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· Dream Tarot-Thoth

Above all things, know thyself!

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Thoth- 9 of Swords-Cruelty

#9. In thought word and deed, I rest my life, from day to day, upon the sure foundation of eternal being.

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The Dang Olsen Dream Tarot- 9 of Swords

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The Thoth 9 of Swords-Cruelty presents a ghastly image of 9 crooked, chipped swords, dripping poisoned blood. If this isn't gloomy enough, we have the celestial rule of Mars in Gemini, representing a primal raging hunger that has no restraint. If you are feeling "out of sorts" this is not a card you wish to look at, as the colors are perfectly nauseating, and the background is full of chaotic lined shapes suggesting a brain full of disjointed thoughts. Here is a mind in its lowest state of self -abusive thought; thought that is indoctrinated by a media using pleasure/pain training. This process is necessary to divide and conquer your will and begins by making you reject your own body and implanting a "slave driver" program in your brain. Corporations tell you what food to eat, what thoughts to think, what are truths and what are lies...all of which benefit the few who wish to rule the many. Instead of allowing your body to eat what is healthy, the advertising of major corporations say their food products will make you happy and fulfill your life using image and word hypnosis that stimulates an appetite for garbage. Look around you, obese bodies are not healthy bodies!

In astrology, the position of Mars in a specific house can influence various aspects of an individual's life. When Mars is in the house of Gemini, it brings a dynamic and communicative energy to the person's personality. Here are some characteristics associated with Mars in the house of Gemini:

  1. Energetic Communication: Mars in Gemini enhances verbal expression and communication skills. Individuals with this placement are often energetic speakers, quick thinkers, and may excel in debates or public speaking.

  2. Intellectual Drive: There is a strong drive towards acquiring knowledge and information. These individuals may be intellectually curious, always seeking new ideas, and enjoy engaging in mentally stimulating activities.

  3. Restlessness: Mars in Gemini can contribute to a restless and changeable nature. There may be a desire for variety and diversity, both in relationships and experiences. The person may get easily bored and seek constant mental stimulation.

  4. Active Learning: Learning through practical experiences and hands-on activities is emphasized. Mars in Gemini individuals may thrive in environments that allow them to actively participate in the learning process.

  5. Adaptability: These individuals are adaptable and flexible, able to quickly adjust to changing circumstances. They may enjoy challenges that require quick thinking and versatility.

  6. Expressive Passion: Mars represents passion and drive, and in Gemini, this passion is expressed through words and ideas. The person may be passionate about sharing their thoughts, opinions, and beliefs with others.

  7. Social Energy: Mars in Gemini individuals tend to be social and enjoy networking. They may be active in social circles, and their energy is often directed towards building connections and forming diverse relationships.

It's important to note that the overall interpretation of Mars in Gemini can vary depending on the entire birth chart, as well as other astrological factors and aspects. Individual experiences may differ, and these general characteristics provide a broad overview.

Also In our cultural dogma, a body is "bad" when naked and only valuable when clothed in the finest cloth and designs, suggesting that only money, indoctrination, and fame can make you a better person than your Divine Creative can. The "slave driver" program whips you emotionally causing what we call "emotional pain" when you have gone outside the definitions installed and rules. Now you are divided, for as a whole self, you are Spirit-Mind-Body. Reject or ignore any one of the three, and you have lost all self-rule.

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The cause of all your problems that occur in life are primarily the cause of the brain's cultural programs leaving you feeling powerless as your will falters in the face of failure. You may even feel guilty and ashamed for your actions. For shame and embarrassment over mistakes made is part of the "slave driver" program and is often called "peer pressure". Truth is, we all make mistakes because we all must prove information by the in-form-action of it. Once it is proven to succeed in goal attainment, or not to succeed, we have acquired knowledge; everything is a failure until it isn't. The human body responds with emotional pain when the information we think is not information that is good for physical bodies. Sensation puts us one step closer to success because we know that the information we used didn't work; this has nothing to do with self-identity, nor self-value, it has to do with unsuccessful information. One must understand that 50% of Wisdom is error, and the other 50% is correction of the error perceived. One must also understand that you are not the brain! You are an immortal Psyche called a Soul; a solar self-born of Celestial beings of great intelligence. Your brain does not produce your waking consciousness, it is the subconscious. Your willpower is not of the body, it is of the Spirit and transferred to the Mind/Psyche that is the Soul. Hence, you can override the brain programs which together we call a personality, any time you realize they aren't you. Persona is the root word of personality, and it is Greek for "mask". To let the mask tell you the True Self, what to do is indeed a cruel joke and smacks of insanity. Many of us can recover from cruel treatment by others, but we flounder around in self-pity when our own programing is cruel.

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The Dang Olsen Dream Tarot- 9 of Swords

The Dang Olsen Dream Tarot- 9 of Swords illustrates insomnia due to nightmares plaquing the individual who is trying to sleep. The Swords form a nightmare loop around the potential sleeper, and one lays across the person's body; swords are random thoughts. Hear we have an image of fear, the mind killer, that keeps us from rational thought. The solutions is always "Above all things, know thyself" and to consciously analyze your subconscious nightmares, so that the subconscious becomes more conscious. What applies to the Thoth Card also applies to this card.

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9 is considered a number that denotes completion in Tarot and is also the number of the 9th Sephira Yesod-Foundation, on the Tree of Life. Yesod is on the middle pillar of the Tree of Life and has rectified the imbalances of the past energy disorders of Air/Intellect. This, however, does not rectify the degeneration of the energy as it continues down the Tree. In this position, all-actioned Mars can't stay balanced in the house of all-talk Gemini. Swords usually depict the pure intellect that acts like air as its energy in motion continually heats up with passion and cools down with rationale. In the case of the 9 of Swords, consciousness has fallen into an unenlightened void of programed thought, stirring heartless animal passions that come from survival thinking; passions that are of the psychopath and the fanatic. As Crowley has stated, this card represents, "the character of the inquisitor" ("programed slave driver"); it seems intellectual but is operating in a rage that is without restraint. All this sounds just awful and terribly gloomy, yet it is the cultural foundation of "Divide and conquer" indoctrination technique that society has become so used to that we are unknowingly dividing our subconscious, consciousness, and unconsciousness, making each counterproductive to the other, when all are really One Consciousness of 3 aspects: one Spirit- Mind-Body collective of Self. As we all know, a consciousness divided must fail to produce viable options.

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Our consumerism society is based on "fanning the flames" of that primitive raging hunger of survival thinking that hides the mind virus parasite of antilife (mind virus) that resides in our subconscious to produce the "fanatical shopper" whose world is always lacking self-fulfillment and whose survival or happiness depends on the next media induced sale or the latest gadget or toy. Here the survival mind is an absolute servant of indoctrinated fear: a false ego, while the conscious is falsely seeking freedom from fear by accumulation and trying to outrun time. In the Hindu philosophy this is the realm of the Neti-Neti (Sanskrit for, “Not This-Not That") programed consciousness, which consumes unrelentingly, hoping for happiness in a future accumulation; a futile seeking of happiness at any cost; this is futile, because happiness isn't in accumulation nor resides in glutinous bellies of greed induced consumption. Happiness is a balance of inner and outer beauty and or a harmonious melody of the 3 aspects of Psyche and our Self Trinity of Spirit (Will)-Mind (Thought) and Body (Emotions). So, if one is programed to exist in a Neti-Neti world, there is only one result in the completion of the patriarchal sponsored greed of such hungry poisoned thought and that is the insanity of inner self-cruelty where the slave master in our brain is running from and/or torturing our heart and body. This is called psychosomatic illness. You might want to remember that you are not the Soma (body) you are the immortal Psyche (Solar Self-Soul) who is not bound by time but binds time into forms of self-reflections. Hence you are infinite Life and build "lifetimes". Lifetimes have a measured end for they are the motion of forms for the purpose of Energy Self-Awareness. Forms are created by information. Hence your lifetime depends on the information in your brain/subconscious. Above all things, know thyself!

I Am the Will and the way; I own the day!

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Thankfully, many of us have enough strength in or character to know that happiness, is not a thing, but rather a "balance of Mind, body and soul" and have found out that by treating other people with respect, (do unto another as you would have done to you) rather than someone we have to conquer for our own false sense of security, we have a happier presence on this earth. It is best to understand the truth of Self, for "everyone I see is another way to be me", is the truth of the Oneself; the I AM-that we are all the "selves" of.

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Therefore, it can be said that the 9 of Swords is the state of consciousness that is called "wanna-be", where one is not alive/happy until they achieve some future possession or goal which only leads to the next "thing". This mind virus parasite operated person is a corpse, a zombie, who lives only in yesterday’s emotions and uncertain futures, leaving the moment of now vacant of their presence. This phenomenon of “walking corpse" is not a new thing that some Hollywood director dreamt- up as the latest horror thriller. Rather, you'll find this "living dead" concept in the two-thousand-year- old Gnostic Gospel of Thomas that is part of the Nag Hammadi Library. In paragraph 56, of the Gospel of Thomas, it is written, "Whoever has come to understand the World has found only a corpse, and whoever has found a corpse is superior to the world”. If you can understand this Gnostic statement, you can understand the self-abuse of indoctrinated thoughts depicted on the 9 of Swords-Cruelty. Because the practice of "Self-inflicted cruelty" and/or lack of respect for yourself, and your body is going on in most human brains right now, most of us constantly belittle ourselves, to appease our dogma or indoctrination, i.e., our inner Pavlovian- slaver programing. Thereby leaving a hole in our emotional identity, that we think we can fill by stuffing ourselves with garbage food and/or seeking someone else to fulfill our lives. This is not you! As Spirit-Mind-Body, you are Whole, hence, no holes.

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Again, for this can't be overstated, the Thoth 9 of Swords, is called THE LORD OF DESPAIR AND CRUELTY, or Cruelty in short. This is Mars in Gemini; this is Yesod influencing Yetzirah in the Astral-Formative World. With a smattering of astrological data, one knows that the fiery energy of Mars does little good in a sign of dualities. This "little good" is shown by the 9 rusty swords, dripping blood, and poison on Crowley's card. One may shudder at the despair, meanings of illness, suffering and cruelty this card represents; But each of us, who are paying attention to our brain, often find this to be an "inner self cruelty" of our subconsciousness, as it cuts us with the emotionally poisoned blades of embarrassment, low-self-esteem, humiliation, self-condemnation, insomnia, and/or inner or outer disgust. It is the internal Slave Master software that is installed in our Personality by our cultural indoctrination supervised by "The Few Who Rule the Many" and/or the Patriarchy of "useless old men" who have designed a world to totally benefit them. Dwight Eisenhower called this the "Military Industrial Complex".

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The "useless old men" that control definition.

The very definition of ruler is "one who controls definition"; Ruler's make sure this Internal-Mental Salver indoctrinated program is installed before you even reach 7 years old. Like rusty hooks of poisonous self-futility, this is a hard one to remove! The false concept of Peer pressure just drives this poison deeper into self-identity: "False" because we know when slaves are given a little authority, they abuse other slaves to prove their power. Hence, we have the inmates ruling the asylum!

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Then there is the media that keeps slashing at your self-value...."you need this.... you need lack them, you are nothing and will not be happy!” Lack of self-worth Is at the very least implied, or blatantly rubbed in your face, daily, if not hour by hour. “Resistance is futile", blare the horns of the pusillanimous invertebrates who enforce "their master's will" on others. With such a bombardment of self-delusion, one may just want to stop the world and get off!

  We have forgotten we are the Life of the body, for we are the Pure Energy of Spirit, who makes the body breathe! We are also the Pure Mind of Existence, the I AM.... and then to add even more Divinity to this duality, we are also the Supreme Body Image of the Divine Creative on Earth!

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There is an axiom in Buddhism that states, “Life is Suffering” … but only if you live in the lizard brain falsehood of survival thinking, fearing pain and discomfort rather than enjoying your intimate presence as Life: Spirit being intimate with the Alive. Being alive is indeed a mental/sensual experience, and we can be our own worst enemies just by doubting our own value in the Patriarchy controlled World that is made to devalue you and value above the living everything the Patriarchy controls. To see yourself as Lack, is the necessary software to continue the panicked consumerism that Muti -National mind programmers and/or definition peddlers of the Military Industrial Complex- want! But think! Before any human judgment, you were already approved into being by your Higher Self/Solar Psyche. So once again, the Qabalistic axiom reads true, “Above all things, Know thyself"! It's simple really, you had to be approved of by all that is Divine, to be made alive! Your presence is your judgment....and obviously you are good enough for The Divine Creative duality of Goddess-God! We are the ancient description of the "thousand faces" of the Divine. You are how Divinity "Knows Itself"!

You are a Divine answer, to a Divine question, which began with I AM, what that I AM is, what Creation is all about, is an assumption of Self to be proven by in-form-action! Therefore, the 9 of Swords implies: stop questioning your existence and become answers instead! Action is the Fiery Spirit-will that moves you; reaction is usually run by the uncertain animal who thinks the whole universe is out to eat it and fears life! "I Am" dares ask, "What am I"? And you are the answer to that question, "I AM Life! Whatever we think we are, is all assumed, so think BIG and collect your Divine Inheritance!

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Therefore, to avoid programed thinking, I run in my self-doubting brain/ego a loop of "get over yourself and get on with you for impeccability is what we do". This "we" is Spirit-Mind-Body. This mental loop just overrides the "pity pot" of self-defeating thought every time it comes online. But installing that software loop took determination, and plain old fashion "jackass” stubbornness and constant repetition as a meditation of seconds, done most minutes, until it becomes automatic daily operation. Don’t you think it’s time we programed our own atavistic Wet Ware? That is the real occult message of the 9 of Swords.


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Each of us has experienced the temptations to remain chained to the bedeviling thoughts of our subjugation and/or definitions of the few who wish to rule the many. The 9 of Swords reminds us that we are not performing well mentally, when we are under the rule of self-belittlement. Again, you are obviously good enough to be the "image of the Divine Creative'", you are good enough for you! In our God-ness/ Goodness), resides the constant ability in each of us, to become More Self-Aware, rather than becoming less "self" by seeking more stuff to hide a feared self in or behind.

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Spirit is Will (God name of Kether is Eheieh-meaning- I Will Be!) and the will must not be subjugated to the animal fears of survival or overly concerned with what might happen. The Body is an "image" and therefore, a measured device: it has beginning and end. This measured device is also the one who measures via sensuality. Therefore, it has a greater purpose than just survival. It will die, but only in transformation as it goes back to the organic world it came from. One forgets their Identity as Spirit when surrounded with senses, especially when those senses feel only fear, worry and desperation, all products of dysfunctional self-identity. Rather, we should celebrate our wonderful wealth of Spirit-Mind-Body and become action rather than reaction.

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I am the Dancing celebration of Life!

This can't be said enough! The Spirit and Psyche (Soul-I AM) cannot die, they dream themselves into being image. They are energy in its never-ending state of One Energy that cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed. So, own the body, enjoy it and dance with it. For it is the Organic Organism of Earth that also transforms according to your observation of I AM. It is our "material image" molded by our inner thought-filled emotions. Spirit and Mind have wish to sense Self, the I AM, (Both Spirit and Mind) has created the Body just for Sensual Presence: a presence so necessary to experience the dream of I AM: a dream that takes data into intimate experience, turning it into information that becomes in-form-action that now can be experienced as "I AM Sensation" and thereby, producing intimate knowledge. Therefore, it behooves one to respect the body, love it and know the joy of Being Sensual, for you can't give to another what you don't have for yourself. Besides, there is no way to "know yourself", without a body. You are pure light and Spiritual will-to-be. You are the energy that makes the body breathe, the nervous system transfers that energy around the body, making it an electromagnetic operating biochemical device, and an artificial intelligence you call "ego" and/or Personality both of which you create, they don't create you for you are Life and bodies are measured in Lifetimes. You are the Universal Constant called Transformation; never-ending change; as your knowledge grows through experiencing Self, I AM, and you transform Self- Image to the new sum of information. There is always change, so there is always a way out of doubt, shame, fear, and embarrassment. In other words, there is always light, even in the darkest places; YOU Are the Light That makes darkness operate in your name of I AM! You create thoughts, they don't create you! You are the alchemy of creation in active sensual intimacy.

I Am the Power that analysis putrefaction taking it into dissolution and dissolution into solution, and solution into coagulation using the bright warm fiery intelligence of the Celestial Self!

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I AM the Divine Self!

When the 9/Nine of Swords is thrown during a reading, the Querent will be or has been experiencing:

  • Illness, malice, cruelty, pain, despair, and suffering, in a period of 9 days, or 9 weeks or from self-cruelty thought processes in the past when nine years old.
  • There is burden, want, oppression, as well as subtlety and craft.
  • There is also lying to oneself or others because of an "inferiority complex".
  • All this dysfunctional thought is from "self-belittlement" that is often so subtle that we don't even acknowledge it in ourselves. But the program is clever, as you will notice whenever you try to mentally or physically, step out of "comfort zones", you will be challenged with worry and rational explanations on why you should not take that step.  
  • Fear as a guide to maturity.
  • Feeling like a victim.
  • Enslaved by their own thoughts.

If ill defined by the surrounding cards:

  • Shame.
  • Guilt.
  • Terror.
  • Infamy.
  • Misery.
  • Hate.
  • Manipulation.
  • There is no cause for concern changes for the better are coming. 

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