Children who are made in Its own Image! You may be a prodigal child, but you still are a loved child, all the same. Approaching The Divine as a grateful, loving child who is proud to be the Divine's offspring, proud of their inheritance of the Soul, mind, and body-creative and who knows, that we can never be All the Divine Creative at one moment, but we are self-images by inheritance and therefore, the Divine Creative can be any of us at any moment!

This isn't theology, it is just common sense! On earth, children who demean themselves cause great sorrow in their parents hearts! I AM Me--- Not--I wish I ain't Me, will get you a personal audience with your Divine Parents!

You want to be less sorrowful in your life? Try this. Say , "Thank you God, Goddess, Allah, (insert god name here) for making me ---me!" Don't beg for what you don't have, thank the Divine Creative for what you do have and the coffers of your Divine inheritance are open to you!

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Remember the parable of the Prodigal son? It appears in only one of the Canonical gospels of the New Testament, the Gospel of Luke (Luke 15:11-32). It is about 2 sons, one who is obedient and never tried to do other than what his father suggested and the other son who ran off to experience the world. This "run away", son who wasted his inheritance on useless pursuits, parties, drugs, etc. and didn't receive a return of his wealth. Knowing not that all he had to do is return to the "original home" of his birth rite and upon approaching that home he was seen and given back all the wealth he never knew he had! Not until he was miserable, sorrowful, and totally destitute, did it dawn on him to return home. Hence, to return to the Original Mind, that created us, is to know thyself! And it is also true, only after many of us have experienced deep sorrow do we finally surrender and turn inward to ask our inner divinity to help us.

I Am The Rich Child of Divinely Rich Parents----who would never allow me to lack---anything! But by believing in lack, I have chosen it as a reality for myself! Oh, by the way, this could also be a parable for the difference between an Archangel, who never challenge the rules and us "nasty", ungrateful-run away angels/inheritors who challenge any and all rules, giving us the will to "experience the Worlds". In this simile, if we return to the Soul (psyche that has given birth to our personality), as our Identity, we shall receive our Divine inheritance. That is also the message of Qabalah, which is a word that means "receiving". Since we came down the Tree of Life to experience the most condense Microcosm, that gives us the most extreme intimacy with perspective . We now must go inward, and re-climb the Tree of Life to remember the Macrocosm. In Qabalah, to go inward is going up the Tree of Life, and to go outward is to go down the Tree of Life.  Aiding us in this process of memory and journey, are the Psychic Flash Cards, that are known as Tarot.

Freedom of Choice, is an uncertainty principle and can be a great generator of happiness and wealth or a great generator of sorrow and lack! We have Freedom of choice, because the Divine Creative-the great I AM, sees us as self-images. Hence our Mind, which begins with I AM, is from the Quantum, and therefore, from the Dark realm of Uncertainty. Hence, we the I AM ME Imagine ourselves, in order to have a limit and/or "Certainty"! To not see yourself as a Ruler of your own definition---is to be handicapped and divided emotionally and mentally against yourself! I would recommend that one think, "I was defined into being by my further definition do I need from anyone---including myself. I am good enough for Divinity, I am good enough for Me! Thank you Great Creatrix for declaring me as your child! "This process of thought allows one to create, see error, and correct it ; a process we call Wisdom.

As a persona, I trust myself---because The Divine Creative Trusts Me! I am Evolutionary Self Awareness! Now, sorrow is but a fleeting thing, rather than a permanent suffering, for my moments of expectation are short enough to allow new creation. I now know not to assume or expect, rather create , observe and correct error. It is known to me, that I err and that proves to me I am a creator as well. The second law of Thermodynamics is in all creation.[...all things proceed from order to disorder] and I am unashamed of error as I now know that it is 50% of wisdom. It helps us to remember that sorrow is a merging of thoughts/emotions, through struggle that is a dance of power where difficulty precedes harmony. Enjoying the Dance helps us not take it seriously and/or to heart.

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The Thoth Tarot-3 of Swords-Sorrow, represents the 3rd Sephiroth- Binah in the realm of Air and with the attribution of Saturn in Libra. Here, Saturn throws the scales of Libra off of balance in order to re-balance them with new ideas.

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Here Mother/Feminine aspect of the Divine Creative, is represented as the Darkness of the Great Sea of Binah, deemed The Divine Collective Unconscious by Dr. Carl Jung.

Thus, the card is dark and heavy illustrating the "Womb of Chaos" and even simulates the wavy flesh of a womb. Here the Great Mother's passion to create, is disturbed by the fact that She is both Alpha and Omega, the beginning and end of her children.

Therefore, the sorrow card is also about the Melancholy of the Abyss and more than just a personal human sorrow, although the position in the reading may state personal sorrow, held secretly and causing a perversion.

In the Thoth 3 of Swords, we see the Sword of the Magician, cutting the junction of two short swords, destroying the Rose of Mother with its impact. In the background, storms are brewing in the implacable night. Since, the Sword of the Magician is Will, here the "Will-to-be" is perverted by thoughts of "Will-not-to be"...the will of a "wanna-be", who thinks they are unworthy. Hence, rather than I am Me, we have a " I want to be", which only states the Psyche isn't presently master of its form. Now the "wanna be" form is enslaved by any one who says " I have what you need".

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The 3 of Swords, is also Binah in Yetzirah, placing the influence of Binah in the Astral World.

Astrologers know that Saturn is a very influential planet, sometimes called "The Great Destroyer" and sometimes the "Great Initiator" and represents Time.

Thus, though the presence of Saturn usually means pain and hardship, it isn't considered evil, since through suffering we may encounter the Dark Sterile Mother (Crone) who will help us shed our nonsense. From her we learn life's most important lessons. It becomes known to the " Mediums" in us, that humankind's persistent self-destructive behavior, as a choice over Love, greatly Saddens the Great Mother. Because of this behavior, She cannot see us, as Her child has "run away". We've forgotten Life is Love of the Child, not fear of being. As being afraid of being ourselves, we've become lost children to Her, and she grieves deeply. Only through the perspective of Love of Self and Those Selves around us, can we approach Her. An once seen, the celebration of being "Seen" by Her, dissipates any sorrow! When the prodigal comes home, She will indeed "kill the fatted calf".

The Tarot- 3 of Swords-Sorrow, of the Hermetic Qabalah, represents the state of universal sorrow that is prevalent in all the created. It is a prevalent state of melancholy that we find when it deep meditation. It is based on both the lurking passion to create but its children have become monsters in their own minds and also the fact that the beauty created must be destroyed, as all things, no matter how loved, proceed from order to disorder.

In an individual context, this card can represent thoughts of sorrow, where brooding over the loss of the past is currently producing sorrow. Much like the universal sorrow, we created something we thought would be "everlasting joy" but it ended up as a heartbreak; for all creation ends. Progress depends on it, making us release the "dream" we so long mentally supported and therefore, allowing us to generate new dreams.

The 3 of Swords/Sorrow card also represents triangular relationships such as, Father, Mother and Child, and could represent our first sorrow experienced in this family context. Therefore it may imply brooding over the past of 3wks, 3 months or even when we were 3 years old. This sorrow is a piercing of our core identity, as shown by the sword piercing the lotus or the, a universal symbol of the Womb. How we handle the first triangle relationship is how we will handle the next ones; be they friend-sibling-mate or friend-co-worker-friend.

No matter the relationship triangle we may experience, the tendency for the mind to hold grudges or network the parts of past pain into present circumstances, leaves us in the past as a "wanna-be" personality of stasis rather than a I AM Me personality of action and change.

When thrown the 3 of Swords Tarot card suggests:

  • The need to remove oneself from the triangle relationships that produce sorrow and that are not constructive.
  • Of course,there are many fruitful and constructive triangle relationships; However, the two swords at the top being bent by the entry of the third sword, or the Sword piercing the heart can show us that something must be resolved between three people.
  • Also the central sword can be an event that bent the receptive and dynamic sides of our nature which can confuse our relationships with male, female and ourselves.

Astrologically, the three of swords is Saturn in Libra.

  • Saturn reminds us to do things in a step by step method so that we can achieve the mental, emotional and physical balance represented by Libra.
  • We are reminded to see the whole of our past, rather than focus only on the sorrowful moments.  By doing so, we will often see the benefits that the past sorrowful event bestowed on us, rather than just emotional pain. 
  • The 3 of Sword Tarot card reminds us  that by limiting our view of the past (Saturn) we can not achieve balance with past, present and future as symbolized by Libra.

When the Three of Swords is thrown, the querent is experiencing or will be experiencing:

  • Unhappiness, sorrow, tears, disruption, interruption, separation and quarreling, that have lasted or shall last for 3 weeks or 3 months.
  • There will be or has been the sowing of discord, strife, mischief making, and yet, mirth in evil pleasures.
  • Because of the influence of Saturn being both "destroyer and initiator", the 3 can also be faithfulness in promises, honesty in money, the motivation being both selfish and dissipated , yet sometimes generous.

Now if the card is accompanied by the more Spiritually inclined Major Arcana, the Three of Swords, empathizes the deep Spiritual Melancholy of the Crone, that the querent is experiencing.

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