The Tarot of Eli, LLC: The Druid Craft Tarot- Nine of Wands & The Thoth Tarot-9 of Wands-Strength

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· Druid craft tarot

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druid craft tarot-nine of wands

Standing in strength, wounded but undaunted, a Celtic golden haired warrior has surrounded himself with eight sharp, wands/rods, while holding another in defense. The Golden glow, and wisp of dark gray smoke in the sky, indicate that this is a card of the element of fire. Obviously, this card is also about strength and endurance.

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Thoth- 9 of Wands-Strength

The 9 of Wands represents Yesod in Aziluth; represented here is The Lord of Great Strength. The Planet associated with this card is the Moon, whose number is 9 and the sign is Sagittarius.

Angels of the Decan are: Yirthiel, and Sahiah.

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The 9 of Wands-Strength, is the influence of Yesod in the World of pure spirit. The Lunar powers do acquire great strength in Sagittarius, but being the Moon, there are two sides to this "coin". Meaning, that successes are usually acquired by strife, apprehension and moments of insecurity. There is also a arcane meaning of the womb and phallus must work together to insure the strength necessary to create.

Hence, the 9 of Wands also emphasizes the influencing strength of Woman/ Moon in this card for without the Magnetic forces of Womb, the Electric forces are just so much scattered energy. The Thoth Tarot Wand is a stylized Sun-phallus; the Womb wields the phallus and not vise versa. This is not a new concept as the ancient Egyptians believed that the Moon pulled the Sun across the sky.

The good health and strength of this card is certain, but it harbors doubt about the later course it may take. It is best to know the aphorism: "Change is Stability", when viewing this very active card.

The 9's may be considered the best that can be obtained from the type of forces involved, when regarded from a practical- material standpoint of any suit.

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The Thoth Tarot- 9 of Wands, shows 8 background Wands as Arrows (Sagittarius influence) and one Master Arrow in the forefront, sporting a Sun at one end as a driving force, and a Moon at the other end as its point of Manifestation. This implies that Sagittarius joins the Sun and the Moon, and that the Greatest Strength is the Balance of this coupling flow. The flow of Electric Male and Magnetic Female receptivity. Together, all that is Living Form, is from this flow and reception.

When we, as personalities, hermetically marry both the Male will to Force and the Female will to form within, it is called a "Oneness" , this inner marriage reveals all the 4 Qabalistic Worlds in a communion of the Sun (Father) and the Moon (Mother). An action that never ceases. The Tenfold flames of the card, imply that the Energy of the Solar Logos, is directed downward into the "reflection of being".

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Since in this Fractal of Self, The Universal Collective Unconscious, that we call the Universe, everything is a copy of a copy. Therefore, we can see the mystery of the Masculine-Will to Force of Chokmah and Feminine- Will to Form of Binah, in our own twin hemisphered brain. One side,left, is Will To Force, the rational, mathematician/architect-Creator, while the right hemisphere is the Will to Form, intuitive, imagination and emotional Creatrix. So one, 0, brain, becomes -8, twins and/or 1 becomes 2. This figure eight when laid on its side is called the lemnistrate (Greek for "Ribbon") and is the arcane sigil for infinity and also the quantum physics symbol for the Mobius loop that is the sigil for multiple dimensions. Hence,we moderns also now know what the ancients knew eons ago, that the Sun and The Moon are the married couple who established life on this earth. Because of my Qabalistic Studies and use of the inner language of Tarot, my Sun and Moon, within my head love each other; making my life an expression of joy and creation.

When the 9 of Wands-Strength is thrown during a reading, it implies:

  • Internal strength, recovery from illness, potency and spiritual force.
  • Yet, it is Moon in Yesod, so one may have to defend their ideas, but because of Sagittarius, will not lack the strength to do so.
  • The 9 of Wands also implies that energy is brought back into balance, thus health restored.
  • Creatively, this card implies a peek experience in ability were one sees clearly and accurately, leading to solid creations that will have the strength to endure over time.
  • Here the Energy of the Spirit is rapid, interchanging both electric and magnetic energy, taking whatever action is necessary to restore balance and thus enable the Mind. (Moon is ruler of the Sub-conscious).Any ill dignity, would depend on being surrounded by negative cards in a divination:

Ill dignity would be:

  •  Fond of external appearances. Intractable  and obstinate. 
  • Psychological injuries.
  • Contradictions.