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· Rider-Waite-Tarot

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The Rider-Waite-Smith, Seven of Cups

The Rider-Waite-Smith, Seven of Cups, shows a dark cloud scene as the base for the Seven Cups, hinting at corruption of the sacred objects in each of the Cups; the corruption of thought (head), the veiling of consciousness by indoctrination and dogma (veiled goddess figure), the corruption of the serpent force (The Spirit), corruption of the solid physical manifestation (mountain), corruption of wealth (jewels), the corruption of victory (wreath) and the corruption of the Dragon within (sex energy/kundalini). This symbolism of floating on a dark cloud suggests the corruption of the Sacrament in each cup. Hence, we know that the human form is a sacrament. For a sacrament is a rite. Since the body is alive and sentient, it is the sacrament of Spirit's will to be; The rite to be! By thinking ill of any part of our ternary selves of Self, which is Spirit (I)-Mind (Am) and Body (Me), is to profane the sacred act of Will that began as "I Will BE", which Qabalists know as Kether, the 1st Will; we are the establishment of that "first movement of Will in the Universe", for we are the "I AM Being".

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Thoth- 7- of Cups

The Thoth Tarot-7 of Cups is is in reference to number 7-Netzach (victory) in the suit of Water and is governed in the zodiac by Venus in Scorpio. Venus is ill dignified in Scorpio, and one is reminded that Venus is the planet of copper which is noted for its "external splendor and internal corruption". There is a invariable weakness here, arising from lack of balance.

As illustrated in the Thoth card, the lotuses are corrupted and look to be dripping a oozing slime (instead of water), which overflows into a malarias morass of a sea, implying putrefying emotions. The cups are iridescent and are carrying out the same idea of corruption.

We know the 6 of Cups to be Pleasure and can say that the 7 of Cups -Debauch is the "evil and adverse" image of the Six. As A. Crowley put it," It is a wholesome reminder of the fatal ease with which a Sacrament may be profaned and prostituted." For indeed, to avoid rejection, criticism, and emotional pain, we have sold our bodies to the one, be it a person, place, or thing, who promises to relieve all our emotional pain and sorrow. I AM Me, has become I am a...; "a" being a man-made thing. I AM Me, is not a man made "thing", it is the Spiritual rite of Being.

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It is suggested by this card, that when one loses touch with Kether (Crown on the Tree of Life) The Highest Serphiroth, diverging ever so slightly from the delicate balance of the Middle Pillar; at once the holiest mysteries of Nature become the obscene and shameful secrets of a guilty conscience. As the Christ on a cross has proven, it is exceedingly difficult to keep one's Spiritual Identity in a world of rulers.

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Direction in life is all about perspective, perceiving oneself as a victim is to see only the muck and mire of stagnant emotions.

The Seven/7 of Cups is a card of squalid emotions and as a putrefying pool of water that has no freshwater input, the emotional self without fresh input of expansive self-perspectives grows putrid and stagnant. To seek only comfort, because we fear pain, emotionally, mentally, and physically, makes us a unmoving swamp of negative emotions and/or an obscene sacrament. The lack of courage to act destroys our motion... and life is movement. The Tree of Life is Us--the Divine Child, in our most dynamic state of movement and we are a Sacrament unto Goddess/God. This card suggests that we must take steps to free our emotional self from its prison of fear. By taking one step and following that step with another, we shall begin to move into the present and leave behind the past

When the Seven/7 of Cups is thrown during a divination, the Querent has or will experience:

  • For the next 7 weeks or 7monts; Lying, deceit, promises unfulfilled. illusion, and deception. Either by self-denial or by others.
  • Slight success but there is not enough energy to maintain it, so error develops.
  • Victory, but that is neutralized by the supineness of the person.
  • Drunkenness, wrath, vanity, lust, fornication for the sake of ego, violence against women.
  • Selfish dissipation.
  • Deception in love and friendship.
  • Some success gained, but not followed up on. 
  • All of which is modified by the dignity of the Card as determined by the accompanying cards.

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