The tarot of Eli,LLC: The Tarot of The Old Path-Page of Pentacles & The Thoth Tarot- Princess of Disks

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· Old Path Tarot

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tarot of the old path-page of pentacles

The Thoth Tarot Deck has neither a Page court card nor a Pentacle. Rather, Aliester Crowley calls the Earth suit, Disks, as they need to be keep spinning to be stable, just as atoms do. He also was an infamous practitioner of magic and knew the formula of Tetragrammaton (see THE BOOK OF THOTH by Aleister Crowley) which requires a Princess or daughter of the King and Queen.

The Pages are androgynous cards and can be either male or female in persona. Pentacles are the old sign of the Earth element

In the Tarot of the Old Path, we see a dark haired, dark eyed youth, dressed in the greens of the earth element. In his right hand is a fuchsia, which in the language of flowers indicates good taste. His left hand draws attention to the Pentacle on his shirt front. He seems self-confident with his dark meditative eyes and a thoughtful gaze.

The primary meaning of this card is that of an opinionated youth who is scholarly, ambitiously looking towards his future.


There is the new doctrine of Tetragrammaton where He' --the final earthly component, the Daughter, is set upon the Throne of the Mother, to awaken the Eld of the All-Father. In the words of Zoroaster, Tetragrammaton is:

"...rebounding, whirling forth, crying aloud." Hence, The Secret Name is not a dead symbol, but a whirling Sphere of Divine Action, thus a Disk better represents it.

What the Ace of Disks professes, the Princess of Disks Manifests. (refer to past blogs on the Ace of Disks. It is a necessary part of understanding the Princess by also understanding the Ace of any suit.)

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The center of the Thoth Tarot Ace of Disks, is a complicate Hieroglyph representing the "the chosen priest- and apostle of infinite space" and/or the "prince-priest the Beast." (Liber AL. I.15.). In the center of all is yet another form of Tetragrammaton, the Phallus, showing Sol and Luna, with the number 666 inscribed, and calibrating the seven sevens adding to 156 which is the number of Babylon-The Scarlett woman, in Qabalah's gematria. Now showing all this is far too lengthy and complicated for this blog, so I recommend that you get the Book of Thoth, by Aleister Crowley and scroll to pages 210-212 for further information and references.

However, this central cypher is enclosed in a Heptagram that is interlaced with Pentagons whose sides are extended forming a wheel of 10 spokes, bounded by a Decagon encompassed in a circular band with the inscribed name of TO META OHPION-- (This card is a research and meditative must for the Student of Gnosis. )

About this whirling Disk are its six wings (6 is the number of the Sun/Son) The Thoth Deck Ace of Disks is the glyph of Earth as understood in the new Aeon of Horus. Sol and Terra are known as living beings, one's constant companions in a Universe of Pure Joy.

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thoth-princess of disks

THE PRINCESS OF DISKS; Represents the earthly part of Earth. This Princess is strong and beautiful and impregnated with a secret wonder. Crested with the head of a ram (another symbol for Aries, Mars, The Lightning Lord, and/or the male electric force, the Sun) signifying a head full of fertile ideas. She holds a diamond (precious stone of Kether) tipped scepter, into the earth, which symbolizes the birth of the Highest- Purest light in the deepest darkest elements. What the Ace of Disks professes, she makes manifest.

As would a priestess of Freya, Demeter, or Persephone, she stands in a grove of sacred trees, before an altar suggesting a wheatsheaf, which is the sigil of the Priestess of Demeter. She is pregnant with the secret of the future, the bearer of Spring; a Spring that frees us from the "dark horrors of winters past". The fertile Consciousness of Horus rather than the dead militaristic and slavery- obsessed consciousness of Osiris.

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The disk she bears, is a Chinese idiom denoting the twin spiral force of the universe in equilibrium giving birth to the Rose of Isis, the Great Fertile Mother. The characteristics of this card are the many numerous mysteries of the Goddess. Suffice it to say, that the Princess of Disks is Womb hood (Womanhood) in its ultimate projection.

When the Ace of Disks (Pentacles in other decks) is thrown during a reading, the querent is in a years' time, experiencing material gain, through labor. Power, wealth etc. The Ace of Disks represents materiality in all senses, grounded, practical and organized by the Princess.

When the Princess of Disks or Page of Pentacles is thrown during a Divination:

  •  It represents a young woman or young man with rich brown or red- brown hair and dark eyes, He/she is generous, kind, diligent, benevolent, careful, and endowed with persevering courage.
  • He/She may also be pregnant with a child or birthing ideas, projects, identity, and self-aspects.
  • She/he is on the Brink of Transformation and Revelation. The person may also have a concentrated desire to learn and is applying their fertile mind to scholarly pursuits.  

If ill-defined, the young person becomes wasteful and prodigal.

By careful comparison, the student can see how the Princess of a Suit is Married to the Ace-Seed of an Elemental force.

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