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the manara erotic tarot-9 of earth ( terra )

The Erotic Tarot-9 of Earth depicts an image reminiscent of the 1950's science fiction shows of giant mutations caused by radiation. However, the meaning of this card is much the same as the Thoth 9 of Disks card. Here, the young lady has gained an exceptionally large sense of confidence, well-being, and security. She has gained on all levels that are physical. From the look of the area, she tossed a coin in a town fountain "wishing well" and wished to be all "grown up" and secure. She may have also wished for greater confidence in her affairs. Any way you look at it, her wish was granted. Just going to prove the old axiom, "Be careful what you wish for".

Milo Manara gave the 9 of Earth, the implied meanings of:

  • Wellbeing.
  • Material security.
  • Superiority.
  • Serenity. 

He has applied the Astrological meanings of Venus in Virgo, as the need to love critically, and partially, to manipulate money carefully, with attention to detail, often critically.

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Thoth- 9 of disks-gain

The Thoth 9 of Disks card represents gain on all levels that are physical and that influence the physical, emotional gain, spiritual gain, mental gain, and physical gain.

The 9 of Disks suggests hitting the mark. A bull’s eye card, which shows you are financially right on the mark because your heart, mind and soul are in union. In other words, you are passionately focused and have enabled gain on all levels of performance. Astrologically, this is Venus in Virgo. Venus is beauty, love, and creative power while Virgo represents balance, order, and organization. Together, the meaning is your heart and mind are in this passionately and beautifully (beauty is balanced symmetry). The results are achieved on all levels. On this card the blue circle symbolizes wisdom linked with our loving nature, (the pink circle), in a creative way (which is the green circle). This card also shows us that by utilizing our dynamic creative male energy (shown as the top coins with the planetary signs of Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter) we shall experience such gain.

Saturn is the sign of the helmeted warrior who knows what his limits and boundaries are and paying attention to detail; the feathered cap symbol of Mars indicates that energy, vitality, and assertion are a vital part of gain. Jupiter, the King, reminds us that flexibility, being open to opportunity, expands our leadership skills that are also needed to gain experience.

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But this is only half of the gain, to be complete we need the feminine power of Maid, Mother and Crone, which are represented by the lower 3 coins.

  1. The Maid is the youthful bare headed feminine figure that is the power of Venus and reminds us to follow our heart.
  2. The coin with the Feminine figure that has a Queen's hat (Mother) is Mercury and reminds us that communication skills and nurturing leadership skills are needed to gain experience. 
  3. The feminine figure with the Crescent Moon headdress is the Wise Woman (Crone) who reminds us that we must be true to ourselves and to be authentic in our actions. 
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The Moon also symbolizes both the outer world and the inner world showing a balance of inner (heart) and physical action that will help us gain experience. The Thoth- 9 of Disks (Pentacles in Golden Dawn and Ryder-Waite decks) is called Lord of Material Gain or Gain for short.

As stated, the Planet is Venus and Virgo is the sign. The Angels of the Decan are: Hazayel and Aldiah. This card is Yesod in Assiah and/or the influence of Yesod in the Material World. Yesod, meaning foundation, in the material world this influence is very favorable for amassing things, but with Venus in Virgo, there is a lack of overt feelings accompanying this great efficiency.

This efficient amassing of material things is shown by the design complexity of Crowley's and Lady Frieda Harris's- 9 of Disks. As he states in his book of Thoth, “The Disks are arranged as an equilateral triangle of three, apex upwards, close together; and surrounded at some distance by a ring, six larger disks in the form of a hexagram. This signifies the multiplication of the original established Word by the mingling of 'good luck and management'." Which says it all for this card.

When the 9 of Earth/ Disks-Gain, is thrown during a reading it implies:

  • Inheritance and/or material gain, sometimes within 9 weeks or 9 months or the querent is experiencing it now for those time periods.
  • A certain amount of Integrity, skill and talent has produced material gain and a sense of accomplishment.
  • This is a purely material gain card, where talent and skill have come together in either a beginning stage of material gain or a good flowing gain on into wealth.
  • That within the next 9 weeks or 9 months there is physical gain shown by organizing things and following your heart. 
  • You are to be dynamically assertive (electric male force) and magnetically receptive (female force) which is following your heart and what has deep meaning to you.

If ill-defined by accompanying cards, it implies a lack of discipline in material matters and the failure that comes with it.

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