The Tarot of Eli,LLC: The Tarot of The Old Path- Six of Swords & The Thoth Tarot- 6 of Swords- Science

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· Old Path Tarot

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tarot of the old path-six of swords

The Thoth Tarot- 6 of Swords is called Science while the Six of Swords of the Old Path implies balance.

The Tarot of the Old Path card depicts a young man balancing himself as he uses steppingstone to cross a flowing river. His windblown clothing is the yellow color of Air, the element of this card and he is holding two swords aloft for balance.

His destination is a lush island amidst calm waters, in the background.

His path is guided by feminine hands holding swords above the water. This is reminiscent of the legends of King Aurthur as young Lancelot is taken to the Magic Island of Women by the Lady of the Lake. The primary meaning of the Tarot of the Old Path Six of Swords, seems to be about an eminent move to a calm and peaceful place or travel by water to a better place.

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thoth- 6 of swords-science

Thoth Deck Six of Swords-Science and the 6th Sephira-Tiphareth-Beauty.

In reiteration of past blogs, the adept will find the initiation of Tiphareth the 6th Sephiroth-Beauty, is the first of the Greater Initiations into the meaning of Self. This Tiphareth initiation is a scarifying of all that we know to be self, and life as we have lived it. Here the sacrifice is not relinquishing the "much desired something", but rather a transition of Force, from that of the will of lesser consciousness to the Pure Will of the Greater Self. "Thy will be done" rather than, "my will be done'.

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The Four 6's of the Thoth Tarot Deck are about definite accomplishment and carrying out of a matter.

THE 6 OF SWORDS- Science:

Here, we have Mercury in Aquarius. Thus, this card is also called: Lord of Earned Success

The Angels of the Decan are: Rehaayal and Yeyezeil . The Six of Swords is influenced by Tiphareth in the Astral World [ Yetzirah].

The air sign of Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, which tends to stabilize the fleeting qualities of Mercury. The positioning of Mercury in Aquarius, a mental sign, leads naturally to science and humanitarianism, so success is the result of Saturn's work in this aspect. Now the cutting power of Swords is turned toward the positive, and the Rose is resurrected after being war-torn in the Fives of Swords which is related to the Severity of Geburah.

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In the 6 of Swords, the swords all come together at a point in the restored Rose Cross of 6 squares, which Crowley calls, " The Rose Cross at the central secret of Scientific Truth." Thus, we have the definitive meaning of "success after anxiety and trouble", for the Way of the Cross is suffering before ascension. Here we also have the swords assembled in the "Holy Hexagram".

Here, Tiphareth shows the perfect balance and idea of the card, as all moral and mental faculties are perfectly balanced, won by heroic effort, but hard to hold in an ever-changing world of political propaganda and commercialized morality.

When thrown during a reading, the six of swords implies:

  • That the querent is objective, logical and prone to logical thinking.
  • Showing strong analytical ability and displays logical scientific thinking both internally and outwardly.
  •  In Six weeks or Six months, problems will be ended, because the correct, logical things have been done or are being done.  
  • Communication patterns are logical, reliable and promote problem solving.
  • There is a general acceptance of attitudes and belief systems that promote a rhythmic and cyclic lifestyle.
  • The ability to see things from an objective perspective.
  • Here, the mind is watching itself and aids in passage from one world of conscious perspective to another.

The negatives of this card are decided by the surrounding cards.

  •  would be implying confusion because of extreme mental activity producing conflicting thoughts.
  • Ambiguity and indecision. 
  • Again, depending on the accompanying cards.

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