The Tarot of Eli, LLC: The Tarot of The Old Path- Seven of Cauldrons & The Thoth Tarot- 7 of Cups-Debauch

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· Old Path Tarot

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tarot of the old path-seven of cauldrons

The Tarot of the Old Path- Seven of Cauldrons shows a young man sitting on the bank of a river, while four maidens offer him a couple of cauldrons of water each. In the foreground are the hands of a fourth maiden offering her cauldrons. Water is an element of this card and is represented in the blue colors of clothing as well as the river and filled cauldrons.

The young man seems unable to act and pick a cauldron, as all choices seem equally valuable to him.

The Primary meaning of this card seems to be that of focusing energy on a single goal to reach success. Here several options are available, but all seem excellent, so decision making is delayed by confusion.

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thoth-7 of cups-debauch

To reiterate: NETZACH is the 7th Sephiroth where feelings, and instincts begin. Netzach, the ruler of this card, is undifferentiated and the Sephiroth of Group Mind. It is connected to it's opposite HOD-whose attributes are of the intellect, individualization, and beginnings of the individual mind. When observing this balance we can see that

Netzach is the Sephiroth of which the forces of Nature are attributed. The Angels of this Sephira are called Elohim, often called "the gods", because they are for the purpose of constructing the self consciousness, in incarnation and for the human race.

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Also, Netzach is the Sphere of Venus-Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. The Planet Venus is now in the astrological sign of Scorpio. Thus Netzach -Victory, implies that the Victory is in Love with being emotional. Remember, before Latin took over as the Patriarchies propaganda, Hu- Mandarin word for "god" and Man comes from the Hindu-"manas" meaning mind. Hence, human began meaning as God Mind, which also declares us Elohim of the Homo-sapiens sapiens! Therefore, we "emote" our reality into manifestation as our life.

The spark (fire is Spirit) of the individual mind begins in the Group Soul -Fire that is Netzach, and becomes part of a group of flames (Yods) that is self-comprehending/ or self aware, while also comprehending the Whole. Therefore, it is not all surprising that the arts, music, painting, poetry and all other things of creative imagination, are attributed to the Netzach/Hod union.

The Three key symbols of Netzach, are:

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The Rose.

The Girdle.

The Lamp.

The Rose is attributed to Venus and often associated with Love, as the most perfect flower. Traditionally the Girdle is also an attribute of Venus and to learn the secret of the knot in her Girdle means to direct the Venus forces of nature, i.e., tie them up or release them at will. The Lamp is the bearer of Fire relating Netzach to Geburah and the powerful waring forces of Mars. This fire is also known on another level, as the ever-burning light of the Temple of Lower Self.

The 7 of Cups-Debauch, also known as the: Lord of Illusory Success, because here the Moon is in Aquarius. Here Netzach is in Yetzirah, influencing the Astral World.

In the 7 of Cups, Venus is in Scorpio, creating a very intense and emotional presence that is often involved in deceit. There is also a tendency to wallow in emotions, and/or self- deception to the point of dissipation. This also makes it a card of egocentricity and selfishness. Besides, Venus is the goddess of Love, and when she is in the Sexy love house of Scorpio, she becomes a slutty party girl: no holes barred!

Thus Crowley and Lady Freda Harris imply a great warning in this card, as the lotuses are slimy, and ugly, a perversion of the sacrament of the cup in the Six; usually brought about by over-inflating the small-ego. The self-consciousness is polluted and the card implies, error, illusion and illusionary success, by denying today's failure with past illusions of success or vise verse.

Many of us fail to see that our individual consciousness, is a holy sacrament, rather we debase ourselves, with thoughts of lack, or superiority (bad and good), when neither exist. Therefore, we invent pleasure and pain outside of our nervous systems. We are One, who is Many and the Many are Self-Identities. The Many are the Sacred Sacraments of the One, i.e., the Selves of the Self. In other words, our incarnate consciousness is a formal sacred act or rite of Spirit. It is the rite of Spirit to become Sensually Self Aware! I AM ME! Is a declaration of an Elohim, who is self aware.....and now can discriminate self thoughts from group thoughts.

Thoughts, are the "First Matter", such awareness of "First Matter" manipulation, makes us Supreme in our creations! By untying the "knot of not -thoughts" that tie up our emotional power ; knots that have been installed by social pleasure/pain "good-bad" training, we once again become masters of Existence---the I AM ME, rather than the polluted thoughts of a "I Wanna-Be Me" who is all tied up in self absorbed pain and pleasure-creation of lack thinking . Lack thinking really just states that we are creating ourselves as a "Lack" or a hole in time; an "I Ain't" rather than an "I AM" denying our own sacredness and selling that sacredness on the slave blocks of "fear of rejection"!

When the 7 of Cups, Debauch or the Seven of Cauldrons, is thrown during a reading,

  • It implies emotional over extension.
  • A state of depression where one tries to ease the pain by overindulgence.
  • The imagination running away with itself and the resulting patterns are depleting the persons energy.
  • This is the place of Dreams, so it could be the ability to conjure up visions, fantasies, but the vision is watery, making it difficult to see reality.
  • So there is a implication of true talent and insight, but tending towards fantasy, illusion and unrealistic attitudes. The surrounding cards will support this latter  interpretation.
If ill defined:
  • ​Splendor outside, internal corruption.
  • Lust and addiction, lapsing into false pleasures.
  • Lies.
  • Error in emotional self-identity.

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