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The Manara erotic tarot-key 5-the priest

Key-5 the Priest/ATU-5 -The Hierophant,

Which is the universal Key of learning and teaching.

This key or principle was well explained in the publication of the-Course in Miracles-"as you teach so will you learn.’ If that is true, and it is true indeed, do not forget that what you teach is teaching you."

The Hierophant is also the High Priest or Priest in many decks. In the Manara Deck, the word Priest is used.

Presented on the Milo Manara Erotic Tarot-Key-5-The Priest is an interesting scene of a woman "flashing" a Priest who seems a bit taken aback. This is an attack on celibacy, which is a true sexual perversion as the act of sex, is the Divine Creative's invention created out of the understanding of Love, and the act of celibacy, is a male fearing of giving his power and/or energy to women. For in the dark corners of fundamental Patriarchal religions, is the proposition that women drove mankind into sin by "eating of the fruit of knowledge" and therefore, are servants of Satan and that the act of sex is an act of a succubus/vampire. Whereas, the Divine Creative is Sex, and the act of female and male union creates the continuation of Love that is Life and information, of which the DNA Molecule coding is. Look at your babies, are they acts of evil? If you think so, you need therapy. Besides would any sane God create without knowledge and create its "own image" to be ignorant and evil? Knowledge is information and, in this universe, in-form-action becomes image/Form. Hence, it is the knowledge gathered by the One- Self, which has formed into the manifestations of energy, all around and as us. It is also the information in the DNA molecule that makes diversity in body forms. However, by keeping people superstitious and/or ignorant of knowledge, one can rule their individual minds. Hence the ruler is one who now controls definition by enforcing fear and true bigotry. Woman is profaned in our Fundamental religious society. In truth, woman is the Life maker.

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On the Manara card the Woman is showing the Holy Grail to the ignorant, fear based superstitious priest. Something that he is seeking as a "cup used by Christ" and/or Holy Grail. (to be born is to use that "cup") but has profaned so he can't find it. It is the Womb that all Life comes from and is known as the "invisible Sephiroth" of Knowledge that is Daath, not some male fire. By hiding the female's power, her womb, behind sin, fear and clothing, Fundamentalism keeps Daath invisible. For Female is the "Will to Form" and or Magnetism of the Electromagnetic universe. Male is electrical, and unless information (Mother Binah is Understanding and as the Priestess she is Knowledge) is understood, it can't be applied to energy. Electricity is used as a carrier of information on this computer! She forms it, he is but a catalyst that "Will to Forces" the process of I AM. Let's just say that energy is everywhere, but for it to become "Transformations", i.e. forms, it must be contained, measured, and understood, before it can be come form. The Homo Sapiens DNA is Understood as a Molecular code "from the Stars", that forms in the Womb of Earth. Therefore, Manara in his art, is inferring the flash of truth into the face of ignorance.

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This card requires us to have faith in ourselves; “above all things know thyself" is often forgotten in family situations and in the mundane world of survival. The family situations are represented in the Thoth Hierophant card by the images of Isis, Osiris, and Horus.

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Thoth-atu 5-the hierophant

In pre-Christen times, Isis was the image of Intuition, and she is seen on the Thoth card as the Dark lady with the sickle. Osiris, wisdom, is the Hierophant himself, the union of Isis and Osiris is represented as the scepter of wisdom, and the staff of moon, in hand of Isis; also known as representing instinct. Horus represented Perception and Vision, as a child born of Intuition and Wisdom and is shown in the pentagram on the Hierophants chest. We are the Horus, children of Intuition and Wisdom who are to be the purveyors of perception and vision. If you want to see a manifested pentagram, just stand with your legs apart and arms straight out from your shoulders. We must have faith in following our childlike abilities of innocence and curiosity (the child-Horus in the pentagram); we are to walk the mystical path with the practical feet of the Magus. We are the All Potential of Daath, the Birthplace and therefore, our Souls. The Hierophant is that inner part of ourselves that knows how to express our divinity into the outer world.

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The HIEROPHANT is the administrator of the Yin Yang (Osiris Isis) duality which emerges with Chokmah, is formed by Binah, and which begins as manifestation below the Abyss in Chesed.

Crowley's Thoth-Hierophant card is considered one of the most important in Tarot, containing many traditional elements intermingled with Crowley's own discoveries and philosophies. For instance, the image of a child in the Pentagram that is within a larger Hexagram, is explained as." This symbolizes the law of the new Aeon of the Child of Horus, which has supplanted that Aeon of the 'Dying God' which governed the world for two thousand years". Crowley believed that the rhythm of the HIEROPHANT is such that he moves at 2,000-year intervals. Remembering that this is a Spiral Universe, made of multiple frequencies and dimensions (microwave harmonies) of One Energy, and that there are rhythmic movements in the multiple States of Conscious Energy, of which the HIEROPHANT is a major state, making this cyclic movement seem plausible. It is also nice to know that within our own infinity (inner self) resides our Librarian of Universal Tomes who will not hesitate to instruct the diligent student. But until we are no longer satisfied with the ludicrous fantasy of our own indoctrinated cultural "Group Soul", we will never be able to achieve the mental velocity to escape our imprisonment of Time- created perspectives and consciously enter the infinite depths of Our Spiral Energetic Self.

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Each of us is a Tree of Life, and each of us makes his/her own Qabalah. When there is a shift in the 2,000-year Group Soul from Patriarch/Osiris to that of, Horus, those who can't behold the more advanced perspective, will have to live in a lesser intelligent fantasy of their own making on the Astral planes or some other planet. Sensuality in the Astral, will be condemned to memory rather than new experience for only manifested bodies are sensual and as we know from our own experiences, after a bout of time, sensual memory fades to a point where only the most extreme of sensual experiences are remembered. Luckily the HIEROPHANT that is a Higher State of Conscious Energy within our Tree of Life (our Spiral Pattern of Force and Form) gives us back our dimensionally shedding of memories. These discarded memory bites are stored in the intelligence called Daath---"the invisible Sephiroth"---known in English as –Knowledge, residing invisibly just above the Abyss on the Middle Pillar and is the Womb of the Supernal Triangle/Supreme Trinity. Obviously, to get to this point of inner journey, we must experience the "Dark Night of the Soul", achieving an emptiness of perspective so that we can be refilled or as I like to say, where we can claim our inheritance as the Divine Child of the One Mind. The HIEROPHANT awaits us all, and will fill to capacity, the thirsty student!

As a Divine Child, you are denied nothing that "ever was or will be", only you have the freedom to deny yourself! Thus, you should know that the HIEROPHANT does not have Authority over your Soul, your freedom of choice is still intact. Your True Name is "I AM" which constructs, by self- perspective, your objective self-called "ME". You are the one I (eye) of your constructs. Therefore, you are the only one responsible for your "feelings".

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Upon examining this card, the HIEROPHANT sits on a Bull between two elephants, holding a wand of three interlocking rings, symbolizing the Aeon of Isis, Osiris, and Horus (the Child in the Pentagram) Beneath is the veiled "Scarlet Woman" (Crowley), who is shown riding the Lion Serpent in the Lust card of Thoth Tarot, unveiled, depicting purity. The 9 nails above symbolize Vau, the linking of the above and the below (the 9 Sephiroth below the 1 that is Kether, who is Fiery-Darkness/unlimited Light.) The Manifested Spirit passes along the "Window" (triangular ray of Light from the Scarlet woman upward) from the Microcosm to the Macrocosm.

Now all is not "sweetness and light" in the HIEROPHANT, and most authorities on tarot agree that there are some unpleasant aspects to this Key. Such as the rules of matter. I would recommend that the serious student read the book by Richard Cavendish: THE TAROT, where the implications of this State of Energy Consciousness are very cleverly related to Gnosticism. He points out that the Demiurge, the Lesser Creator which rules over manifestation, as the Measurer, was also known by the Gnostics as the "Great Deceiver", and initiates of the Valentinian Gnostics were taught to ignore the authority of this one who is a type of staunch librarian and only has authority over its library. The truth is, there is only one authority over us, and that is our own "Will to be" and/or Freedom to Choose and we get to experience freely the consequences thereof. Just remember, that only slaves need saviors! Above all things, know thyself!




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The Path of Vau (Nail or Hook), is the 16th path, on the Tree of Life. Leading from Chesed (mercy) to Chokmah (wisdom) and is known as the Eternal Intelligence. The Path of Vau is the uppermost path on the Pillar of Mercy (Right hand Path). In the Golden Dawn texts, this path is described as, “The Zodiac acting through Taurus upon Jupiter". Here, Chokma is Jupiter, and his action is the spermatic potential of the Manifested Universe Chesed, the Yod of Microcosm (Microprosopus), is the Father in Manifestation, while Chokmah (the Yod of the Macrocosm (Microprosopus) is the Supernal Father.

Therefore, the Path of the Hierophant is a powerfully masculine one (Electric Force), to which the Bull-Taurus is applied, and image definitively applied to this card. Being "Fixed Earth", this is a stable foundation, a stabilizing extreme. This is the absolute foundation of the process of revelation.... where the inherited Knowing of the Creator, where THE Great Father, is expressing Its experience through the Supreme Spiritual Self to the Personality or Ego of Tiphareth (The Sun of Beauty). Thus, memory is involved and the solid foundation of "Above all things, know thyself" is established as a Universal Inheritance for the Divine Child that is our Soul.

The meaning of the Hebrew word Vau, is nail or hook, implying a nailing together, or binding, and links the Macrocosm (The Great Universe) and Microcosm (Manifestation), and/or The Greater Self to the lesser Self of matter, forever linking us to the Divine Spirit. THE HIEROPHANT is related to teaching, which relates Higher ideas into Lower organisms that is often called, "As above so below". The Hierophant is a state of conscious energy that is the only source for our understanding of the inner Spirit/Spiral energy conscious. This "Magus of the Eternal" is stated by Dr. Paul Foster Case in his text,"

THE THIRTY-TWO PATHS OF WISDOM, as being the," ....Pontifix, the 'bridge maker' who provides a connecting link between outer experience and interior illumination." Thus, the Hierophant gets the discriminating experience of the Body-operating-Personality, while teaching that very same Personality its inherited Divinity. Thus, The Hierophant can be said to "Learn by Teaching" and the Eternal Intelligence can be called "Life" and/or the Reasoning behind manifestation, implying that a teacher who learns from his students, is a great teacher.

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Crowley's main concept was the "grounding" of the 5th- ATU/ Key-, using the corner symbols of the Four Kerubim (Guiding intelligences of the Four Elements) as the tentative expressions of the primordial Elements of Kether (Crown) that are passed down to Chokmah as the Sphere of the Zodiac. Interestingly, we think of the Zodiac as 12 signs, but it is really four ternaries... Where each element is broken down into three signs. To the Qabalist, this relates to Yod (hand) Heh (Window) and Vau (Nail).

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The Administrator to the emerging duality that is Chokmah (Phallus -Womb, male-female, electric-magnetic) is the Hierophant and it given form or structure by Binah (Great Mother) which begins as manifestation below the Abyss (Dark Energy and Dark Matter) in Chesed (Mercy). Thus, relating to Tiphareth (Beauty-Synchronicity), the midway point of manifestation. This relationship is shown in two ways, first as the letter Vau, which is related to "The Son" (Child of God), and Tetragrammaton and the second is the number 6 itself is related to Tiphareth. Crowley shows this by the Pentagram on the chest of the Hierophant as the four elements are combined under the fifth element-Spirit, thus forming the 55-pointedstar. The Pentagram image confirms the Great Work known as "As above, so below", a process in which the symbolic Moon always is a key part. For the Moon is both above and below the Sun on the Tree of Life, as it is both implied as Yesod (Foundation) and is the Path of the Priestess and is exalted in Taurus.

Let us not forget that Taurus is also ruled by Venus, referring us to the Empress, the Path of Daleth, between Chokmah and Binah. THE EMPRESS is Mother Nature, and/or the fertilized Universal Consciousness that is the foundation of the HIEROPHANT'S teaching.

THE HIEROPHANT'S teaching is intuitive, as it is on the "feeling" side of the Tree of Life (Venus-Netzach side), applying intuition to concepts collected by reason, and built up by memory. I would recommend you meditate on the Thoth Deck Key 5 card.

When the HIEROPHANT or PRIEST card is thrown during a reading:

  • When thrown during a reading, this card indicates the desire for self-teaching and learning. The need to make things tangible and practical.
  • The querent is experiencing the principle of learning and teaching which is a desire for making things tangible.
  • The querent may be seeking guidance from a counselor who has knowledge and authority or wishes to.
  • There is a choice here, of aligning oneself to a philosophy, religion and/or set of beliefs to which one feels a sense of loyalty.
When ill defined:
  • Being free to disentangle one's-self from any belief system, the querent still chooses to be involved.
  • There is an espousing of moral, ethical, and spiritual values which may attribute to oppressing others, especially when espousing orthodoxy.
  • There can be an inner sense of obedience to authority, imagined or otherwise, contributing to gullibility.

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