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· Old Path Tarot

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Tarot of the old Path- ten of rods

The Thoth Tarot- 10 of Wands-Oppression & The Tarot of the Old Path- 10 of Rods:

The Ten of Rods of the Tarot of the Old Path is the 10 of Wands -Oppression, in the Thoth Tarot.

On the Tarot of the Old Path- 10 of Rods, one views the wearied-faced person on the Ten of Rods, who is dressed in the colors of fire, the Alchemical Element of this card.

His task seems wearing, as he holds six willow rods on his shoulder, supporting two more in his right hand. Two more rods await his attention as they lie at his feet.

This seems an arduous task, yet he seems determined and focused on his purpose. That he is capable of deep concentration, is implied by his hood of golden yellow. This person is a conscientious worker even under stress

The primary message of this card is that of determination to succeed even when under extreme pressure.

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Thoth- 10 of wands-oppression

The Thoth Tarot-10 of Wands- Oppression:

This card is often a hard one to interpret since it is a card of perfidy. It can mean self-oppressive thoughts that keep oneself from preforming or a tremendous amount of male electric dynamic force, caged for the process of manifestation or even an oppressive event or person.

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This caged energy on the 10 of wands, is guarded by the sacred Tibetan Dorjes (symbols of lightning) whose head is crown by the Kha-Dro-Ma (the above illustration is of a Kha-Dro-Ma who has visited me); Tibetan Angels known as the "highest state of female" and/or "Daughters of Kali Ma". So, we have a paradox here as female magnetic, "Will to Form" is caging male electric and/or "Will to Force" for the purpose of form manifestation. All forms are "oppressed" vital life fecund energy.

The Astrological aspect of this card is Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn, being the planet of discipline and Sagittarius is the sign of limit setting and a tendency to limit one's boundaries. So, in this context, the card is about limiting one's performance, in emotional, spiritual issues, due to self-oppressive thoughts of limitation. Limited performance is at first necessary so energy can be captured; However, over time it can be a negative, since dynamic energy will be expressed and if oppressed, it will come out though our weak spots; as pressure builds it will find the "cracks in our armor" and flash out as anger, rage, and emotional dysfunction. Yet, if held just long enough to empower our "magic images", it enlivens and becomes a tremendous opportunity to create with the Primal Force (Kundalini) of Creation Itself!

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  • As in all power, we can destroy or expand and liberate ourselves to greater horizons of creativity. When this card is thrown in a layout pay attention! 
  • There may be a tendency to limit oneself or one's vision by oppressing the urge for creative expansion. This is not recommended because if curbed, this creative expansion will expand our fears, as it has nowhere else to go. No matter which way it goes, it will expand our imagination, from fear to psychosis or from dreaming to actual dynamic manifestation!

This vital fiery force of sexual fecund is the Vitriol of the Magus; The Dragon force and is "Heady stuff"!

When Thrown during a Divination, The Ten of Wands or Ten of Rods implies:

  • That in the next 10 weeks or 10 months, there will be a tendency to hold yourself back or restrict yourself so pay attention and not allow this to happen.
  • Challenge your oppressive fears and "get over yourself and get on with you, for impeccability is what we do"!
  • Express who you are, and this caged power will accelerate you to greater heights of creativity, while expanding your life motion in more dynamic directions and joyous presence!
  • The tendency to hold back your power must be avoided in this 10 week or 10-month period as there is a buildup of emotion that must be released as energy-in-motion so pursue your creative dreams! 
  • Great Emotion is Greater Motion, so be prepared to spread your dragon wings and ride the Higher States of Creation with the Khadroma or become a self-pitying wreck.
  • Only self-reliance will do for the present situation.
  • Eventual success.

Reversal or ill-defined meaning (as determined by accompanying cards)


  • Intrigue.
  • Difficult loss.
  • Falsehood and disloyalty.
  • Be vigilant concerning lawsuits.


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