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· Babylonian tarot

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The Babylonian tarot- 7 of cups-seduction

The Babylonian Tarot- 7 of Cups-Seduction, depicts a Babylonian Goddess concept of Lilith, the seductive first wife of Adam. With the feet of a bird, the horned crown of Babylonian Divinity, and standing on a pair of Lions flanked by owls, she gets the name of the "Dark Maid". She, along with the Anzu bird, took over the huluppu tree until forcibly evicted by Gilgamesh. Lilith, herself is a Mesopotamian goddess, as the name Lilith comes from the Akkadian words- lilitu and ardat lili , the name of sexually aggressive towards males- storm demons. Although not considered deities, they somehow got incorporated into the Hebrew myth of Lilith, Adams first wife who eventually got transformed into a demonic seductress, because she insisted on being on top during the sexual act. This was considered a "perversion" by the Hebrew theologians, as women are to be compliant to male rules and not in charge of sexuality. Hence, Adam complained to Jehovah, who then banished Lilith and sent the compliant Eve to lie under Adam.

However, in recent years, archaeologist have describe the above image as that of the underworld or sexualized aspect of Inanna-Ishtar. The rod-ring symbols of justice, horned divine crown, and the lions that are Ishtar's sacred animal, all seem to back up this assumption. 7 fluted cups surround the goddess and the cuneiform symbol for the number 7 are above right of her.  

When thrown in Divination:

  • Enticement, seduction, Temptation.
  • Overindulgence.
  • Too much of a good thing.
  • Addiction. 
  • Daydreaming.
  • Fantasy, illusion,  and overly imaginative.
  • Escapism.
  • Self-delusion.
If ill defined or reversed:
  • Manifestation of one's dream.
  • Freedom from addiction or obsession. 
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Thoth- 7 of cups-Debauch

It may seem such a large step into the over-indulgence of Debauch, after the 6 of Cups-Pleasure. However, both are astrologically Scorpio, but instead of Scorpio exalted in the Sun as in the 6, the 7 of Cups places Scorpio with the planet Venus and Venus is ill dignified in the sign.

Venus is the planet of Copper, she is all “external splendor and internal corruption", such superficiality in a martial and watery sign as Scorpio destroys any altruistic tenancies, turning the amiability of Venus into a grosser sensuality. Thus in the 7 of Cups, the influence of Venus is violent, and becomes intense physical passion which unless gratified, will become hatred or obsession. This passion is so unbalanced that even when such intense physical passion is reciprocated, it will be stormy to the extreme. It may also end in tragedies and treacheries.

Such extreme violence of feelings, may also end in poor health, since no matter the physical strength of the person, the emotional strength of greedy desires is even stronger and may eventually lead to dangerous excess. Therefore, Indolence is an appropriate title for the 7 of Cups.

The number 7 refers to Netzach (Victory) and is the number of the Goddess (Water), Venus is the Goddess of Love, redoubling the influence of the number 7. As most of us know by experience, when loving desire goes into physical overload, excessive passion becomes dangerous excess, from which some never recover.

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In the Human case, Passion must belong to the Higher States of Conscious rather than physical bodies as is explained by the very word Human; the word Human Means God-Mind and the High Vibrational Desires of the Divine Creative' "I Will Be", burn away the lowly desires of the animal body. This momentary expansion of mundane senses beyond the body is temporary unless the flesh is trained in the tempering heat of Tantric, or Gnostic rituals. The Passion that Created a Universe of Self, is too much intensity for the self-absorbed brain, whose universe is all about "my feelings" and therefore, launches one into excessive obsession with "past emotional experiences".

To carry forth this idea of excess, the Thoth Deck 7 of Cups displays poisoned lotuses that have become tiger lilies. The cups are iridescent, (dissolving in the indolence), and are arranged into 2 descending triangles, interlaced with the larger lower cup-showing a greater lower influence on the emotions, as it floats in a slime covered morass of putrefaction; putrefaction is the first step into gaining purity.

The Thoth 7 of Cups is almost an "evil reverse" image of the 6 in the reflective world of matter; Zealotry, fanaticism are such evil-reverses.

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The 7 of Cups, is a wholesome reminder of the fatal ease with which a Sacrament, such as the "Flesh", may be profaned and prostituted simply by losing one’s balance with Kether (Higher Mind), and straying ever so slightly from the middle pillar (Balance of Masculine and Feminine), thereby making the holiest mysteries of Nature become the obscene and shameful secrets of a guilt ridden consciousness. Netzach, is that green Sephiroth on the lower illustrated Tree of Life.

Green is the color attributed to Venus, the planet of Netzach. Love, feelings and instinct, the Group Mind, Nature, and the Arts, all radiate from this Sephiroth. The Symbols for Netzach are The Girdle, The Rose and the Lamp.

Netzach is the first Sephiroth of the astral triangle and is the first energy intelligence to make up the personality of the individual.

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You may remember that I stated that the Personality is made up of the 4 Alchemical Elements, each of which are represented by the lower Sephira, in the familiar sequence of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Netzach is Fire, Hod is Water, Yesod is Air and Malkuth is Earth.

Netzach is the lower form of the fiery Yod of Chokmah that is r effected from Geburah through Tiphareth. This is the formula for Yod Heh Vau Heh, Malkuth being the final Heh, because of the "fall" which is really a condensing or "downsizing" of self.

In Netzach, normal waking consciousness of the student, must deal with the Astral Triangle of the Unconscious and the component parts of the Personality, after all, we are not of the Personality, it is of Our Soul! Personalities are software programs that are created to operate Hardware, and are supplanted in the brain to manipulate the physical body properly. However, if your personality was made for you out of the illusions, delusions, and ambitions of another "Authority", then you haven't a clue who is operating the body, as you don't know the code and language that went into making the software your body is operating from! Yet again the axiom of Qaballah: "Above all things, know thyself" rings true!

The most important part of initiation is to observe the layers of lies, that your personality is constructed from, removing layer after layer of false you, until the real you is shining true. This "Garbage in" is called man-made persona and the "Garbage out" is the dysfunctional action of "seeking yourself" in the eyes of your peers, or of authority. You are already Divinely approved----you exist, and your Software for operating the Hardware, was already created by the Higher Self, you call this "the Soul" and/or Psyche.

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Often, Mystery schools use a set of Tattva exercises as a type of "controlled day dream" (guided meditations), intended to bring the student into direct contact with the subtle Elemental realms immediately underlying the material sphere of sensation. Often, I bring those Elemental realms into sensual manifestation for my students by the use of mental images, all of which is necessary to prepare the student for more advance techniques of skrying with Tarot Cards.

It should be understood, that the astral realm beginning with Netzach, is a fluidic, non-solid realm where everything begins in illusion/dream. It is the place, where our Formative consciousness can experiment with image, such as children role-playing, in order to comprehend in a later stage of growth, the actual manifestation of being "that". If done with controlled will, this is a boon to any creative endeavor on Earth; if taken as rote, all hell will break loose on earth!

The Astral is not a Master of your personality! Nor is anything that you contact in it! The Astral is Your Malleable substance to create with, not be created by! Most " Medium-Channels" just channel astral persona's of the past, and live in an illusion of devotional thought, not allowing them to see "holy' delusions.

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Let me explain what few wish you to know: A god is a dominate Consciousness on its Plane of Dominion. Every one of the 10 Sephiroth, is a are composed of the United cooperation of these energy intelligences we call "gods", which contribute to the make up the One God. And you're are one better, because you have also composed a body of the "god", Top Mammal Predator", ruler of its domain, the Homo Sapiens body! So, you, are a Great Group of 10 demi- gods, who should be working as One Group Soul of your individual Tree of Life...A One God----------------the fact that you are not, is because you've been mentally separated from the reality of your divinity! This was done by the manipulation of your imagination, (auto-suggestion) by "The few who wish to rule the many", in your dreams! The Astral domains are the beginning of formation, on earth. And by giving you "nightmare" stories of how bad your natural body is and how your soul is a sinner forgot it is a 'god" of its domain!

Therefore, we all must return consciously to the Astral and clean up our software by revising our dreams!

When we are dealing with Netzach, we are dealing with understanding a particularly difficult State of energy conscious. Netzach is where both the Macrocosm and Microcosm meet. Thus we are dealing with the understanding of the entire race patterns of human kind, and patterns of individual persona. But if that isn't enough, we must understand that this dichotomy is in itself an illusion!

When the 7 of Cups- is thrown:

  • The querent is being cautioned about the apparent Victory of Denial.
  • There is a suggestion of deceit, promises unfulfilled, illusion, and error.
  • Slight success may be experienced, a minor victory so to speak, but not enough energy to retain it.
  • The querent may be experiencing drunkenness, wrath, vanity, lust and promiscuity or even violence against women; a violence which is not limited to the male sex.
  •  This card bespeaks of selfish dissipation. 
  • Deception in love and friendship. 
  • Let it be said, this is a card of passions run afoul because of too much fantasy and denial. The Survival mind of the Reptilian brain cannot be in charge of the body, when this intense spiritual Passion arrives in the body.... this is the Passion of the Big Bang...The Kundalini Force.
  • Reveling in past emotion as one's present suffering.
  • Over indulgent in "self-absorbed" behavior.
  • One is sunk in old putrid emotions.
If ill defined:
  • One has recovered from obsession. 
  • The fantasy and illusion of past emotional hurts has been seen and expelled.
  • The putrid swamp of past "hurts" has been drained and replanted with new enlightenment.
  • One has seen through deception.

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