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· Babylonian tarot

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The Babylonian tarot-Kerub of cups-eagle-headed spirit

The Babylonian Tarot-Kerub of Cups-Eagle-Headed Spirit, is a mystery arcana card, such as the Thoth Tarot Unicursal Hexagram card. It represents the mystery of Spirit. In Babylon, the Eagle-Headed Spirit, was considered to be one of the 7 Sages-apkallu, who lived in the "first days" before the Great Flood. Statues of these creatures was found buried in foundations, or walls, to protect the house and home. These Kerubs usually were depicted carrying a purification cone-mullilu and a banduddu bucket. These were ritualistic symbols used in fertility and purification ceremonies sometimes refereed to as "cone smearing" rites involving the Babylonian Tree of Life and the divine rite of Kingship.

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The bucket was of wicker or metal and carried holy water or pollen or perhaps a mixture of both. Often pairs of Eagle-Headed Spirits were shown in relief, as gate-keepers on palace door posts. Hence, the Babylonian Tarot Card shows the Eagle-Headed Spirit with cone and bucket, ready to purify anyone who enters his space. The back wall is adorned with cuneiform writing.

The Divination meaning of the Eagle-Headed Kerub card:

  • Love of the Divine.
  • Spiritual love and purity.
  • Religious devotion.
  • High ethical standards.
  • Fertility, purification, cleansing, longevity.
  • Divine influences coming through the Universal Collective Unconscious. 
If reversed:
  • Loss of religious devotion.
  • Infertility, impurity, contamination. 
  • Unethical.
  • Repressed psychic material spilling over into the self-consciousness causing neurosis. 
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The Thoth Tarot- Hexaculum or Unicursal Hexagram, is a card of mystery, and the Abyssal Arcane. It symbolizes the "Above and the Below" joined in the 5 petaled flower that represents the 4 elements and the 5 element of Spirit. We know this union as the body of the Homo Sapiens.

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The Gate Keepers of the Abyss, are known to Me and the Tibetans as the Kha-Dro-Ma, or "Sky Ladies", also known to the Hindu as Dakini. When in my inner sojourns into the Abyssal Womb, I have always met them and they have often appeared to me in person, right here on good old Terra-Firma. Some call them Angels, others call them Demons, the Tibetans call them the "Highest state of Female", their are others who call them "Serpent haired" much like a Medusa. This can be understood as they have a very special hairdo. They are also known as the Daughters of Kali Ma. I have drawn a picture of the one that appeared to me in my living room, wearing nothing but a necklace in the image of the Hindu- Om Mani Padmi Hum. She is mysteriously beautiful, despite my poorly rushed-powered artistic attempt, with a hairdo of Cobra shape, that actually moved as it seem to observe me with ruby eyes. Cobras were always the symbols for Divine Wisdom in Egypt and now I know why.

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Needless to say, I was very focused on her. She called me "Husband" (Anglo Saxon for -Shepard) and I still feel a very special chill every-time these "Highest State" of the Feminine show up. They are not summon-able, they voluntarily show up on their own and leave a message or just appear silent and mysterious. And they do guard the Abyssal Gateway called the Abyssal Womb. Hence, the black back ground of the Unicursal Hexagram, which is known to magi as the "Gate Way".and/or Daath, the invisible Sephiroth. This is a sign of protection, as the Daughter's of Kali, decide the life or death of entity. I met them at my own "Dark Night of the Soul" as well, as they ushered the Psyche back from the Abyssal womb re- birthing. Yes, its a mystery. For this is not magic that one can do in a ritual room. It is a mystery why, when, where, the Soul decides to "receive" another baptism from the Great Ocean of Binah. It has to do with the personality giving up desire, and the soul seeking purity.

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When the Unicursal Hexagram is thrown in Divination:

  • It means no decision is yet made.
  • Mystery.
  • That the querent hasn't applied intent to their purpose.
  • One is guarded from  exploitation by astral entities.
  • Arcane Husbandry.

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