The Tarot of Eli, LLC: The Druid Craft Tarot-Key 4-The lord & The Thoth Tarot- Atu-4-The Emperor.

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· Druid craft tarot

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druid craft tarot-key 4-the lord

The Druid Craft-key 4-The Lord, is displayed as the Anglo-Saxon druid version of an Lord. Lord, is the Anglo-Saxon word that means, "Guardian of Bread". Since the Anglo-Saxons where a Matriarchal society, the Lady ("doler of bread") own the agriculture. Hence, the warehouses of wheat (bread grain) that were guarded by her Lord and/or Husband.The Traditional of Zeus, is kept by the display of the lightning engraved on the Lord's Staff. This is also the symbol for famous or infamous, Lancelot, and Anglo name which means "Lord of Lightning". The Horned helm is traditionally the Green man, the "Fertile Phallus" of the forest. The Ram heads of Aries are carved on his stone throne. Implying the astrological house of this card. Aries is the first house, and therefore, the season of Spring. Where the Sun warms the land. He is also wearing gold arm bands and golden sandals, implying his link to the sun, as gold is the traditional "sun metal".

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Thoth-atu 4-the emperor

The Thoth Tarot -Atu- 4-The Emperor, displays the orb of the Sun as arm rest decorations, on his throne . Thus, in both Cards, we have the term Constituting Intelligence, coined by Dr. Paul Foster Case, meaning that The Emperor/Lord assists in the building up of Light of the 6th Sephiroth- Tiphareth (Sun/Son) from the utter-darkness of Limitless Light of the Supernal Triangle. This Path of Heh, could also be considered as the "start of Time" in infinity. In the Thoth Deck card, this importance of Tiphareth to THE EMPEROR is also illustrated by the Sun behind his head and the overall two colored scheme of Martian/Aries reds and Sun yellows. These two colors also suggest a furious/"divine frenzied" rush of often short-lived activity.

On the Thoth Tarot- Atu 4, the perspicacious observer may notice that this card doesn't display the Hebrew letter, Heh, but rather the Hebrew letter Tzaddi, which is attributed to the Star-Atu 17. This is deemed an error on Crowley's part by most of the Scholars of Qabalah and Tarot. This is because the Emperor is the "fiery aspect of the Garden of Eden", to which the Higher Self relates . The Star-Atu 17 represents the "Eden of Personality". In both of these cases, the general "I Am" has become specific ," I AM Me", a pristine point where the consciousness can look both forward and back. Hence, "sight" is attributed to Heh. It is the first path of which a sensation is attributed in the Sepher Yetzirah while Aries is the sign of the zodiac and therefore sight the first sense, is attributed to the first house of Aries. Therefore, Heh, is the Self Observation of the One, i.e., the Higher Self. In fact, All Senses are "I"sight, just seemingly separate in the different dimensions of the Macrocosm and Microcosm and all coming together in the Collective Human-Self. That the Emperor is based on Chokmah, The Sphere of the Zodiac, energy is symbolized by the gray stone throne of the Druid Craft Tarot-Lord. Hence, the Constituting Intelligence is considered the first phase of a cycle, as it stimulates the development of natural structures, as " Aries brings forth Spring".

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THE EMPEROR-Atu 4, is the 15th Path of Heh that runs between Tiphareth (Beauty-the Solar Logos) to Chokmah (Wisdom-Lesser Creator who rules over manifestation) and is known as the Constituting Intelligence (Paul Foster Case).

Path Color is: scarlet.

The related sound is:C Natural

Sign: Aries which in Qabalah is Cardinal Fire.

Meaning of Heh: Window.

Hebrew simple letter: Sight

Esoteric title: Sun of the morning. Chief Among the Mighty.

Because of our Divine Inheritance from the Chokmah (Lesser Creator) and the Great Mother (Binah-Feminine aspect of the Divine Creative) we are all the "Shades" of consciousness. Modern psychology has called these Shades of Consciousness, the Unconscious, the Sub-conscious and the Consciousness which just about every elementary school child has heard of. However, hearing of a thing is not knowing the thing.

Because of the evolution of subjective thought,from Mythology, to fundamental Religions, and now to the modern science of Psychology, we are beginning to easily deal with the shades of consciousness within ourselves and are experiencing a New Age (The Age of Aquarius and/ or Horus) of enlightenment.

The Higher we realize ourselves on the Self Tapestry of the Tree of Life, the more the student understands that the Trump or Atu Cards of the Major Arcana, only point the way towards understanding concepts that the mind cannot otherwise grasp.

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By beginning to understand the next 5 Atu/ Trumps/Paths, [THE EMPEROR, THE EMPRESS, THE HIGH PRIESTESS,THE MAGUS, THE FOOL], of their own inner psyche, the initiate will be developing the consciousness of the Horus----the 22nd century human.

Because of Modern Physics, we know that there is only One Energy that cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed, and the student of the Tarot knows that all the 78 cards of the Tarot deck represent Transformations of the One (0-Fool). From the One, emergence the opposites, which are activating the formative, Male (Electric) and Female (Magnetic) communion. Thus it is accurate to state that all Male figures are Chokmah (Jah) and Binah (YHVH Elohim) is that of all Female. The robes they wear, represent tie different planes and/or dimensions of our mufti-verse, which are actually vibratory rate that are either Force (male) Kether or Form (Female) Binah, and/or their intertwining of vibration (The Divine Union of Goddess/God) that makes all things possible.

The Qabalist knows that the "Big Bang" came from what is the Source, Kether, thus the ejaculation of Energy, making the Kether male.( Male is not a sex here, but an action just as Magnetism is "formative" and therefore, feminine and not a sex). The One became Two, but this is not Androgynous, or bisexual, but rather the Actions of One Energy who "sees itself both forward and backward", such as a figure eight is a circle -0- "looking upon itself". Therefore, when I became Am , which is known as Chokmah and Binah, which should be stated Chokmah/Binah, just as Yin/Yang or Time/Space are known to be inseparable and established at the same moment. Thus, with some authority we can say that the I is male and the Am is female, for one is Wisdom (Chokmah) and the other is Understanding (Binah)...and we can't experience one without the other! For Wisdom-Chokmah may come up with ideas, but only by Binah- Understanding that idea, can a "vision" become knowledge, which is information and/or the "formative".

In the Tarot, THE FOOL represents the One Energy, THE MAGUS and the HIGH PRIESTESS, are the Macrocosm into Microcosmic, first differentiation of Male and Female energy polarity in the One Energy. Pure Consciousness, known as the "root of Water" is represented by the HIGH PRIESTESS and Her consort, THE MAGUS, is considered psychologically as the Will. Thus the term I Am, is understood as the intercourse of consciousness and will which produces the "me". Like I've said before, "I AM" is your Real name, the "me" of you- is your baby/child/creation.

The mating of the HIGH PRIESTESS, to the MAGUS, is described in Robert Wang's book: THE QABALISTIC TAROT as, ".....the activity of the directing Will of the One on the Great Ocean of undifferentiated consciousness which It has Itself projected {Big Bang] ( The bracketed words are my own). Here we think of the reflexive qualities of the Divine Creative; I Am creates, idea/thought, then the mind seeks to understand and/or give measurement to that thought, by "self-reflection". Thus we have the concept of the Universe as a Mirror, where everything is the perception and activity of the Divine Spirit on Itself, a process which the various and varying symbols of the Tarot are attempting to suggest.

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The reason Crowley has positioned THE EMPEROR , so that the body forms a triangle and a cross is because he is representing the alchemical symbol of Sulfur. This representation is because of the Alchemical explanation of the Divine-Self Interaction in terms of Sulfur, Salt and Mercury. In Tarot, Mercury is THE MAGUS, THE EMPRESS is Salt and THE EMPEROR is sulfur. This may seem as little more than obscure abstraction: However, when we consider that THE MAGUS, (Philosophic Mercury) acts upon THE HIGH PRIESTESS (Pure Consciousness) and by Union they are transformed into THE EMPEROR (Sulfur) and THE EMPRESS (Salt), we are actually considering the quite basic attributes of our own consciousness. THE EMPRESS the Path of Daleth (meaning door) which is above the Path of THE EMPEROR, simply because without her manifestation of form, he would have nothing to rule. On the Path of Heh, the Emperor is a transformation of the MAGUS (Will). Basically, when we are classifying images according to color, subject, or other criterion, we are calling THE EMPEROR into play. As does THE EMPEROR,we are acting upon form. Another way to see this exercise of rule, is that if the subconscious didn't send up form from its depths, as a stream of images to be classified by the differentiating exercise of reason, Will would have nothing to control or transform. Thus THE EMPEROR, albeit a potent masculine force, functions as determined by THE EMPRESS.

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As previously stated, THE EMPEROR, is the Path of Heh and its function is determined by Binah who is pure fruition. The Path of Heh, is a formative path of rational and classifying activities. It's bright Red color is that of Binah (The Great Mother) in the World of Pure Spirit known as Atziluth. Albeit, that the male and female forces are seen as more interwoven the lower levels as we go down the Tree of Life, the assumption that Chokmah and Binah are the only "Pure" states of Male and Female force is in error; As Chokmah(Wisdom), meaning the primary quality of maleness, is a female noun. Taking the point of view that whatever gives birth is exercising a primary female quality at the moment of birth , then all that is inherent in the male is inherent in the female and visa verse. We can see this by understanding that the Creation of Chokmah, gave birth to maleness, and femaleness. 

The students of Carl Jung know that he stated the "male harbors the perfect female image in his unconscious, as the female harbors the perfect male image in her." unconscious", these being the "counter sexual component" necessary for the transformation of force and form. Jung also called the "counter-sexual components", the Anima (female) in males and the Animus (Male) male in females. The Anima, means soul in Latin and the Animus is Latin for spirit (will). Thus we can see that THE EMPRESS is Anima and THE EMPEROR is Animus, making the perfectly developed male type on the Paths THE EMPEROR and the perfectly developed female type, THE EMPRESS. These are the pure intelligent forces that we meet and actually converse with on the Paths, knowing that All if One. If we think of the One as a Human Brain, albeit a simplistic comparison, then One has become two, female and male in One High Intelligent organism (The Tree of Life) on the Path of Heh.

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Since the Sun of Tiphareth is in the sign of Aries, which is the sign of This Path, indicates that THE EMPEROR exercises some control over the Solar forces of the Higher Self.

As stated: In the Sepher Yetzirah (Qabalistic text) the letter Heh is a simple word meaning, sight. This is well represented in THE EMPEROR, since he is the "Fiery Aspect of the Garden of Eden" of which the Higher Self relates as a Self-observation of the One. It is the first path that is attributed to a function, suggesting that sight is the first of the senses, as Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac. This Path of Heh, THE EMPEROR, is what I call the First "I" sight, while the EMPRESS is the "Am" of understanding (an inner sight I call a "Womb with a view" who gives birth to Personality and/or "Me")...Together they are the "I AM", the Counter Sexuality of the One Mind/Energy.

All this contributes to the understanding that the Constituting Intelligence is the first phase of a natural cycle, such as Aries bringing forth Spring. This understanding is shown in the Thoth Deck card as the lamb at the Emperor's feet and the Ram headed wand: in the Druid Craft Lord card, Aries is represented by the Ram heads on the stone throne on which the Emperor sits. Also the Thoth Tarot Atu 4, displays Paternal Power by the bees and Fleur de Lys. While the Druid Craft Tarot relies on the golden-horned crown for this display. Also displayed in the Thoth Tarot is the two headed Eagle in front of a crimson disc that is on the Emperor's shield. All symbolizes the Alchemist's red tincture related to the Sun and Gold. There is a similar eagle on Thoth Deck -THE EMPRESS card that refers to the Moon and Silver.

When THE EMPEROR/LORD card is thrown during a reading it emphasizes the Principle of:

  • Personal Power and Leadership.
  •  Building a pure base of Knowledge while remaining open minded, pointing towards success, authority, stability  and ambition in gain or achievement.
  • Self realization of Life Force and Personal Power.
  • Taking authority over themselves rather than blaming others for their actions.

If ill defined by attending cards, the querent is up against:

  • A dominant boss, or authority figure (s)  who sets rules, boundaries, definitions and analysis. 

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