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tarot of the old path-nine of swords

The Thoth Tarot 9 of Swords is called -CRUELTY. The Tarot of the Old Path-Nine of Swords, shows us a young man whose hands and wrists are bound with rope, and he seems to be protecting his face from the cage of sharp swords that surround him. This card also suggests cruelty in the suit of air, as his clothing is both whipped by the air and the color of air (Swords are the suit of air).

The primary meaning of this card seems to be worry and suffering brought on by trials and tribulations.

thoth-9 of swords-cruelty

The Thoth Tarot-9 of Swords, is called THE LORD OF DESPAIR AND CRUELTY, or Cruelty in short. This is Mars in Gemini; here is Yesod influencing Yetzirah in the Astral World.

With a smattering of astrological data, one knows that the fiery energy of Mars, does little good in a sign of dualities. This "little good" is shown by the nine rusty swords, dripping blood and poison on Crowley's card.

One may shudder at the despair, meanings of illness, suffering and cruelty this card represents; But each of us, who are paying attention to our brain, know this card represents a "inner self cruelty" of our consciousness where it cuts us with the emotionally poisoned blades of embarrassment, low-self esteem, humiliation, self-condemnation, and/or inner disgust. Here is the Psychosomatic correlation between the Psyche and the Soma. This self cruelty, is the Indoctrinated Slave Master software of value, that is installed in our Personality by our culture, and it often requires us, as Psyche to be cruel to ourselves as bodies. The Few Who Rule the Many, by controlling definition, make sure this Indoctrinated-Mental Slaver is installed before you even reach seven years old. Like rusty hooks of poisonous self futility, this is a hard one to remove!

Peer pressure, another fear of rejection offshoot, just drives this poison deeper into self identity. The media, keeps slashing at your self value...."you need need lack them, you are nothing! " Is at the very least implied, or blatantly rubbed in your face, daily, if not hour by hour.

"Resistance is futile!", blare the electronic horns of the pusillanimous invertebrates who enforce "their Masters will" on others.

There is really only One Mind, and therefore, Life is a mental thing, as it is what one expect that manifests as life . Indeed, we can be our own worst enemies, just by doubting our own value, as persona and body, in the World. To see yourself as lack, is the necessary software to continue the panicked consumerism that Multinational- mind programmers and/or definition peddlers- want! But, before any human judgment, you were already approved into being by your Higher Self. So once again, the Qabalistic axiom reads true,"Above all things, Know thyself"! Truly, the Divine Creative doesn't build what it doesn't want. What Divine Intelligence would? For if the Divine builds what it doesn't want, then, it truly isn't Divine is it!

It's simple really; you had to be approved by all that is Wholly, to be made alive! You presence is your Judgment....and obviously you are good enough for the Divine Creative!

You are an Divine answer, to a Divine question; that is how Creation works, it builds living answers to divine questions! In this Universe, information becomes form. You are the Form of Spiritual Information of Self-Awareness/Self-Knowledge.

Questions have no substance, only answers do. So Stop questioning yourself, and become the answer you are instead! To reclaim our "lost inheritance", is the purpose of divination, be it tarot, astrology, runes etc.

It behooves us to be more action than reaction. Action is in the Fiery Spirit that moves you, reaction is usually run by the uncertain animal who thinks the whole universe is out to eat it! "I Am" dares ask, "What am I"? and you are the answer to that question, "I AM ME"!

The 9 of Swords, cruelty, is about you being programed to be your own worst enemy, divided against yourself, mentally and emotionally. Always nay-saying before you can ever start a motion. This is " a moment of doubt" drawn out as a Life-time of self cruelty.

Sure we doubt our selves and often believe that it is good to do so. We are emotion, doubt just slows the movement of our energy; after all every new emotion is a risk ! But if the Child of Wonder, that innocent curiosity, still has "I's" in you, you're going to "do it" anyway. We are always striving forward, we are being pushed along by the Inner Spiritual Self, just like Dark Energy pushes the Universe of Matter forever outwards. Life is a Driving Force...and the Sensual Spirit-Body of Malkuth, is the physical vehicle driven!

So what this Cruel 9 of Swords implies, is that "a house divide must fall". Get together with yourselves of Spirit, Mind and body ; over throw the Slaver program that is in your brain. Software can be erased, even when its Garbage. (G.I.G.O). All software programmers know of G.I.G.O., for when software is garbage and programed in, the hardware/wet ware, is operational garbage as well. Garbage in, Garbage out!

It's easy to feel insufficient, all you have to do is stop doing. Success, is a stubborn optimist Your Soul is one of those. A Mercurial personality, even if it kills "itself" (destroys the hardware/ wet ware) trying to accomplish a goal, it just reincarnates and keeps at it!

We all will eventually pound out the bugs of our software (definitions), some sooner than others, but we all will do it by free choice or Karmically; that is the purpose of sensuality after all; learning to discriminate and/or discern by experiencing success and failure, pleasure and pain etc.!

Your soul, will just "reabsorb" the software garbage, and try another revision of it in the "Hardware/wet ware" performance, that we know as "alive".

So, "get over yourself and get on with you! Impeccability is what we do''!

The declaration above, is a correctional software loop, that I run in my self doubting brain; for I am not a brain, but a Mind and it is my job to supervise what my brain processes. Spirit and mind cooperation just overrides the "pity pot" of self defeating thought every time it comes on line. But installing that software loop, took determination, and plane old fashion "jack Ass " stubbornness and constant repetition, a meditation of seconds, done most minutes, until it becomes automatic. Don't you think its time, we programed our own Hard Ware/wet ware! That is the real message of the 9 of Swords and the Qaballah.

The Qabalisitic Axiom, "ABOVE ALL THINGS, KNOW THYSELF!" Means only thoughts that expand and liberate you and the Divine's thought of you as its "self expression" must reside in your brain! You are not "of brain", you are the Master of this Masterpiece. You are "of Spirit", and have found a way to be intimate with animating the Homo Sapiens as your avatar.

The 9/ Nine of Swords implies

  • That you must desire to change your perspectives of miserable and suffering self and re think the programing!
  • Worry and despair.
  • Suffering and anxiety.
  • The Ruin of the Old so the new can be built.
  • Trials and tribulations 
  • Illness
  • Even physical death after a long illness.
  • Emotional overload.
If ill defined:
  • Shame.
  • Guilt. 
  • Terror.
  • Infamy. 
  • Misery.
  • Hate.

Thank you for your interest, comments and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper!

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