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Thoth-ace of cups

Understanding that Kether is the "Dark Energy-Dark Matter" that really isn't understood by us, we look at Kether in the Hebrew way which is Eheieh-"I Will Be", the Source of All, a "first movement" and/or Frequency of microwave energy that is not known to us objectively, but its presence is subjectively understood as a movement within all that moves.

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tree of life

Again, the Aces are attributed to Kether and they represent the most pure forms of energy. Each is a specific type, and density of Energy that we call the Alchemical Elements.

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The Ace of Cups is Kether, which is "I", in Briah, which is "AM", depicting the influence of Kether on the Mental Level. The Ace of Cups is the Root Powers of Water, an element used to symbolize the Consciousness, the resulting emotions (in combination with Fire) and intuition. Hence, the Ace of Cups is the first frequency of consciousness.

The Thoth Deck Version of this Card shows the wave action characteristic of physical water implying the activity that encloses and directs pure consciousness. As the Universe of Energy is woven out of waves of consciousness, ideas, stimulating the flow of light/energy into frequencies that the Universal fabric of Time-Space is woven from is shown as the Web in the background of the Ace of Cups.

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The Thoth Ace of Cups, shows us a magnificent Grail filling with "White energy", empowering the surroundings, with Spider Woman's Web emanating from it. For those of us who do not know the Myths of Spider Woman, she is a Native American description of the Great Mother Goddess who wove the fabric of the universe. Today we acknowledge time-space, as a woven grid of energy-----the similarity simply means that we have proven the Myth.

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The Ace of Cups represents the secrets of Water in its original form. The Wyrd (weaving) of Atoms into flowing waves/currents of energy form. Water is the Feminine compliment (magnetic), the Moon- vaginal- womb to the masculine- electric- Sun-phallus.

Upon the Dark Sea of Binah (or Goddess Mari if Gnostic Nazarene/Essene) are Lotuses, two in one, that fill the Grail-cup with Life Fluid, that is either represented as Water, Wine or Blood according to the selected purpose of the symbolism. In such symbolism, the Lotus can be replaced by a Blood Red Rose, thus representing the Blood Red Sea of Mother Binah from which all Life flows. The Blood Red Rose is the image for the "Rosy Cross" symbol. Also, the red womb/cup honors the Mother's blood, that every child is produced from and in.

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Remembering that all Aces are the "seed" of a force, no matter how much imagery we use to describe "The Womb with a View" (I've called the Great Her this since I was very young), She is a Force that makes Form from "I" (ideas) by birthing "Am". To represent this amazing Force, in any form of metaphor is difficult at most, and a mystery in the least, for we all know that a seed doesn't look like the plant it produces. It's like trying to identify the one who has left footprints in the snow; you know someone has been there, but no conclusive clue on their identity. She is the Seed of all Life; of Energy as Form.

When thrown, the Ace of Cups, represents, the seed of a form, and idea beginning to formulate; a birth starting in the mind as a zygote that will take about a year to manifest its true form. Beauty, fertility, productiveness. The Mysterious Seed of Femininity.

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yoni linga

 The Cup, is the Womb of Form, and emerges from the Lotus (Crown) implying the idea of Womb, the seed of the concept of conception and not a sex as of yet. Thus, the Ace of Wands is the idea of Phallus-ejaculation and the Ace of Cups is the Idea of Womb-reception.

The Ace of Cups is derived from-Yoni Moon, as the Ace of Wands is from Phallus- Sun. Thus we have the "Holy Grail", the Divine Creatrix who was often shown as a Celtic Sheela Na Gig, instead of a cup. However, the cup came later as representing the enclosure that nurtures and is fruitful, that is a womb. Besides, it is easier to drink ritual wine out of a cup .

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According to Crowley, the White Light descending into the Ace of Cups is depiction of the Holy Ghost and/or Holy Spirit that enlivens all form, i.e., the catalyst that is male semen like flow of force also know as the "Gluten" of Alchemy.

The Holy Spirit represents the Moving- All of Spiral- Energy and therefore, is Spirit-Mind-Body. To leave the body out of the Whole, is simply ridiculous, since the Spirit has made the body it's "Holy Enclosure" and/or the "Heavenly Human".

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the tarot of druids-1 of chalices

The Tarot of Druids-1 of Chalices, depicts the goblet made of olive wood which was a ritual object to the Celts and to which the Christian myth of the "Holy Grail"(Graäl) was later connected. Beside it are other tools of the Druid magician; the Golden or Silver sickle that was used to cut mistletoe, a white berry cluster of which was sacred to the Celts and really had no relationship to the "kiss under the mistletoe" of modern Christmas celebrations, unless you understand that it can be used as a poison and taken by drinking the juices thereof. Also a tea made from the plant was seen as an aphrodisiac, which implies more than a "kiss" was bestowed under the mistletoe.  The rod, is also a sacred item, implying the male phallus. The secretions of pressed mistletoe berries was believe to be the semen of the gods and/or the comparable fluid to the "Gluten" of the alchemist.

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Ancient Celtic religion

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Celtic paganism was one of a larger group of Iron Age polytheistic religions of the Indo-European family. It comprised a large degree of variation both geographically and chronologically, although "behind this variety, broad structural similarities can be detected"allowing there to be "a basic religious homogeneity" among the Celtic peoples.

Mistletoe and The Druids

The ancient Druids believed mistletoe to be an indicator of great sacredness. The winter solstice, called 'Alban Arthan' by the Druids, was according to Bardic Tradition, the time when the Chief Druid would cut the sacred mistletoe from the Oak. The mistletoe is cut using a golden sickle on the sixth night of the new moon after the winter solstice. A cloth held below the tree by other members of the order to catch the spigs of mistletoe as they fell, as it was believed that it would have profaned the mistletoe to fall upon the ground. He would then divide the branches into many sprigs and distributed them to the people, who hung them over doorways as protection against thunder, lightning and other evils.

The Druids are thought to have believed that the berries of the mistletoe represented the sperm of the Gods. When pressed, a semen like substance issues from the white berries. Mistletoe was considered a magickal aphrodisiac. Girls standing under a sprig of mistletoe were asking for a bit more than a kiss, it seems.

The plant in old folklore is called Allheal, used in folk medicine to cure many ills, and indeed the Druids considered the mistletoe to be a sacred plant and believed it had miraculous properties which could cure illnesses, serve as an antidote against poisons, ensure fertility and protect against the ill effects of witchcraft. When taken as a form of diluted tea, it was thought as a curative for everything from infertility to epilepsy. (WARNING, this plant is highly toxic when ingested. You should seek expert advice before using Mistletoe in any form.)

[From the Website: Paganism 101.] click on link below for much more information.


It implies:

  • A new attitude brings rewards.
  • In a period of One Year, the querent will develop a new relationship, or new awareness about existing relationship.
  • Is experiencing a new bust of empathy, emotion, sentiment or enthusiasm. 
  • This is a time for staying open and vulnerable in order to reap rewards.
  • The opening of spiritual, psychic, intuitive channels
  • Heart opening to the gift of Love.
  • Sentimental happiness. 
  • Harmony with a loved one. 
  • Longing for union/affection.

If ill defined by the surrounding cards:

  • Instability. 
  • Lies.
  • Deceit. 
  • Vagueness.
  • Irrationality.
  • Hysteria.

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