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new Orleans voodoo tarot- 8 of Congo-water-Simbi d'l'eau 

The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot- 8 of Congo-Water-Simbi d'l'eau, is the loa shown as a water snake. Also spelled Simbi Dlo, meaning "Simbi in two waters", happens to be the best known of the Simbi. Simbi is best known as a Petro loa but he is actually a Congo loa that straddles the nations between Petro (Fire) and Rada (Air). Hence, his domain extends through the fresh waters upon the earth and the Abysmal waters of the Soul and/or the Dark Ocean of the Universal Collective Unconscious.

Simbi Dlo is the guardian of freshwater, springs, lakes, and pools. In a cautionary note: He is known to kidnap children that swim in his springs. This isn't an end for the child, for they must serve him for a few days, after which he returns them to their homes, rewarded with psychic abilities. Simbi Dlo is tellurian Nature which is known as the underworld beneath the topside world. In the shadows, we encounter our emotional depths. Many of us fear his wild eyes, his poisoness bite, but such venom as his also has medicinal qualities. This Simbi slithers through submerged astral regions where dreams, talents, and magic lie in their own special indolence.

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On the 8 of Congo card, Simbi Dlo is shown biting down on a mouthful of water (intuition/emotion) and transforms it into many slithering serpents going in multiple directions. This is accurate as from our shadow side multiple impulses communicate our depths to our topside self-consciousness. To the self-knower, who eats these impulses, integrating them gradually into our consciousness turning them into *konesans. This loa connects the air of Hod to the water of Netzach. The connection is always posted as a riddle, such as traveling through a deluge, but in reality, is the inner path between intellect and emotions. A declarative state of wet, bubbly meter of riddle, is the best way to travel this path between intellect and emotion , as a dry declarative state of intellect tends to negate emotional response. Such a statement of riddle would be as the ancient Greek riddle associated with the gate guardian the Sphinx:"Which creature has one voice and yet becomes four-footed and two-footed and three-footed?" The answer is mankind, for we crawl as a baby, walk on two feet as we grow older, and use a cane when a senior citizen. Again, "Man know thyself", becomes an important platitude.


Konesans (Haitian Creole) Origin & history From French connaissance ("knowledge"). Noun konesans. knowledge

konesans: meaning, origin, definition - WordSense Dictionary

One calls on Simbi Dlo for protection of streams, springs, and all freshwaters. Also, call on his communication skills when negotiating between two parties.

When 8 of Congo-Simbi D'L'Eau is thrown in a divination, it implies:

  • Correct impulse leading to equivocal action.
  • A sense of the matter at hand which cannot be put into words.
  • A breakdown of communication. 
  • Falsehood through confusion, not malice. 
  • The sense of a confusing situation mishandled through lack of interpretative effort. 
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Thoth- 8 of cups-indolence

The Lord of Abandoned Success.

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Attributed to this Thoth 8th of Cups card is the planet Saturn in the house of Pisces. The Angels of the Decan: Vabaliah and Yeshivah.

Here, Hod is in Briah, the Mental World.

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To reiterate: The 8th Sephiroth- Hod (Splendor) is the concrete mind and/or intellect ; However, with the heavy lead nature of Saturn in Pisces the 8 of Cups, being a placid Water sign it doesn't balance Saturn's energy well.

With Saturn in a water sign, a certain amount of introspection, manifests as disinterest with material conditions. The effect, is discontent or a decline in interest in anything. Thus, one's tendency is to abandon success.

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The interpretation of the 8 of Cups, is based on the fact that Pisces, is calm and stagnant water that is completely deadened by the heavy influences of Saturn. We know Water, is the Element of self-consciousness , that we call "emotional", so what is going on within one is a deadening of interest, a complete lack of wonder. The intellect just becomes indolent and heavy which can be compared to fresh water becoming a stagnant swamp because of lack of flow.

As shown on this Thoth Card, the lotuses of enlightenment droop, for lack of sun or rain. The Sea of mind has become little stagnant pools, in poisoned soil. All the cups are old and broken, symbolizing "an old and worn out" way of thinking. The Sun of Spirit, is a pallid yellowish light barely shining through the leaden clouds of indigo. Therefore, the 8 of cups implies that the mind and emotions are on autopilot and in yesterday's flight path; Thought and the emotional blending paradigm is not conducive to expanding and liberating the present Life of the person. The blood in the body is moving like molasses. This person needs stimulation! Here is a cautionary note, for often the soul will take over, and some type of severe action will take place to get the personality up out of its swamp of sloth and accelerate moving.

Not my favorite card, but this dullness of mind, is often necessary to warn us that it is time to evaluate our feelings and get on with living in the new emotional (energy-in-motion) state of now.

When the 8 of Cups is thrown during a reading the querent may be experiencing:

  • Exhaustion, being overly tired, drain and dull emotionally.
  • There is an unconscious change taking place, on a deep inner level of feeling.
  • There is a warning here to Pay attention to yourself...stop and examine your perspectives, this is the end of something and the beginning of something new!
  • The emotional state of stagnation and stillness. This could go on for 8 weeks or 8 months, depending on the querent's actions.
  • There is a need to focus and consolidate your emotions in an inspired way.

When ill defined by the surrounding cards:

  • Depression.
  • Suicide.
  • Self-pity.

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