The Tarot of Eli, LLC- The Human Aura, #4-The Emotional Body

...Continuing series on the Light Bodies of the Psychosomatic being.

· aura and chakras

The Super Conscious has been evolving "Self Awareness" through self-imaging for 14 Billion years. That evolutionary process of " I AM" has produced the #2 state of Intelligence that we call, the Causal body, which because of the "new self image" evolved into the #3 auric body called the Mental body. Form the Mental of I Am, became the understanding of construction, i.e. "creating other". This other is the Mental Body, from which we evolved as a "Me". We can therefore, call the Emotional body, Energy-in-Motion, as one must establish a Point A to become an "other" or Point B. Energy is now moving from polarity A to polarity B. Too make a very long evolution short, Me, is the establishment of "self awareness" as emotion.

The emotional body hooks up to Physical body through what is known as the Manipura, or Naval chakra, and that is why we feel the impact of powerful emotion, in our gut. Here, energy is applied to thought and becomes "feelings". Neither thought or feelings, are truth, for they are constructs of imagination, which is the combination of Causal and Mental bodies simulating "self" as a movement. Light can now feel it self as "another", and has become an I AM ME.

Now, with the addition of "limited light", light of measurable speed from point A to point B, we have a mirror of which to reflect our self images on. The Soul is that Mirror, so there is the Me. It is our Psyche. The Real Me, is our Soul, while the "reflected Me", a simulation of the Real, is our "reality" as self-consciousness and/or personality.

Our Emotional body, is where, energy is woven into thought which is the "first material" of creation. Now thought is animated, and/or "alive" and therefore, many of us think our "feelings" are real, when in fact, they are merely simulations of identity. Hence, they can be transformed at anytime, by the Mental body, as they are merely "smoke an mirrors" of the Real examining potentials of self. That is why, one must stand back, and look deeply at their "feelings", from a mental perspective, in order to see how they created them. We often call this process of "self examination" meditation. Remember, we must go inward to go up and we go outward to go down, the Tree of Life. In fact, the Soul-Psyche-True Self, is the Central Sun and/or the Sixth Sephiroth-Beauty, on the Tree of Life. In the illustration, this is the symbol of man/pentagram. Where Spirit unites with the Self Identity of Me.

Our emotional center, is our Solar power center, for here is the ability to do work, to become an active transformation- Psyche. Hence, Light's evolution can now happen in seconds rather than millions of years. This makes the Human body the greatest event since the "big bang" and/or the Big Shout of "I Will BE"!

The human body, is noteworthy as the form of self, that is intimate with I AM. The Most Beloved, the Soul, now has a lover- the Other. Here is where love, and beloved are also felt. The Emotional Body, is the beginning of intimacy in this universe and a very important invention of Self by the Divine Creative. For, being intimate with creation, makes it very easy to correct any dysfunction brought on by the natural entropy of created things.

Thank you for your interest, comments, and supportive donations. May you live long and prosper.

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