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· Babylonian tarot

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the Babylonian tarot-2 of arrows-peace restored

The Babylonian Tarot- 2 of Arrows-Peace Restored, depicts 2 Mesopotamian Monarchs shaking hands over a parity treaty. Sometimes, when one Monarch has beaten another in battle, the defeated Monarch is left on his throne as a feudal tenant . On the Babylonian Arrow cards, upward pointing arrows are a positive sign, so here is shown harmony and peace restored. The changeable nature of the Moon, however, can mean this is a fragile peace. Hence, the armed warriors behind the kings who are ready to go to war if the treaty is violated. The symbols for 2 is shown in cuneiform above the kings.The astrological meaning applied to the 2 of Arrows, is the Moon in Libra, implying, the need to bring about change in a harmonious, united and sociable way

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The celestial attribution of the 2 of Swords, is the Moon in Libra; the Moon is change, but Nature is inherently peaceful which enhances the balancing nature of Libra.

Overall, one would think of the disruption of Chokma (# 2 Sephira- Wisdom) in the suit of Air (Swords); air being a suit born from the conflict of Water and Fire in marriage. Air/Swords is subject to change as no other suit, not only from the fire/water parentage but also when Earth appears the suit becomes crystallized.

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thoth-2 of swords-peace

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In the Thoth Tarot the 2 of Swords, shows 2 Swords of equal strength, crossed; they are combine by a 5 petal blue rose. The Blue Rose represents the Gnostic Sophia, and the Qabalistic Chokma. Sophia represents The Great Mother of Wisdom ( Binah the Female consort of Chokma), whose harmonizing influence, plus that of Libra, compounds the latent antagonism of the Suit of Swords. The pinwheel shaped white rays, are in a geometrical pattern that emphasizes the harmonic equilibrium of the 2. Peace is about the best word to describe this harmonic. Shown here are two minds or 2 states of mind united in the wisdom of Sophia. Those 2 states are usually, the Unconscious and consciousness, united on one issue.

When the 2 of Swords and the 2 of Arrows is thrown:

  • The querent will be or has been, experiencing peace after a quarrel that began two weeks, or two months ago.
  • Peace is restored but some tension remains.
  • There are two actions here, sometimes selfish and sometimes unselfish action because of the contradictory characteristics in the same nature (Moon in Libra, Fire and Water).
  • There is Strength gained after suffering; sacrifice and trouble, yet strength arising from the effort.
  • The querent may often show sorrow and sympathy for those in trouble and champion the weak and oppressed while also giving aid to them.
  • There is an arrangement of differences that brings about justice and truth from untruth.

According to dignity of the accompanying cards, the 2 of Swords or 2 of Arrows, could also mean:

  • One is lacking tact, often doing injury when meaning well. There is also an inclination to repeat pardoned affronts.
  • All in all, the Two of Swords, is a balancing of two strong individual minds, who have found greater profit in agreement rather than in conflict.
  • Unresolved conditions of tension.

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