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· Old Path Tarot

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tarot of the old path-two of swords

The Thoth Tarot 2 of Swords is called Peace and denotes a Union of 2 minds or 2 states of Mind.

The Tarot of the Old Path illustrates two armor-clad knights locked in a combat stalemate. The yellow sunlight glinting off their armor and the yellow helmet plumes streaming in the Wind represent the element of Air, the ruling element of this card.

The visors being down implies restricted sight or narrowly focused mind, as the element of Air represents the mind.

The primary meaning of this card is that of stalemate and/or a deadlocked situation of balanced force.

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thoth-2 of swords

The celestial attribution of the Thoth 2 of Swords is the Moon in Libra; the Moon is change, and Nature is inherently peaceful, which enhances the balancing nature of Libra. Overall, one would think of the disruption of Chokmah (# 2 Sephira- Wisdom) in the suit of Air (Swords). Air being a suit born from the conflicting elements of Water and Fire in marriage and being a tradition tarot death suit, would seem to form a conflict as the Tarot of the Old Path represents. However, Air/Swords is subject to change as no other suit, not only from the fire/water parentage, but also the influence of the ever-changing Moon. There is also the fact that when Earth/Nature appears, the suit becomes transformed again as crystallized objects that are now subject to putrefaction.

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In the Thoth Tarot, the 2 of Swords, is illustrated as 2 Swords of equal strength, crossed; they are being combined by a 5-petal blue rose. The Blue Rose represents the Gnostic/Greek Goddess- Sophia, the Great Mother of Wisdom who is the Female aspect of #2- Chokma the Qabalistic Sephiroth of Wisdom, whose harmonizing influence, plus that of Libra, compounds the latent antagonism of the Suit of Swords. Hence, we know that it is through wisdom that these 2 states of mind or 2 different consciousness have come together in a balanced agreement.

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The pinwheel shaped white rays are in a geometrical pattern that emphasizes the harmonic equilibrium of the 2 minds or 2 aspects of Mind that are called the unconscious and consciousness. Unconscious being attributed to feminine and imagination while the consciousness is attributed to male and rationale. Hence, the rationale and the imagination of the individual are in peaceful agreement. Overall, the Two of Swords, is a balancing of 2 strong conscious minds, or two aspects of One Mind who have found greater profit in union rather than in conflict. Here, the brain and heart could be said to dance to the same tune.

Peace is about the best word to describe this blissful harmonic of balanced consciousness, and unconsciousness.

When the 2/ Two of Swords is thrown:

  • The querent will be or has been, experiencing peace after a quarrel, that began two weeks, or two months ago.
  •  Peace is restored but some tension remains.
  • There are two actions here, sometimes selfish, and sometimes unselfish action because of the contradictory characteristics in the same nature (Moon in Libra, Fire and Water).
  • There is Strength gained after suffering; sacrifice and trouble, yet strength arising from the effort.
  • The querent may often show sorrow and sympathy for those in trouble and champion the weak and oppressed while also giving aid to them.
  • There is an arrangement of differences that brings about justice and truth from untruth.

According to dignity of the accompanying cards, the 2 of Swords, could also mean:

One is lacking tact, often doing injury when meaning well. There is also an inclination to repeat pardoned affronts.

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