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The Starman Tarot-Key 8-Strength

I face my fears with the strength of love and patience.

The Starman Tarot-Key 8-Strength is comparable to the Thoth Tarot- ATU 11-Lust. The nature of this card is Strength, but unlike the masculine Strength of the Chariot, which is sheer determination and will, this is feminine strength that wells up from a deep heartfelt knowing. Here, the lions that represent our "beast" instincts and innate predatory power, the frenzy and passion of our unrestrained emotions, are calmed by the affection, and loving sure touch of the Divine Creatrix and her purity of heart. Knowing that they will not be harmed, the lions have deferred to her inner strength and mastery. Once, for women, men used to be her lion and protector but never her possessor. But those days are buried under the dead of 9 million women who the Patriarch sacrificed to his god. Males have now sworn their balls to the State, i.e. The Patriarch. It has taken woman a long time to climb her way back from the grave of misogynistic culture and the nightmare of bigotry, but she has and will do more so. Proving the deep inner power of the Feminine.

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The Feminine, Anima, speaks the Soul's picturesque language of the Heart and the purity of her naked truth subdues the most savage mind. According to the artist, Davide De Angelis, the alive mandalas in the back ground of this card, are derived from particle Collision patterns. By speeding sub-atomic particles in powerful magnetic fields (Magnetic is the Feminine of Electro-Magnetic Energy) scientist can trace the interactions that result from the collisions. This allows them to delve into the more arcane mysteries of the Universe; dark matter, dark energy, space-time, and the very fabric of space. Therefore, these mandalas represent Lady Nature's embedded phenomenal power and energy contained in her magnetic Grail. Within each of us, her power resides as the Kundalini, which is often shown as a serpent force/a Vibration, which is shown on this Strength card being held in a "lazy eight" pattern by a snake handlers hook coming off of her right hand. Better known in magic as the lemniscate or infinity symbol, this symbol represents the 0, who has become 2 (0=8) as the infinite One Energy has twisted upon itself, and therefore, has become Creator and Creatrix, Masculine and Feminine, Electro and Magnetic, Fire and Water, and many more examples of the One becoming Two, by "creating the Other, from itself".

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lemniscate- 0=2

This power is not just the mundane power which is the ability to do work, although granted, she is able. Rather it is the unbiased power of the One Energy, that is total and complete in itself. It makes no demands, it is there all around, in everything and above and below, sustaining, supplying and giving support without preference or judgment. It is different than force, which takes energy away and needs to feed energy from outside sources. This nurturing feminine power is whole and complete and needs nothing. For only No-Thing is outside of it.

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The Anima (Divine Feminine), and Animus (Divine Masculine of Macrocosm and Microcosm are the many faces of Electro (male) Magnetic (Female) life that all are under the leadership of the Active Feminine/Creatrix. This is the universal principle of Passion, awareness and aliveness! This is self-esteem, and the courage necessary to acknowledge the inner convictions so necessary to manifest as the Passionate Creative-Self. In all of us is this irresistible strength of the Creatrix; this Divine Frenzy who is Will to Form. This feminine archetype is supremely courageous in the most tragic of odds, and greatest catastrophes as she knows how to embrace and accept that which otherwise could be lethal and dangerous. The power of acceptance is hers and she trusts it wholeheartedly. Deep inside each beating chest, is the heartfelt knowledge that when we face our fears, we bring light to our shadows and they disappear.

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We know that buy studying the nature of lions, and being with them in their habitat, understanding their nature, makes one comfortable, where once was only fight or flight. Understanding is the meaning attributed to the Creatrix -Binah- the 3rd Sephiroth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Sure fear is there, but it has no power to erase the knowledge gained, and just helps us sharpen our observations and we act only out of knowledge instead of reacting in fear.

However, in most of us, we are divided against ourselves and our vigorous life-force and devote the creative power of lust to the ignorant duality of good and bad identity. Resulting in division of forces and unable to call upon the inner power that cleaves us from our chains of fear based self-imposed slavery. In Qabalah it is said, " That if it exists, it is supposed to", which behooves us to understand the why of a thing and not run from knowledge hidden in the veils of screaming ignorance.

KNOW YE NOT, THAT YE ARE GODS! [Psalms, 82-6] New International Version]

"I said, 'You are "gods"; you are all sons of the Most High.'

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In Qabalistic philosophy 6 is the Number of the Sun which the Patriarch of Christianity changed to Son, for obvious misogynistic reasons. We are central Suns- Stars, of the Creatrix-man and woman we are Suns. We are evolutionary light- data made manifest as In-Form-Ation of the I AM. We are Divinity dancing as the active Creatrix and Creator, joined in one image, as the DNA of our earthly mother and fathers, become one in us. The Will of the Divine Creative is to be and to be intimate with creation is the Will of I Am to Form. Hence, the Kether, whose name in Hebrew is Eheieh, which means "I Will Be". Therefore, we of the HuMan (god-mind) whose self-expression is "Being", fulfilling that Will of the I Am! Yes, human means god-mind as Hu comes from the Mandarin for god, and man is a word that comes from the Hindu-Manas, meaning mind thereby, stating nothing about sex. The body is homo sapiens-sapiens, which is your avatar on this side of the Mirror of Soul, and sex is Spirit's will to transform.

"Blaspheme", shouts the enslaved mind, who thinks it needs a master to get to know the creator and must grovel in shame at its feet. Does my image in a mirror, grovel at my feet? Hell no! Yet we who are the Masters and the Masterpieces, manifested as one Spirit-Mind-Body, trinity of the Greater Self must do so? If you think you must grovel to the Self whose creation is Self-Awareness in operation, you better stop reading this blog.

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the divine hermaphrodite

Again "Above all things, know thyself" shouts the Qabalah. Remember, before Latin became the favorite words of propaganda, Hu=is Mandarin for god, and Man, is from the Hindu word Manas, meaning Mind. You See, by our own words, we are the HuMan that owns the masterpiece of the homo sapiens-sapiens body. I have only one Master, the I AM of Me. I know the Lust of Being. The Love of Vigor and I stand in quiet writhing-joy with my Creatrix. Only slaves need saviors. The I Am is not a slave to anything. It is the manifester of Me and all truth. The Creatrix brings this knowledge with her, and tames the "fear of rejection" in one’s instincts, so that only Trust resides in one’s heart.

To those of magic, lust is not obsession with the opposite sex. It is obsession with being. It is the luster of Will- that ejaculated this universe of self into self- manifestation in the womb of “To Be”. It is the indivisible creative strength of I Am Me that radiates through us, outward, as a sun (later bastardize into "son") of creative passion that restores life in the dead. Therefore, even in the most mundane indolence, we can dance!

{Eli Serabeth, 1983, the class text of "Enfleshenment"]

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We see in both the Starman Tarot - key 8-Strength and the Thoth Lust-ATU 11, card the universal myth known as "beauty and the beast". This key represents the beauty (Tiphareth, the central sun on the Qabalistic Tree of Life) that is represented in all of us as combinations of talent, gifts, and creative resources of the inner Solar Divinity which can quell our homo sapiens-sapiens, bestial natures. When our heart, mind and spirit are in a balanced combination of movement and repose--we manifest divine beauty. The multi-headed lion on the Thoth Lust card, represents the beasts within which Beauty has tamed to do her creative biding. She expands and liberates the living from their past bonds of survival thinking onward to greater achievements of courageous creation.

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Thoth- atu 11-lust

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Lust comes from the root word Lustre which is radiance. We cannot shine if we are not in our strength and we are not in our strength when our mind is divide against our body. Fear of our "beasts within" steadily weakens us until we cannot radiate our purpose on this earth. Beauty created us to radiate ourselves into the movement of vigorous life! We all have much more purpose than we can see out of animal "I's"! Strength and Lustre are inseparable partners in creation. This can easily be seen as a soft and spongy mushroom pushes through hard concrete, as if the concrete was the one made of mere watery sponge. In all of us is this quiet manifestation of strength, a sleeping roaring fire of Kundalini, the inner "lion-serpent", coiled up awaiting the Powerful call of "I AM ME". We all are Chimera’s, a combination of the Divine Will and the Instinctual animal collective mind of Earth, i.e. the combination of the Hu-Man and the Homo Sapiens-Sapiens. Those who walk as Dragon's know this to be true. We are not fear, we are the Law of Love in manifestation, we Love under Will. No one can make us "not love", for we are Dragons who choose how we treat others, no matter how they treat us for we know our power is incorruptible. For how others treat others, is their limitations, not ours. Through the "I's" of the Creatrix, I see all as another way to be me.

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As probably noted: The Thoth Deck LUST card, key-11, replaces the STRENGTH, card which is Key-8 in the Traditional Tarot Decks. Strength is also key 11 in the Golden Dawn and Ryder-Waite, Spiral Tarot and Manara Tarot Decks. So it may be confusing when Crowley and I place it in the Path of Teth, which is normally called STRENGTH-Key 8. As I stated, I agree with Aliester Crowley's expansion of the STRENGTH card, into the LUST card, because it is the Passionate Vital Force of Universal Construction, "the motion within the movement" of everything. Lust is the Passionate expression of the- I AM as Two, the I-phallus and the Am-womb, who then Join to become One Passion that creates all, i.e... The Active and Passive force of Kundalini, and/or of the Lion-Serpent.

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It can also be called "Serpent theory" instead of the Quantum Physics "String Theory", where every particle has a serpentine string of active and passive energy with in it. In other words, there is within all, vibratory strings of Vital Fiery strong atomic Force; an "Atom" /Adam Khadmon. Thus, Lust, where active and passive forces come together, seems a more appropriate understanding of the underlying "motion" of Life.

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the heavenly human

The Kundalini, or Fiery Lion Serpent is the vital aspect of our inherited Creative Life Force, which in manifestation, is duality of passivity and activity. Kundalini (in yoga) is the latent female/Creatrix energy believed to lie coiled at the base of the spine; the "inner soul" that is known as the Sacred Fire, when in its active phase, purposely unleashed by Love and as water-serpent in its passive phase of receptivity, understanding and acceptance.

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The UNIVERSE key 21, is the completion of the LUST CARD, and you'll see the Woman figure riding the Lion Serpent on the Lust card, dancing with the Serpent Force in the Universe card. Both illustrations are veils, concealing of principles, though at different ends of manifestation. LUST is the beginning of the Microcosm and THE UNIVERSE is the completion of it. Both of these cards are of that which is Womb, at the Highest Level, the womb-man who has tamed the Lion-Serpent and the womb-man who dances in space surrounded by the Cherubim of the four elements are both expressions of that which is the EMPRESS- Key 3.

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Chinese art of the Goddess and her "heavenly ship"/Merkabah

Again, this is a very powerful path and those of sensitive psyche, will be profoundly affected by the pure pulsing passion of the Spirit of Being. One must appreciate the fact, that this Path of Teth, Lust Card, is a statement of methodology; whereby the Love controls the Vital Life Energy of Spiritual Fire. We must also remember, that the word Power, means "the ability to do work" and our body, if loved as a master Craftsman loves and adores one's favorite-tools, gives us Will - to-Power in this dimension of crystallized energy; a power to weave our very own Vital Life Force into masterpieces of movement and repose! So let us all ride the “Lion Serpent” or Inner Dragon, with the powerful presence of loving control and shameless presence! This is the Divine Frenzy that obliterated the loneliness of the One and split into two, as Other, the Lover and the Most Beloved. The I AM.

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the Anu

Self-annihilation is also the process of two from one, Force and Form, who then become One Dragonish expression of Frenzy as Form, when the Red-Babalon (Crowley’s spelling for purposes of Gematria) unites with the Golden Fiery Force of the Solar Husband, the offspring are Beautiful Monsters. Genetically modified Organisms derived from Annunaki ("Those who from the sky came") and animal DNA mixing, creating the Nephilim and/or Titans, that are created to challenge the rules of limits and expand them if not to eliminate them altogether. Hence, from Homo Erectis, we get the genetically modified Homo Sapiens-Sapiens, as we are children of ancient galactic races, who came to earth and "married the women of men", which is another way of saying, artificial insemination. All across our ancient history, cultures tell us of the "Those who from the Sky came", i.e. Annunaki in Sumerian, Nomo as they are called by the Dogon of Mali, Angels, as they are called by Jewish and Christian traditions. Hindus, have names for these genetic- engineering extraterrestrials as do the Mayan and many others. It is about time to know thyself. Your inheritance is Galactic in volume. DNA is data, form, is information and/or data understood. We are the Information, of the One who is many and the many that are One.

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Skry the Lust card only after you are capable of holding one thought or image focus during an entire meditation while pulsing from head to toe with a powerful heat! Any Psyche that Touches the Lust of the Great Father/Mother, will be profoundly charged, changed, and expanded beyond comfortable perspectives; all of which can be dangerous to our delicate denial based egos. To do this requires a focused willful spiritual intelligence, of I Am and not some mad Hatter type of personality, that can't even control its own thought and/or suffers from "knee jerk" emotions and fears outside authority. Only your inner author, is your authority. "Do what you will is the whole of the law, the Law is Love."

In other words, one must be diligently trained in channeling higher and higher vibratory levels of Vital Life Force, before they "Ride the Lion-Serpent". That is why A. Crowley calls the Traditional Strength Card Lust. For even the "little lust" of the manifested (Microcosm) seems to be beyond the cultural ego's control, as every politicians "secret life" of greed and sexual conquest will show. It is hard to imagine, what the Macrocosmic Lust would do to such a weak psyche... but then again, we have examples in Adolf Hitler, etc., where lust becomes a violent form of masturbation.

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The Womb "with a view".

In the Lust card, the Creatrix is naked and pouring sexual ecstasy from every pore of her being. Her rapture is more than just naked flesh; it is the divine ecstasy of divine energy becoming intimate with the flesh. Crowley stated it this way: " She rides astride the Beast; in her left hand she holds the reins, representing the passion that unites them. In her right she holds aloft the cup, The Holy Grail aflame with love and death". This is the type of energy, primeval, primitive in order, completely independent of critics or reason. It is the Will of the Aeon, the Shouting, and whirling, fiery declaration of Kether, “I Will Be"! The One Energy.

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Lust represents a very important initiatory formula dealing with Serpent Power. This Spiraling Power is the Force that opens, stimulates or spools up all the Chakras (energy centers) in the Human body. The Principles embedded in the Lust Card, tell us how to use this power. This is a "Divine Frenzy" which when stated alchemically becomes; “the heat of the furnace makes the Stone" or if religious; “inflame thyself with Prayer". The Heat applied, is the Great Passion of friction in the confines of a condensed magnetic field that is the homo sapiens-sapiens. It is our Titanic inheritance awaiting the Personality of a Dragon before it is released to our Brain.

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collecting the Celestial identity scattered by words.

This Heat or burning is experienced often in Tantric exercises, or the exercise of the Middle Pillar (Aliester Crowley's book, 777), all of which I recommend the interested party research. This fiery expanse blows apart the cold mirror of illusions and shatters your reflected personality. All that remains is the Soul's persona and the Shout of I AM ME !

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Crowley's imagery may shock some, as he presents the Whore of Babylon, taming the Lion-Serpent but then he understood that the epitome of virginity (sign of Virgo), was the Sacred Virgins of the Temples, before Christianity, made them "evil women" or Saints, of which both perspectives were confusingly applied. The Christian word 'Whore" is a bastardization of the Greek word, Hetacrate, meaning female companion. Something more for the diligent student to investigate, for in each of us is the Anima (Latin for Spirit), our Muse, our Female Companion, our Most Beloved-Kundalini is a gift from the "heavens" and/or our Ancient Astronaut forefathers and foremothers. In this heated solar power, is the knowledge of the Suns. I know, for I burn with it daily, and find my life to be an ecstatic expression of I AM. Above all things, know thyself!

When the Lust or Strength card is thrown during a reading:

  • It means the querent is relying on spiritual powers to manage the situation at hand and is receiving the strength to overcome. 
  • Following one’s own inner light, doing what their "heart of heart".
  • Inner -self, says it is right.
  • There can be an experiencing of a "gut level" driving force, instinctual. And compelling for protection or survival.
  • Also, possessing the courage of one's convictions.
  •  The strength of Passion, in the Higher Nature, which are dragon like power, courage, energy, action and magnanimity.
  • One is experiencing the Law of Self-Domination, self-rule and self-control.
  • This card represents the querent’s' passion, awareness, and aliveness
  • A symbol that you have a strong faith in your abilities. You have no qualms about relying on the spiritual powers within in order to handle the situation at hand.
  •  In other words, you radiate your inner beauty

If ill defined:

  • Weakness. 
  • Lack of fulfillment.
  • Depression.
  • Aggressive perversion and addiction resulting from oppressed instincts.

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