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The Thoth Tarot- 2 of Swords-PEACE & The Night Sun Tarot-2 of Swords:

A quarrel made up and arranged, the restoration of peace.

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The Suit of Swords represent the often unruly element of Air, therefore, peace seems to be an odd description of any swords card.

The celestial attribution of the Two of Swords, is the Moon in Libra; by nature, the Moon (water) is change, but Mother Nature is inherently peaceful, which enhances the balancing aspects of Libra. Overall, one would think of the disruption caused by fiery-Chokma (#2 Sephira- Wisdom) in the suit of Air (Swords); Air being a suit born from the conflict of Water and Fire in marriage/communion. Hence, Air/Swords, is subject to change as no other suit, not only from the fire/water parentage but also when Earth appears, the suit becomes crystallized. Therefore, Peace seems counter-intuitive when applied to the "death suit" of swords.

As mentioned, Chokmah (Wisdom), is a fiery energy state of Conscious; a Yodic- Will to Force. We all know what heat, water and air combined can do on Earth, from nice breezes to horrifying tornadoes and hurricanes. Hence, heat, water and air combine to make weather that can change with little notice. Thus, this suite of swords, which governs all intellectual manifestations (Mind over matter and/or psychosomatic), is at best always complicated and at least disordered. Even thought this is the best balanced of the Swords suit, it is also a balance most paradoxical and subject to change more than any other suit.

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In the Thoth Tarot, the 2 of Swords, shows two Swords of equal strength, crossed; they are combine by a fragile 5 petal blue rose. The Blue Rose represents the Gnostic Sophia, and the Qabalistic Binah- the Great Mother of Wisdom (Female aspect of Chokma), whose harmonizing influence, plus that of Libra, compounds the latent antagonism of the Suit of Swords. The pinwheel shaped white rays, are in a geometrical pattern that emphasizes the harmonic equilibrium of the 2. Peace is about the best word used to describe this harmonic, but it is supported by a fragile wisdom. The affirmation of balance is the cross of light made of pin wheel like forms that imply a precarious balance of active energy

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The Night Sun- 2 of Swords also is assigned the zodiacal attribution of the Moon in Libra. The moon is shown upper left, and the sign of Libra is shown on the upper right on the Night Sun Card and shown upper center of the Thoth Card, while the sign for Libra is shown bottom center. Libra balances the changing nature of the Moon, allowing the energy of the suit (Chokmah) to abide the onslaught of disruption and maintain a comparative calm that is unusual to the suit of air. Shown on Fabio Listrani's , Night Sun Tarot card, are the black and white forms of opposition, balanced in equilibrium of force applied, locking both swords of combat into a static position. Above them, in the sacred geometric symbol for the Soul, is a World egg. Therefore, the presence of the Goddess is acknowledge in this stalemate. The yellow tone of the Card is the color used to represent air, as well as the symbol of the upright triangle with bar, that is inscribed on the 2 figures loin cloth.

Both the 2 of Swords tarot cards in this comparison, have 2 swords crossed, emphasizing peace after conflict. The Thoth Tarot 2 of Swords, implies that peace is being produced by the Blue Sophia-the Goddess of Wisdom (The Qabalah's-Chokmah), represented by the blue five petaled Rose in the Center that represents the harmonizing influence of the Mother Sophia/Wisdom. The Blue Rose produces white rays that produce geometric symbols of equilibrium. Whereas, the Night Sun also shows, in the background, geometric symbols of equilibrium, it uses the World Egg, as the symbol for the Goddess.

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The Wisdom of the Blue Sophia -Gnostic Greek name of the Goddess Mother---later became the Blue Madonna of the Christian sects, momentarily dispels the antagonism and all is a strained peace for the moment.

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The astrological symbol of the Moon, is also the traditional symbol of the Goddess. The Moon is a very changeable and erratic planet (I know! But in Astrology the Moon is a planet.) that assumes a stability in Libra, emphasizing that this a tenuous situation. For now, it is stable---sometimes, only because of denial, a faux wisdom. Once denial fades, peace will be disrupted. The mind is like the Moon, always changing and if we know that all thought has error, we don't believe everything we think. This is a wisdom that allows us to "create, see the error and correct it" in our progressive thought processes. To always be right, is a process of denial---as is to always be wrong. In truth, thought is merely a subtle medium/material that we work and experiment with. Therefore, it is not a Truth until we can make it manifest as a expansive operation of a living organism. Thought, in order to "be rightful motion" must always be expansive and limber--- as progressive thinking demands flexibility just as life demands motion.

To reiterated:

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 The Principle to all systems and the Universal Pattern, which is Chokmah, the Second Sephiroth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, known as Wisdom, may be considered the Real who begins the process of reality. Sure there is Kether, the One, but Kether is potential "I" while Chokmah is an active "I".

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The Kether is an observer, often called the "All Seeing eye (I)", but this "I" is not a participant, it just observers and if you have reached deep inner meditations, you have met this Observer, occupying the deep silence,: For it is from that "I", that you as a Psyche, inherit I-dentity (your very own Microwave): the I before AM.

Therefore, Kether, the First Motion of Intellect, is never interfering but always observing. On the other hand, Chokmah is active and participates and in fact, the union of Chokmah (Wisdom) and Binah (Understanding) is the "I AM", from which all else is formed.

Hence, the Twos generally imply the initiation and fecundation of a thing.

Those of the Hermetic Qabalah often call the THOTH- 2 OF SWORDS-PEACE: the Lord of Peace Restored. Again, here the Moon is in Libra and Chokmah is influencing the Astral World of Yetzirah formed by the trinity composed of Netzach #7, Hod-#8 and Yesod-#9. The Angels of the Decan are: Yealel and Mehahel.

It helps us to remember, that we are not "the thought", the thinker is the power to create thought, not to be run by it. Contrary to most belief systems, our thought is not more precious than any living being. Life is what we Spirits, are about. Thought is merely the "first material" that we work with, Life is the manifestation of imagination and to enhance the living with expansive and liberated thought is the job of a "Thinker". Hence, we all have inherited the Power to "Think" which gives us the ability to begin creation. Thought has no power over us any more than it does over the Divine Creative. Thought is merely a "subtle clay" for our rough sculpturing of Self-Awareness, that must be smoothed and refined by the constant attention of experience. To agree on a Sculpturing together, is peaceful... and often more fun than attacking each others creativity! To believe everything you think is a "terminal illness".


It implies :

  • Peace of Mind,
  • Two issues, relationships, choices or situations have been or are being integrated at a subconscious level...soon to be experienced outwardly.
  • A temporary balance and feeling of release from captivity
  • Affirming a new belief or lifestyle, expanding opinions and communication.
  • A necessary respite before a change in an attempt to gain a mental balance.
  • Conflict at an impasse a stalemate of balanced forces.
  • Making peace and suspending judgment .
  • Blocked emotions due to compromise not accepting realities and the need to be tolerant towards others..
  • In two weeks or two months you will begin feeling the outward  physical signs of this integration.
  • This is the most positive of all the Sword Cards, and it shows that compromise is working at this stage and that often good comes out of a bad situation.
  • This card reminds us that changes can be made, so by fearing confrontation and therefore "running away", we may avoid a unpleasant situation, but it is not going to go away until we face it with inner courage.
  • To avoid the issues at hand----simply means we are living in a past and have no living motion in the present!
  • Peace is often sought, but unless we compromise it is rare to find.

Mundane meanings:

  1. Quarrels made up and arranged, Peace under tension.
  2. Action unselfish and sometimes selfish. 
  3. Strength through suffering, pleasure after pain.
  4. Sacrifice and trouble.
  5. Peace restored through arrangement of differences----all of which denote the  contradictory nature of this card. It is Justice and injustice, truth and untruth, sorrow and sympathy, all balancing each other in a state of peace and tension in relationship.

If ill dignified, this card represents an:

  • Inclination to re-partition affronts if once pardoned, of asking shallow and valueless questions.
  • Want of tack, and often doing injury when meaning well.
  • Talkative. Like I said in the beginning a card of Peace through conflict.

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