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New Orleans Voodoo Tarot- 2 of Petro-Nan Nan Bouclou La Flambeau

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The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot- 2 of Petro-Nan Nan Bouclou La Flambeau is comparable to Chokmah, the 2nd Sephiroth on the Western Qabalistic Tree of Life and provides the matrix for the forces projected or objectified by the four 2's. A symbol for Chokmah is "the line" which is similar to the serpent and the Hebrew Letter Yod, which is associated with Chokmah undulates like a serpent, as well as the spermatozoon. Therefore, the serpent's movement, hence, exploration, imparts wisdom.

Nan Nan Bouclou is feminine, although Chokmah is considered a male phallic force. However, to lessen the obfuscation, we should understand that the nature of the Abyss, of which is between the Upper Trinity and the rest of the Sephiroth, is as a dark mirror. Therefore, what passes through that mirror is reversed. Male, becomes Female, in reverse reflection. Also what gives birth, is considered a female action. What expresses is considered a male action. All Sephiroth have a Will to Force side, Expressive, and a Will To Form side, Birther. The reversal of gender pays tribute to the power of this Qabalisitc "mirror".

the Phoenix by john muir

Spiritual fire is the element expressed through Nan Nan Bouclou. What is bestowed on her initiates, is individual awareness and knowledge. The Fires of initiation and knowledge are transmitted through her hollow tube of a staff. Nan Nan Bouclou is the loa of spiritual fire. Therefore, she is the force that ensures the continuation of both the Universe (Macrocosm) and the individual (Microcosm). She is therefore, the pure will and/or the Will to Force, which is the Qabalistic Chokmah.

The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot- 2 of Petro, depicts a female loa blowing fire through a hollow staff or tube, transmitting the fire outward, it pierces both the Universe and the foreheads of those persons nearby. Illustrating the imparting of wisdom and a primary infusion of Will . Each person is now connected to the Universal Collective Unconscious, the Mind of the Universe and the primal will of Kether which is Eheieh in Hebrew. Eheieh means, "I Will Be".

When thrown in divination, the 2 of Petro implies:

  • Influence.
  • Individual will focused in such a way as to bring change upon another.
  • Will for good or ill. 
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The Upper Supernal Triangle, the Qabalistic World of Atziluth ,can be compared to the Garden of Eden from here, the male and female polarities of energy balance against each other, evolving into increasing density as they develop towards the lowest Sephiroth, Malkuth, on the Tree of Life.

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In Qabalistic Gematria, the number 2 symbolizes the union and balance of opposites that underlies all material existence. Because this equilibrium of opposites begins in Chokmah, it is called the Sephiroth of” Perfect Harmony”. While Kether is that which the “Root” of impetus is: Chokmah is the impetus for all manifestation. The Harmonic Union of opposites supplies that undulating serpentine action we call "light waves" or microwaves.

Binah is Saturn, and Chokmah is the sphere of the Zodiac.

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Ultimately Kether is Androgynous, Chokmah is the idea of Maleness (Electric/will to force) and Binah is the idea of Femaleness (Magnetic/will to form), and the mating of the Two "wills the Electromagnetic Spectrum" into living form. Yet Chokmah is also the Hebrew feminine noun that means Wisdom and is also seen as The Greek Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom. So once again we have a confusion of sexes. In the Qabalah, it is noted that there is a great Abyssal chasm between the Supernal Triangle, the first trinity on the Tree of Life, and the other 7 spheres/Sephiroth. Since, this abyss is similar to a mirror ( the Supernal Triangle is often called "the otherside of the Mirror"), that which passes through is reversed. Hence, Chokmah, seen as a masculine Will to Force, on one side of the abyssal mirror, becomes a Feminine Will to Form on the other.

Once again our sensual ideas of sexuality do not apply on this Higher Scale of Sephirotic Communion. Here Maleness is the vital outpouring of electrical energy that is organized as Will to Force, limited or formalized by the magnetic qualities of Female Will to Form. Thus Yod is male and Heh is female, and the resulting offspring is Vau of the Divine Name that marries the Daughter who is the last Heh. Thus the name of God, Yod Heh Vau Heh (YHVH), is represented as that attribute to the six lower Sephiroth in which the 6th Sephiroth-Tiphareth (Beauty) is central.

As you may note, there are many interchangeable symbols in the Qaballah that may make it seem more complicated than it is. The essential key is that the Vital Outpouring Energy, which in intercourse with an organizing force, produces something else. For example, red combined with blue, creates purple by the motion of the mixer (Kether). Opposites joined in balanced harmony, produce something greater than the parents. This is not possible if exactly the same united with exactly the same, you would only get, exactly the same.

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The Tree of Life originated in the opposition of Chokmah and Binah. However, this is not static, any more than male- female union on earth is static, there is a constant back and forth motion of growth and movement. When a change occurs in one Sephiroth, there is a natural balancing response in its opposite. There is a continual exchange that could be compared to breathing, as the inhale exhale action that powers Life.

On the Tree of Life, the Uppermost Sephira is Kether, Eheieh, which sets the pattern for all below it. Like an electrical switch that is off, Kether is all potential, while Chokmah is the electrical switch in the on position. Thus, Chokmah is function while Kether is potential. Kether is a "no-thing" while Chokmah is Some Thing.

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Chokmah is the State of Self, where we dream ourselves into being, from a Divine State of Meditation. The dreamed is unaware of the dreamer as we dream ourselves "inside out" (we are infinite inward and limited outward; a type of Mobius loop), an ultimate fact of our Earthly existence. Thus you are the Master and the Masterpiece, the Transmitter and the Transmitted and once again, you can see that your only savior from dysfunction, is your inner self. The "I will be", who Dreams it is you. Therefore, you are a Spirit who dreams it is a homo sapiens sapiens.

From One "I" (the all Seeing Eye and/or Identity) all identity becomes, so in actuality, we as different separate vibrational frequencies do not exist other than as one energy. However, we declare existence by stating "I AM". Then we set about defining that invisible principle of existence as a harmony of microwaves will into a weave that is "Me". Therefore, manifestation is a simple three-word definition called, "I AM Me" of which you, as the spiral vibration of energy (spirit), hold total freedom to define. Since I AM Not, is impossible, as I am declares existence, whatever you define as not being you, simply states, that it is you. For example, one plus naught = 1, Naught-zero- has no influence in potential. So “I am happy" creates happiness, while "I am not sad" creates only sadness. Time to rethink your power over the dream of you!

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adam Khadmon- the Heavenly human

Since dimensions are descriptions of spatial terms, our life dream has specific dimensions as that is our best frame of reference. The Tree of Life is how the Qaballah describes these dimensional frames of reference as being a downward flowing evolution of Chokmah thru various levels of Self Dream called Sephiroth. To make this simple, we are first dreaming our own existence, and that we are all, collectively (Universal Collective Unconscious), are what is known as God-Mind, which is the definition of the word Hu-Man. This process of evolutionary dreaming towards a more condensed and sensual dream self, is called the "fall", but it really is a "condensing", that causes us to "lessen" our self-concepts to become more sensual and interactive, all of which is necessary for evolutionary thought production. and joy, happiness, excitement, and curiosity. Thus we lose sight of our own Divinity in the dazzling power of senses and must "reclaim" all the data we left behind on our "downward" journey into sensual dreaming... You may say that in manifestation, Malkuth, we are a lucid dreamer.

The goal here is to get the inner dreamer and the dreamed to cooperate with each other and thus,the dreamed than begins to get control over its life happenstances, this is a truly extraordinary experience and is the making of a Magi. Here the Union of Dreamer and Dream has no veils between them, and we can have anything at all, but we no longer experience the "need" of the disconnected. We Love, without need, we created without fear of result. We want nothing at all because we become I AM rather than I Don't Have. We learn what does matter and what does not while we go about the Great Work of "As above, so below". Nothing (no-thing) matters as all things are but dreams of I AM. It is all a wonderful entertainment, when the Mind, who imagines itself, can be intimate with what it imagines.

THE 2’s of Chokmah:

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From the Golden Dawn Texts:

The four Deuces symbolize the Powers of the King and Queen; first uniting and initiating the Force, but before the Prince and Princess are thoroughly brought into action. Therefore, do they generally imply the initiation and fecundation of a thing.


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To reiterate: the key to all systems, as well as, the Universal Pattern, is the only Reality that we call  Chokmah (Wisdom) on the Tree of Life. Kether is not or naught, as thus it is not reality. When we cause reality, it is of our beliefs and opinions, so I often call Chokmah the Real...for it is not of us, but is the Will to Force being before us. Our beginning is in Chokmah, the idea of us, and the Will to be, all begin movement there. Thus, we are "fire-Yod"dreaming ourselves into willful existence. Will to Force, is also called Energy-in-motion, which we have shortened to emotion.

Also called the Lord of Dominion whose zodiacal attribution is Mars in Aries; the element of fire. The Angels of the Decan are Vehooel and Deneyal.

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This is Chokmah influencing the World of Pure Spirit known as Atziluth.

Again I am trying to explain the unexplainable which is the Supernal Triangle. This second Sephiroth is pure Will to Force, without need of result-idea without goal. Which to most of us is impossible to realize as most of us exercise will to reach goals. We don't realize that Will to Force is the Power of Spirit, the Spiraling of Energy into motions that build dimensions of I AM. But before frequencies are stimulated into being, there was Will to Force (Chokmah) and then Will to Form (Binah). To some Being may be form, but in fact, Being to a Qabalist is an "immortal state of Conscious Energy" while we all know that form has a beginning and an end and therefore, form is entity. In Chokmah is the beginning of entity. The First Being---The All Father God who has no form until She-Binah "wills him to Form". Here in the 2 of Wands is that joining of the 3 states of Will:

  1. I Will Be
  2. Will to Force
  3. Will to Form., that  create the polarity of "He" and "She". Will to Force and Will to Form radiate from the Original Eheieh and/or "I Will Be", that began the disturbance in the Dark Energy we call light.
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This is Power in an unbridled state, for Mars is exalted in Aries as the fiery Mars rules the fiery sign Aries. Here Fire, i.e. Spirit, is pure Primal, and brilliant, warm and bright. The Dorjes, Tibetan symbols for Thunderbolts, are shown crossed on this card, emphasizing the power and harmony of this card, Will to be and Will to Form are in balance here, The Dominion of Spirit has become a domain. From now on we know the Male Force of Will is Will to Force, and the Female Force of Will is Will to Form.

There is no lust of result in this Pure Will, made of the harmony of "He" and "She" aspects of the One, there is only "love of vigor". There is no "battle of the sexes" where one wishes to rule relationship over the other. There is only the Union of Wisdom and Understanding that gives birth to Knowledge and all creation. Here, Energy is initiating a current of Force, that Vigorous Spiral of Energy from which all comes.

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When the word Harmony is mentioned, one often thinks of peace and quiet bliss, but this is the Violent Destructive Force that initiated the "Big Bang", totally without resistance in and of itself but destructive nonetheless, as that is the First Motion of Creation, the destruction of the void. A Singularity exploded “outward" to form the building blocks of our Universe. Here Mars in Aries represents that Powerful Gathering of Force to deconstruct for reconstruction. A gathering of Will to be and Will to Form.

When the 2 of Wands-Dominion is thrown during a reading:

  • The querent is experiencing the will to move forward in a new direction. From a place of undaunted will, of full power, and balanced dominion.
  • Contemplating new ideas without lust of result.
  • What once was unfocused energy is now becoming clear and polarized.
  • Affirming a new self-identity.
  • A partnership of two powers, opposite yet reflecting each other.
  • The Self confidence that only comes from affirming and approving of one's self.
  • A senses of accomplishment without any feeling of satisfaction.
  • Willingness to take risks.

If ill defined by surrounding cards:

  • Destructiveness for the sake of destruction itself. 

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