The Tarot of Eli,LLC: The Tarot of The Old Path-Key 20-Karma & The Thoth Tarot-ATU 20-The Aeon.

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· Old Path Tarot

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tarot of the old path-key 20-karma

The Golden Dawn or the Rider Waite-Smith Tarot decks name key-20 Judgment; However, both the Crowley and the authors of the Tarot of the Old Path, saw fit to change the names of the Key. Crowley , because it was outdated according to his progressive philosophy of the Aeons and Tarot of the Old Path because of the Theology of the Old Religion.

This is not surprising, as by now most of us know that knowledge must be evolutionary and flexible if it is to benefit generations of ever expanding intellectual seekers. We have seen this expansive growth of knowledge in science, technology, medicine, engineering, and even plumbing, so the Spiritual concepts of the Invisible Energy- Intelligence that we are mostly comprised of, should also show greater evolutionary understanding and expression.

Quantum physics, psychology are pointing the evolutionary way, developing their own language and theories to explain the unexplainable.

Qaballah, has been explaining the Invisible Intelligent Energy of Spirit, mind and matter for hundreds of years, often evolving the language and images to the cultural level of the seeker. Tarot, has used the images of the Universal Collective Unconscious as its language for developing a greater understanding of the Invisible Universe (Our own bodies are 99.5% Space/invisible) and thus propelling us beyond the past superstitious lack of understanding. Thus we have a more enlightened understanding of the forces and forms around us and as us.

The Tarot of the Old Path uses the Hindu word Karma as Key 20 because it refers to the fact that for every action, there is a reaction, for every cause there is an effect. Therefore, one's behavior is relevant to one's destiny.

The Old Religion, explains that incarnation is active, and that action and/or activity is prompted by desire. However, as soul's personalities become more evolved their desires of the lower sensual animal body cease to be a motivation and they become more "enlightened", dissolving the desire-bonds to the cyclic Wheel of Life and death and the soul begins living as the Ternary Spiritual Intelligence; "that which is beyond desire"; the I AM Me, that is in full control of its own destiny. Then the Soul starts Manifesting as needed, when needed, for the purpose of continuing the Great Work ( As above so below). Life is more than bodies, and their desires. Life is the Goddess and those of the Craft, explain in their philosophy in the text, The Charge, that the Goddess states," ....I am that which is attained at the end of desire."

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By now many of us know that there are many dimensions of "being", the Qaballah shows us Ten states of Energy. force and form that are called Sephiroth. Quantum physics declares there are ten dimensions of energy and in the past, many cultures have stated that there are "happy hunting grounds", elysian fields, or other dimensions that are alive and that physical death is not the death of the Energy Conscious being that you are. After all, most of us know that energy cannot be destroyed only transformed, clearly stating that we are transformations of energy, who will transform without end.

Thereby, the Arcana of Key 20 in the Old Path, shows us different states of energy being, the lower planes are the earthly manifestation, shown as a embryo in a womb sucking its thumb. Near it, a snowdrop grows which in the language of flowers suggests hope.

A young knight has died and his soul arises through a tunnel of light as a spirit welcomes him into the second level of the Astral plane which is describe as the inner level of water, or fluid light.

The central figure of The Guardian, stands holding the scales, implying karma, good or bad, while a submissive form before him, bows and awaits the judgment. Some forms go to a higher plane, a couple experience a joyful reunion and others, as the feminine form on hands and knees, is re manifesting as an embryo.

This card is associated with the planet Pluto, and Water is the element. In the philosophic of the Craft, the Astral plane is plastic and fluid, while the next plane is called the monastic plane linking with the inner dimension of Air (mind). Souls are a nimbus of light in this plane of being rather than a plane of doing. Those of the Old Path, call this inner plane Summerland.

Above, is a soul seen communing with the horned goddess (symbolizing the crescent moon) who wheres a necklace of rebirth while the God has the light of the Sun beyond him. This Sun symbolizes the realm of Fire (Chokmah in the Qaballah) and according to the old path, this realm of fire is where the Masters dwell, as teachers of humanity that manifest when needed to guide mankind on their evolutionary way.

Thus the Tarot of the Old Path, illustrates with Key 20, Karma the philosophy that a personality must experience all the cycles of life to eventually rise above the mundane to life eternal, merging with the Source.


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thoth-atu 20-the aeon

As I have mentioned, Crowley's Aeon card departs completely from the traditional Cards of the Rider-Waite or Golden Dawn Tarot decks. The Aeon card is illustrative of Crowley's personal philosophy derived from The Book of Law, which he stated was revealed to him, thus forming the core of his teachings. He called the Aeon Card the Stele of Revealing. In his explanation of the Aeon, he claimed it superseded all traditional concepts of the Key (Judgment Card) because it shows the harmonious, spiritual state of human existence that will reside on this earth in the mid-twenty second century. This advanced human condition is illustrated by the Dark Sky Goddess Nuith arching over her consort, Hadit, who is the Golden Orb of Light. Their Union produces Horus, as shown both seated and standing, his passive and active forms. Crowley states that another name for Horus is Heru, which is synonymous with Hru, which he calls "The Great Angel set over the Tarot".

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Constantly, Qabalistic doctrine is a system of Gnosis (Knowledge) that evolves with the races of human kind, We have passed into the predicted 500 year period of extreme darkness and trial, preparatory to a new Aeon of Light. Thus, we have the letter Shin below the Standing Horus, in a flowery form and the the 3 Yods, each have a internal human shape that is arising to partake of the Light of the coming Aeon. Naturally the study of The Book of Law is recommended to further the understanding of this card of the new Aeon.(see past blogs for more insight into the Thoth Card). However, enough knowledge has been presented in this blog of the Aeon and Karma -key 20, to know that when this card is thrown during a reading, it states that:

  •  A final decision has been reached. A matter has been determined without appeal on its plane. The final decision has been made, and a new state of enlightenment is arising in the querent
  • Cause and effect.
  • Reaping what you sow, a result of past actions.
  • Spiritual progression and rebirth.
  • A karmic life of correcting past error.
  • Good judgment.
  • A sense of passing from phase of life to another. A celebration of maturation and discernment.
  • Spiritual truth, change and transformation.
  • Recognizing the One life, and the spiritual union of All things,
  • A push from within to make a change.
  • An important decision has been made by the "Higher Self" which alters your reality for good, even though you may not be consciously aware of what has happened.

If reversed (Tarot of the Old Path) or ill-defined (Thoth):

  • Regret over past actions.
  • A karmic debt being paid.and a time of reckoning
  • The bad outweighs the good. 

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