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· Dark Santa Muerte

Above all things, know Yourself!

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Thoth- 7 of Wands-Valour

#7. Living from that Will supported by its unfailing Wisdom and Understanding, mine is the victorious life.

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The Dark Santa Muerte Tarot-Seven of Candles


Everything I see, is another way to be me!

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The 7 of Wands, Valour/Valor (Lord of Valour) is attributed to Mars in Leo. The Angels of this Decan are: Mahashiah and Lelahel. Netzach, the 7th Sephiroth and ruler of the Tarot 7's on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, is ruled by Venus and therefore, is the conscious energy of Love; as relating to the often misunderstood concept of "God is Love or God is Sex." This misunderstanding of love and sex has to do with the very nature of our culture and that of the concepts of the "gods" themselves. In the Western Mysteries, it is said that, "The Gods are the Creations of the Created...the Gods are the emanations of the Group Mind of Races, they are not emanations of Eheieh, the One and the Eternal." {Quoted from the: Qabalistic Tarot, by Robert Wang, page 99).

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In essence, Eheieh means "I Will Be" and therefore, the Primal Will of I AM . This quote is also a reference to the Group Mind (Group Soul), that the Gods are of Netzach- Victory; a Victory that is about the social mind of a country based on the instinctual mind of the Race. Graphically, the diagram of the sign of Venus superimposed over the Tree of Life, displays the influence the Divine Feminine has over/In/as the aspect of Imagination-The Divine Creative of the One Hermaphroditical Mind. For she is the Receptive part of every Sephiroth and therefore, the one that receives your/ dreams/ prayers/ Wants/ Meditations, etc..

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Venus covers the Tree of Life

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This should open your eyes to your power, as the living Suns (Sons and Daughters) of the One Eheieh ("I Will Be")-The I AM. You have the power to form potent forces into your own image to serve your needs! Because your Personality begins in the Realm of the Gods, (Netzach) you are a Personal God in your own right! And again; your sexual self is your Spiritual Nature as you are a natural plane of existence in your own right of trinity: Spirit-Mind-Body! For all intents and purposes, your human body is the Animal God of Earth (and the symbol of Venus in shape). Every single living creature on earth, depends on what man does! If mankind decides that a species does not or no longer can serve them---mankind knowingly or unknowingly destroys them. Even in our ignorance, we are responsible for our actions of destruction or construction, as our ignorance alone will annihilate species or decrease their environment and even the World we live on! There is only One Truly Apex Predator on the Earth, and its name is Homo Sapiens Sapiens. We rule , in the air, on the seas, in the seas, and on the land and soon to be in space. Truth being, that the Adam Khadmon, the "Heavenly Human" of Qabalah (a collective of animal cells), is the Cosmic Apex Predator Archetype. For only a grand predator can conquer domains and that grand predator is the Human Hermaphrodite Brain; produced by the "cross breeding" of Annunaki and Homo Erectis. It is time to love your predator and domesticate it with Love, we certainly don't need to prey on each other, as we all belong to each other. We are a celestial colony.

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Adam Khadmon

Only Gods have such power in their Domains/Planes! Forget the drama of fearing animal predators, for one 90 lb. weakling-homo sapiens sapiens with a rifle, and a lot of ammunition, can annihilate any species, predator or non predators on this planet. That is why Governments who rule over an armed people, can't thoroughly oppress them. It's time we accept our inherent responsibility for the lives of all things and ourselves. Courage is an act of responsibility. It takes a special courage to be a "free people", for as history has proven over and over again, that if you give a Government an "inch it will take a mile" unless the people make them keep to the "proverbial inch" and that means to "keep and bear" arms, under discernment, even if some will misuse them because of malformed egos. To keep a country free, the government must fear the people; oppressed people fear the government. For those who seek authority over others, can never have enough authority. Only the courage of the populace can control a government and itself! There is always someone who will find a way to blame others for their own thoughts that create emotional pain, and will always find a way to commit violence with hammers, knives, or guns "to make others feel their pain". The bright mind, does not play the "blame game", for that is a game of ignorance. Powerful Valour, comes from Knowing Oneself, not just believing in one's self. Hence, the act of a Chinese man stopping a tank sent to further oppress the people, with nothing but his passion, while others run in fear. I wonder, do we have such courageous people in our social mass, who can vote to control government but who find voting to be too much effort? There is no courage in such a people who expect others to do their valor for them.

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Adam Khadmon- The Heavenly human

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The Qabalistic Tree of Life illustrates that you are really the Psyche composed of 10 demi-gods and/or archetypal intelligences, in an collective of loving cooperation. You are Adam Kadmon (Divine Hermaphrodite), the entire Tree of Life. Each of us are an aspect of the "god mind" on every plane of intelligent energy, by inheritance. The personality may not have earned such status, but the Soul has and that Psyche, (represented on the Tree of Life as the 6th Sephiroth-Beauty)is connected to every part of the Tree.

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However, we are not in a world built by the Hermaphrodite Soul/Psyche. Rather we are in a world controlled by the Patriarchy and "divide and conquer" indoctrination of their propaganda imposed by the rule over definition and our own fear of pain and predation. Only by acts of individual Valour can we claim our Divine Inheritance and enjoy Victory over indoctrination and dogma of the Military Industrial Complex. We start by first cleansing our profaned ego of Patriarchal programing. These actions of Valour require the Will that is Spirit and the fiery sexual energy of Spirit that drives passion through the body to succeed in the deed.

You may note in the people around you, those of low sexual energy, do not perform well in the challenges of life. most often they blame others for lack of performance. It is time to realize that the Sexual Self is the Spiritual Self, the Solar Fiery Will that makes you alive---a type of Martial Solar force that shapes and forms Time-Space. This Sexual Self is as Leo and Mars together; A Solar Warrior who is not afraid of Love nor afraid to fight for the right of every living thing. In each of us is the Anima (Soul) and Animus (Spirit), a divine marriage that has been divided by the divide and conquer paradigm of the Patriarchy. Once divided from our wholeness we lose power and are easily manipulated. Our brain is a perfect copy of our Psyche/Soul that is both female (anima) and male (animus) and in this misogynistic world of the Patriarch, both sides of our brain are indoctrinated to disagree with each other, i.e., we are made to believe in the "battle of the sexes", a battle that is a media illusion made to manipulate our brains. This is the programing of divisionism. Hence, another example of "divide and conquer." There is no Male without Female and No Female without Male, and no "us" without "them".

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Like a molecule we are all quantumly connected, both Earthly and Celestial, creating "One Mind".

To make the "Above as the Below", i.e. the Great Work, is to realized yourself as sole owner and spiritual-ruler of your own animal- ego-body and Mind as a Solar psyche-(Sun of the Divine Creative), and claim it as your "Sacred Place" in Time. Being Divine Energy, You are infinite Non Space, and within your Divine Unconscious, are the dreams of being. Life is the Lucid Dream of the Divine Creative and therefore, of the Soul. Time/Space is the stuff you create forms from, by mixing beginning and end- time- in a cauldron of Thoughts/Ideas(Images) heated by the vibrations of Lust/Passion (light) and shaped by the ratioation of I AM ME; you transform the illusion of being into a sensual reality, the sensual reality of I Am Me; Me being the assumption of I AM. The point here is that there are no "gods" save those potent intelligent forces we have; that we use to form in our own image, serving our need "to be". This, of course, is a simplistic representation, that is why the Tree of Life is so important to Know. The Tree of Life represents the multi-dimensional complexity of how this Created Living Universe is done and is a model of the Universal DNA, that creates Stars and impregnates planets (planets are made of dead stars/Hence Isis creating Horus out of dead Osiris)! By knowing yourself, you can then realized the original data you set aside in downsizing/condensing energy and know how to proceed with the Great Work of I AM Me! There is only 1 energy, 1 whole mind, 1 Spirit, who is many Souls/Psyches. IAM is your Truth, "Me" is your assumptions.

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The Dark Santa Muerte Tarot- Seven of Candles

In the Dark Santa Muerte - Seven of Candles (St. Death), we also have the invisible influence of Netzach in the World of Pure Spirit (Atziluth).  Mars in the house of  Leo not only promotes courage and strength, but also a certainty of a fiery clash. However, victory in this fray is not certain, hence burning candles of different lengths . The six of flames promoted a concept of dominance and leadership, and the lines between both six and seven have become blurred enough to cause a dangerous situation where those mislead and dominated begin to rise up in defiance.  The Seven of Candles and of Wands, states that one must show courage and resilience in the misfortunes that have befallen them ("Rain falls on the just and unjust alike");  it will change for the better soon.  



Therefore, Crowley/Harris, using the 3 Adept Wands of the Golden Dawn, crosses them with a crude fiery club, suggesting a disorganized and disordered of uncertain results. In short, the army is in disarray, a loss of confidence is implied and only individual Valour (Spelled-v-a-l-o-u-r-The Queen's English) will save the day!   However, because of the chaos all around you, you may be uncertain of whom to smite with your misshaped club or burn with your Candle of Passion. Therefore, it may be a smite here or there and that mindless melee  of wild smiting, could connect and bring a victorious outcome, but more times than not, it's a waste of energy. In this state, Crowley sum's it up as:

"Patriotism, so to speak, is not enough". The 4 seven's are not capable of bringing any comfort; each one represents the degeneration of the element. Its utmost weakness is exposed in every case.

[The Book of Thoth, Pg. 182]


The element in Wands/Candles is  represented as Fire/Spiritual Will, and in this case "the  Spiritual Will of the mass" is weakened by fear based turmoil, and only by individual valour can the day be saved.




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Hence, only your individual courage can save the day. One might say, "roar like a lion and discern like the genius you are"! "Knee jerk" emotionalism, makes only preplanned jerks hanging from a master puppeteers lines.

When the 7 of Wands/Candles is thrown during a reading, it implies that:

  • The querent is unsure of ideas, and must summon personal bravery and courage to instigate them.
  • Resistance against the external world.
  • More confidence is needed to ensure victory. 
  • Here, responsibility must be taken up as the querent's standard, and they must stand alone, trusting their Greater Self to handle the most difficult of situations.
  • Here mettle is being tested, and only the inner courage of spirit has the necessary acceleration to push the querent through the line of resistance.
  • This card also  shows how valuable you the querent, are to spirit, for if you were "weak" spirit wouldn't be testing your mettle.
  • Attack from a defensive position.
  • Daring.
  • Using one's power for transformation.

If ill defined by the surrounding cards (Thoth) or Reversed, (Dark Santa Muerte) it implies:

  • Indecisiveness.
  • Ignorance.
  • Discrepancy between instinct (courage) and Spirit (sense).
  • Loss of nerve. 
  • Seek an alternative, possibly reconciliation. 

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