The Tarot of Eli, LLC: The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot- Five of Swords & The Thoth Tarot- 5 of Swords-Defeat

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· Rider-Waite-Tarot

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rider-waite-smith- five of swords

The Rider-Waite-Smith card shows the mundane divination meaning of, loss, defeat, failure where contest is decided and finished against the person and the victor claims the spoils. The spoils be the swords of defeated foes, strewn over the ground. The "winds of defeat" are implied by the dark wind tattered clouds above and the head bowed stumbling figures in the back ground. However, Waite, being true to his oath of secrecy, doesn't illustrate the more arcane meanings.

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The 5th Sephiroth and ruler of the 5's is called Geburah, and is the Qabalistic Sephiroth of Severity. Severity is considered to be a corrective. Severity, a form of "tough love", is needed to get one to reconsider their life choices. This is because it is often easy to forget that the physical brain is not "you", it is a wet-ware computer whose data is indoctrinated definitions of things by cultural number and language. Those definitions are made after Self has already been created, thus they are classified as illusions, not Truth!

Geburah, with all her strength, severity and tough love, helps us remember who we really are, and not what we are made to pretend to be.

Yes it is true, dear ones, truth is made manifest as a known thing. And we are known into being, thus we never came seeking our truth, for it is you. It's time to get real, as no person can know the truth you represent. Your parentage began in the Universal Collective Unconscious that is the Divine Creative. Hence,

the Soul/Psyche already Knows who you are. That is how one becomes manifest; by putting knowledge into form! The Created, are ideas loved and known into being as "Self", not a being who seeks definition and love! Ideas are known form and presented as images. Whereas, the worded thought of the brain, is just definition of a form that is previously created. Each of us is a Spirit/ God-image who proves idea by making it function as a manifestation. To be is to be proven as a creation of Self, to enhance awareness

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thoth-5 of swords-defeat

The Thoth 5 of Swords, is also known as Defeat, or Lord of Defeat. Being that the 5 of Swords is assigned Venus in Aquarius, as displayed on the Thoth Card, the normal disruption of Geburah's strength, is not the cause of disaster! This is because weakness is the cause of the 5 of Swords disaster! A weakness brought on by pacifism, and enfeebling sentiment. Maybe even treachery. The hilts of the swords form the sinister image of the inverted pentagram; where the body's fears have conquered the will that is Spirit, by the treachery of sensations illusions; pleasure pain training, and the illusion of the cultural definitions of "good and bad" as truth. Feeling fearful, is often more sensual than feeling willful, since the ever present doubt brought into belief by indoctrination, keeps the scattered will from collecting into force. Here, we are defeated by the "divide and conquer" dogma of those few who wish to rule the many. Wholeness, is an established equilibrium of Spirit, Mind and Body. When we believe that anyone of these is of lesser value than the others, we are easily defeated. Hence, the Qabalistic axiom of, "Above all things, know thyself", rings true again. It is time to understand that you are not a body alone, but a trinity of Psyche that is Spirit, Mind and Body. All sacred and all truth.

When the Five/5 of Swords is thrown during a reading, the querent:

  • Is usually caught in the fears of the past.

  • Is experiencing a self defined prison of negative, self defeating beliefs.

  • Defeat on a mental level, bringing humiliation and weakness.

  • Is involved in a conflict that appears to have been one, but brings unresolved problems.
  • Is trapped in a self designed prison of negative energy from the past.
  • We are only defeated when we stop seeking another way. So there is no 5 week or 5 month period of duration suggested here, since it is the querent's own mental negativity that is involved here, and they could change perspective at any time.

If ill defined by the surrounding cards (Thoth) or reversed (Rider-Waite-Smith), it implies:

  • The suggestion here is to give up fighting, swallow your pride and acknowledge your limitations, and then proceed in a new direction.

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