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Thoth Tarot-7 of Wands-Valour

Lord of Valour

Tarot Illuminati-7 of Wands

The heart of the Warrior.

Netzach, the 7th Sephiroth, on the Qabalistic Tree of Life is the conscious energy of Love; as relating to the often misunderstood concept of "God is Love or God is Sex." This misunderstanding of love and sex has to do with the very nature of our culture and that of the "gods themselves".

In the Western Mysteries (Golden Dawn), and Qabalah it is said that, "The Gods are the Creations of the Created...the Gods are the emanations of the Group Mind of Races, they are not emanations of Eheieh, the One and the Eternal." {Quoted from the: Qabalistic Tarot, by Robert Wang, page 100)

In essence, this reference to the Group Mind of the Races, the"gods" are the mental property of Netzach- Victory. The ruling planet/god ruling over Netzach is Venus, in fact Venus (Divine Feminine) is subtly part of the Whole Tree of Life which is shown graphically as the sign of Venus superimposed over the Tree of Life.

This should open your eyes to your power, as the living Suns (Sons and Daughters) of the One Eheieh (I Will Be)-and/or the I AM. You have the power to form potent forces into your own image to serve your needs and experience the information of Self as in-form-action! Because your Personality begins in the Realm of the Gods, you are a Personal God in your own right! And again; your sexual self is your Spiritual Nature to expand and liberate Life!

The Heavenly human

Look, your human body is the Animal God of Earth (and the symbol of Venus in shap) and is an inheritor of the Universal Collective Unconscious. Every single living creature on earth, depends on what man does or imagines! If mankind decides that a species does not or no longer can serve them----------mankind destroys them. Even in our ignorance, we are responsible for our actions, as our ignorance alone will annihilate species and even the World we live on! Only Gods have such power in their domains! Sadly, most of us forget that we are Rulers of our Individual Self, and let outside rule decide our actions. This makes us slaves, to imaginary authority and/or "gods". If everyone in a culture stood up and said no to indoctrination and dogma, "rulers" would have to do unto another as they would have done unto them. But that would take individual Valour.

In the Qaballah, you are composed of 10 aspects of Sephirotic Being. You are Adam/Eve Kadmon, the entire Tree of Life, with the "godhead" and/or the Supernal Triangle of Kether, Chokmah, Binah, drawn as a triangular hat on your head , as Crowley was often shown as wearing; Implying that your intelligence is of the Above and established in the Below by your Spirit-Mind-Body trinity of I AM. Therefore, each of us are a "Child of Godhood" on every plane of intelligent energy, by inheritance, not by deed. Therefore, only by acts of individual Valour can we claim our inheritance.

These valorous actions require the Will that is Spirit and the sexual energy of the O=2, the Fiery Spiritual Androgyne that drives passion to succeed in the deed. You may note in the people around you, those of low sexual energy, do not perform well in the challenges of life. It is time to realize that the Sexual Self is the Spiritual Self, the Solar Fiery Will that makes you alive---a type of Martial Lion force (The Lion headed Serpent/Kundalini). This Sexual Self is as Venus/Aphrodite and Mars/Hermes together.

To make the "Above as the Below", i.e. the Great Work, is to realized yourself as sole owner and ruler of your own Animal god-body, Soul and Mind and claim their United Function as your "Sacred Place" in Time. Being Divine Energy, You are infinite Space, and within your Divine Unconscious, are the dreams of being and/or the Soul. Life is the Lucid Dream of I AM! Time is the stuff you create forms from, by mixing beginning and end- time-(measurement) in a cauldron of Thoughts, (Mind) heated by the vibrations of Lust/Passion, and shaped by Will-to-Be (The Serpent and Cup); you transform the illusion of being into a sensual reality of I Am Me. This, of course, is a simplistic representation, that is why the Tree of Life is so important to Know. The Tree of Life represents the complexity of how this Created Living Universe is done! By knowing yourself, you, the soul/psyche can then realized the original data you set aside in downsizing and know how to proceed with the Great Work of I AM ME! The Solar Self (sun/son of god and/or Rauch of the Soul) will proceed to empty the brain of the false viral program called the "ego", and establish the "True Self" knowledge into the Brain, which to the Soul, is an "Artificial Intelligence", an Avatar to operate in the realm of Matter, in the Soul's Name of I AM. The Soul is the Central Sun shown as Tiphareth-Beauty who sends self data through the many paths that it receives and radiates to the "below". The data carried in the Vigorous Energy of the Soul, becomes information upon arrival in the brain via the Crown Chakra which the body translate into in-form-action. All well and good, until one contemplates that it requires Valour to stand up against peer pressure, and cultural identity in order to "be thyself". We belong to each other as a collective, but none of us belong to an outside authority. It is the Inner Authority of the I AM, that is our Author in the first place. I AM Spirit. One Self with many selves.

WE ARE THE MANY AND THE ONE. Everything I see, is another way to be me!

The 7 of Wands, Valor (Lord of Valor) is attributed to Mars in Leo. The Angels of this Decan are: Mahashiah and Lelahel. Here, we have the influence of Netzach in the World of Pure Spirit (Atziluth).

Mars in Leo not only promotes courage and strength, but also a certainty of a fiery clash. However, victory in this fray is not certain. Thus, Crowley, using the 3 Adept Wands of the Golden Dawn, crosses them with a crude fiery club, suggesting a disorganized and disordered of uncertain results. In short, the army (culture) is in disarray, a loss of confidence is implied and only individual Valour (Spelled-v-a-l-o-u-r-The Queen's English) will save the day!


Tarot Illuminati-7 of Wands

The Tarot Illuminati- 7 of Wands, displays the heart of a Warrior. A "damn the torpedoes" type of personality. When the "chips are down", this one doesn't wait for someone to stand up and lead them, instead they take their own stand. Today, there is even a greater battle, for the so called peers, media, the politicians, and theologians, tell us to bow down to their faux authority. This type of person, fights for the right to be themselves, to live courageously and never cower from protecting that which they hold dear. Their War Cry is I AM ! What will your war cry be? Answer strongly, for if you wish to speak to me, you must stand, for I will not kneel to your weakness.

When the 7 of Wands, is thrown during a reading, it implies that:

  • The querent is unsure of ideas, and must summon personal bravery and courage to instigate them. 
  • More confidence is needed to ensure victory. Here, responsibility must be taken up as the querent's standard, and they must stand alone, trusting their greater self to handle the most difficult of situations.
  • Here mettle is being tested, and only the inner courage of spirit has the necessary acceleration to push the querent through the line of resistance.
  • This card also shows how valuable you the querent, are to spirit, for if you were "weak" spirit wouldn't be testing your mettle.
  • A hard fight.
  • Battling against oppression and bullying.
  • Standing up for what you Know to be true.
  • Supporting the underdog.
  • Facing what seems to be insurmountable opposition.

If Ill defined by the surrounding cards in the layout:

  • Indecisiveness. 
  • Ignorance.
  • Discrepancy between instinct (courage) and Spirit (sense).

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