The Tarot of Eli, LLC: The Running Press Tarot- Knight of Wands & The Thoth Tarot-Prince of Wands.

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· Running press
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running press tarot-knight of wands

The Running Press Tarot- Knight of Wands, shows a fanciful knight, of the early Italian period, holding a flaming torch and fruitful wand. His clothing and a saddle without stirrups, points to a very early Italian knight/prince. His transformative nature, which is that of the ancient mythological "dying gods", is shown in the butterflies that fly behind him. Butterflies often represented "rebirth" or Souls transformed in death, in the ancient world. The color of his clothing, the flaming torch and the red/orange corners decorating this card, all imply the Universal Element of Fire.  

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Thoth- Prince of wands

When thrown during Divination, the Princes often represent the coming and going of an event or person and the Princesses often represent the approval or disapproval of a matter.

Is Air of Fire or Specific Air of Primal Fire. His power is tremendous, so Lady Frieda Harris appears to show the "rocking chariot", that is being pulled by Leo (the Sun) the Lion. "Rocking" because of his enormous strength that can go any direction, even unto violence if angered. The Thoth deck card, shows the Marital Prince holding the Phoenix Wand of Geburah, and thus wields the fiery Severity of Geburah.

Ruling from the 21st degree of Cancer to the 20th degree of Leo, he is endowed with a powerful faculty for expanding and volatilizing. His arms are free of armor and mail, as he is vigorous and active. As you can see, he is aflame in every way above, the rayed crown surrounded by a winged Lion head sending from his crown a curtain of flame, suggesting the Solar Logos. In his left hand (side of the Goddess) he holds the Phoenix Wand of Power and Energy, while the other is holding the reigns of the Lion. His sexual energy is renowned.

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Since this is "Egyptian Tarot" we'll identify the Phoenix as did the Egyptians, who identified the Phoenician god-Phoenix, with their bennu bird, a spirit of the benben or phallic obelisk. The Phoenix rose to heaven in the form of a Morning Star, like Lucifer, after his fiery-immolation of death and rebirth [Budge, G.E. 2,97]. In both Phoenicia and Egypt, Phoenix embodied the sacred king cremated and reborn. The king's soul released above the funeral pyre assumed bird form, as ancient pharaohs at their cremation took the form of the Horus-Hawk.  

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[sun god Horus by merlynhawk]

With wheels radiating flame, he rides on a sea of flame, both waved and salient. This card show Swiftness , Strength and Sexuality as his primary moral qualities.

The female aspect of the Prince of Wands is shown as the Chariot and wheels in the Red color of Mother Binah, who supports his stability, and motion. The pentagram on his chest is the sigil for To Mega Theron (The book of Thoth by The Master Theron). He is shown holding the Phoenix Wand of the Second Adept. While in the other hand, he is holding the reins of Leo the Lion, the "Sun lion".

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The Prince of Wands personality is often inclined to act impulsively which are sometimes led by external influences, even trifles. He is often prey to indecision. He violently expresses his opinion, even though he doesn't hold the opinion on which he is so emphatic. He just states a vigorous opinion for the sake of being vigorous, and doesn't care much about the opinion itself. He loves to feel his fiery passions flow, and really doesn't care about what. He may be about swiftness and strength, but he is slow to make up his mind on any subject, as he can see both sides of it and argue both sides passionately. He is generous and intensely noble, even just. But he feels justice can't be attained intellectually. He loves to boast, while all the time laughing inside at the object of his boast and at himself for making it. He is often a symbol of Terror, to people who know nothing about his omnivorous sense of humor but use his name as a sense of horror. This seems to be because of the influence of the last decan of Cancer on this card.

His courage is fanatically strong and his endurance is indefatigable. Hence, he always fighting against the odds, and does win in the "very long" run. He has an enormous capacity for work, which he exercises for its own sake "without lust for result". One thinks that perhaps, his haughty contempt for the man-made world at large, which co-exists with his profound respect and love for "every man and woman", whom he views as "stars", is responsible for this.

The Divinatory meaning of The Prince of Wands is:

  • Impulsive, often easily directed by outside influences, even trifling ones, he can be prey to indecision.
  • His or her opinions are often violently expressed but being emphatic does not mean he'll hold the opinion long. He just loves vigorous statement just to feel the vigorous flow.
  • The truth being, that he is often slow to make up his mind, and is essentially just and sees both sides of a question.
  • Having a character noble and generous causes him to lean towards expressing extravagant hyperbole while secretly laughing at the boast and himself for making it.
  •  Being of fanatical courage linked with indefeasible endurance, he often chooses to fight against the odds and always wins in the very long run.
  • The Passion radiating off of this person frightens most people because of the mystery it presents.
  •  He is "of Dragon", and thus he strikes terror in the heart of the less sexually inclined.
  • His generosity and deeds maybe impeccable, but the heat of his passion scares the pale soul who avoids the Sun/son.
  •  His great pride, which is his main fault, makes him hold in contempt, meanness and pettiness and he is adept at wielding every weapon of ridicule, while still giving the shirt off of his back to the one so scorned.
  • Without lust of result, he loves work and exercise for its own sake.
  • Paradoxical is his contempt for the world at large, while holding ecstatic respect for every individual man and woman.
  • The Mystery of such a one who is a Sun. This Sun Warrior is an aspect of the Solar Logos that puts ideas into action and will fight for their survival!
  • There is a sense of Romantic Revolution with this one.
  • Most people enjoy his passionate demeanor, but woe to the person that focuses his wrath.
  • Because of this Swift and agile personality, many of his acquaintances are not committed to him as friends, for his swift mystery baffles most of them as he is all that is unexpected, startling, unpredictable, unconventional, but having a deep underlying consistency.

When ill defined by the surrounding negative cards, it implies:

  • Unrest.
  • Impatience.
  • Destructiveness.