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· Declarative -Thoth

Above all things, Know thyself!

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Thoth- 7 of Disks-Failure

#7. Living from that Will, supported by its unfailing Wisdom and Understanding, mine is the Victorious Life.

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The Declarative Tarot -No.7 -Disintegration & Release.

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7-of Disks: Failure-Physical failure, labor thwarted, and everything is sunk in sloth.

The Thoth- 7 of Disks indicates a pause in the garden of financial, health, and physical relationships. This card also cautions against the fear of failure and fear of success which is generated by negative past experiences. Many know that fear is to constrict energy and to obfuscate the direction it is being sent. Fear is a creativity block gone against the motion of the imagination and reason interfering with the mind's ability to solve problems. Also, our fear of discomfort is our worst enemy here.

On the Thoth 7 of Disks, Netzach is in Assiah, influencing the Material World. The planet and sign of the 7 of Disks-Failure, are Saturn in Taurus. The Angels of the Decan are Herochiel and Mitzrael.

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Saturn in Taurus brings disappointment, often because of a great deal of work that brings little reward. This is the not-so-obvious picture on the Thoth Tarot-7 of Disks. However, the dark lead gray color (lead is the metal associated with Saturn) suggests little return for much labor. Even the picture of the warrior helmet of Saturn and the bull head of Taurus states a moment of concern in the material world. This card represents a much-needed break. Everything is going as planned but you can't see the rewards coming or you are stuck and unsure of where to go next. Hence, it is time to take a break, go fishing, as taking time off often helps one see new perspectives and the proper direction to proceed.

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Thoth- 7 of Disks-Failure

Let's take a long look at the stark beauty of this almost Gothic Thoth card. At the bottom of the card is the astrological sign is Saturn in Taurus. The planet Saturn at the top of the card is symbolic of constricted, restricted, and/or the feeling of limited energy; its metal is lead, hence the gray lead color. Taurus is representative of productivity, bullheadedness, and achievement. The two together tell us that our productivity and achievement are being restricted and limited by our stubborn hold on the past, or fear of failure. This aspect of Saturn and Taurus can also be seen in the disk- like coins. What is also seen is the pattern of the disks that form the face of an owl, in the center of the card. The owl is associated with the Crone, who deconstructs the old, so that the new can be reconstructed.

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Crone owl.

  1. The helmet symbol is Saturn, and the Bull is Taurus. Predicting a feeling of failure that interferes with our financial situation. The Helmet is also a symbol of a conscious constriction of which fear is indicative of. The 7 of Disks card also indicates a loss of capacity to inspire ourselves or others.
  2. Yet there are contradictory meanings here since this is a pause in the force of our creativity, for the Bull indicates one could also be waiting for the fruition of their efforts in this time of repose and waiting for results. In the spoilage of the past, seeds of new growth are being planted here, and the querent may be waiting for a better and more rewarding path to be discovered. Hence, patience is advised.

Fear is constricted energy focused on a point of I Am... I Am is our inherited God Voice within our Super-conscious. It declares the direction of our energy such as, "I Am sad, I Am happy, I Am poor, or I AM wealthy". In the infinite realm of possibilities, I AM the foundation of all creation, your truth, fate, and creation. Time and/or measurement is a restriction of energy to form a "point in time" an assumption which we are to be masters of! Since you have been given the God-like freedom to declare yourself any way you like...repeating concepts of failure tell your Greater Self that you demand failure as an expression of your likeness and/or fate! Knowing this, it is recommended that for the next 7 weeks or 7 months that your repeat declarations of Wealth, which is far beyond man-made riches. How about; "I Am the Will and the Way. I Am the Wealth and I own the Day!” Say this at least 7 times a day for 7 weeks or 7 Months. I've been doing it now for the past 10 years and my days flow in a joyous dance of discovery and a multiverse of richness beyond that also including the coin of the realm. I highly recommend that you remember yourself as a Magic Sorcerer from the Source of all Creation who has been given the power of emotional focus to create your reality. This is a great inherited power---use it gratefully!

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Copper verdigris

Netzach the 7th Sephiroth means Victory; However, the Victory here is the inner verdigris native to the metal of Venus, Copper's inner corruption overcoming the shallow outer brightness of the metal. Therefore, the outer beauty of Venus, the planet attributed to Netzach, is laid low by the victory of time; Saturn is also "Grandfather Time", whose metal is lead. A lead and copper mixture are all about corruption. To reiterate: Feelings, instinct, and undifferentiated Group Mind, are attributed to the 7th Sphere of Netzach, therefore, the human stain is here corrupting the instincts. The Human stain is the fear-based survival mind that has corrupted imagination.

. "The Human stain is the corruption of the imagination by the fear-based survival mind" is a metaphysical and philosophical idea. Let's break it down:

  1. "The Human stain": This phrase suggests that there is something inherent in human nature or existence that can be tarnished or corrupted.

  2. "Corruption of the imagination": Imagination is often seen as a powerful and creative aspect of the human mind. The idea here is that it can be influenced or tainted in some way by an outside authority.

  3. "Fear-based survival mind": This refers to the primal, instinctual part of the human psyche that is primarily concerned with survival. It's driven by fear and the need to protect oneself.

Expounding on this concept, it seems to suggest that the purity and creative potential of the human imagination can be negatively impacted by the constant fear and survival instincts that we carry. In other words, when we are too focused on survival and security, our ability to imagine, dream, and create can be stifled or corrupted. This corruption began with the Archon, Jehovah who enslaved mankind and forced upon them a religion of slavery. The Human being is stained with the belief that there is a Tyrannical god who says he loves you, but who, punishes you in eternal hells and personal plaques. This belief begins a systematic counterintuitive programing of the human brain: Hence, it fails the operator who is trying to please a monster which exists only in their head. Distrust runs amuck in such a brain and love itself is corrupted into a state of domination, ownership, and control. We demand loyalty from everyone, and yet we are disloyal to ourselves. The Human stain is the Archon in the brain, a viral parasite program that exists off the life force of the infected person. The Native Americans called it the Wetiko, the inherent evil inside all people. Get the book the Wetiko (healing the mind virus that plagues our world) by Paul Levy.

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There are sixteen of the geomantic figures (See Aleister Crowley's book, 777 or "The Handbook of Geomancy" Equinox Vol. I, No.2). The 7 of Disks is in the shape of the geomantic figure Rubeus, which is the one of putrefaction, a menacing symbol. However, if you are a student of Alchemy, putrefaction is noted as a necessary process of chemical transformation of Putrefaction, Dissolution, Solution and Coagulation before purification can be produced. Thus, the atmosphere of the card implies blight, cultivation is spoiled. The suggestion is bad money.

The 7 of Disks, Failure, is also called. The Lord of Success unfulfilled and rightly so, as it is about physical failure and no progress achieved.

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The Declarative Tarot-Layers of Presence- No. 7- Disintegration & Release

The Declarative Tarot- Layers of Presence (disks)-No. 7-Disintergration & Release represents a time when all the walls, masks, and beliefs no longer serve us. Some call this a mini death as it feels like there is nothing left to exist for. However, this is a necessary system of failure that allows us to release the garbage that has piled up in our brain as bad programs. Garbage in garbage out, G.I.G.O is the common computer term for this event. You must remember that we create thought, which becomes by repetition, an automatic program. We are not the thought nor its program. We are the Creator of these things, and therefore, can change them at will. When all the data fails, you can input new working data; in the common vernacular, this is "changing your mind".

The central figure of this card is an image of the powerful moment of disintegration, the moment of release. The concept of Self has taken on a new meaning, as the cosplay garments that we have bound ourselves in have fallen away revealing a Solar Being who is not made by thought but who creates it for the purpose of "living it", and thereby, proving or disproving the function of the thought or thoughts. Failure in data is not a value statement about the person thinking it. Rather, it proves your power to create, examine, analyze, and recreate what began as failure. Every thought is a failure until it isn't. Once old garbage thoughts are released, we begin taking on a new and more personal role in life and not seeking an outside authority to approve of ourselves. "I AM good enough for the Divine Creative's self- image; I Am good enough for Me! This new personal role is seen in the example of the terrestrial Hermit Crab.

Terrestrial hermit crabs are known for their habit of inhabiting empty shells as a form of protection. This behavior has led to some cultural and symbolic associations:

  1. Adaptability: Terrestrial hermit crabs are often seen as symbols of adaptability and resourcefulness. They can find and use different shells as they grow, demonstrating an ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

  2. Protection: In some cultures, the image of a hermit crab in its shell has been used as a symbol of protection. Just as the crab seeks shelter in its shell, people might seek protection or refuge in many ways.

  3. Cycle of Life: The hermit crab's habit of changing shells as it grows can be seen as a representation of the cycle of life and growth. It may symbolize the idea that change, and growth are natural and necessary aspects of life.

  4. Solitude: The term "hermit" in the name can also evoke the idea of solitude or isolation. In this sense, hermit crabs may symbolize the idea of seeking solitude or introspection.

Hence, growth requires release of the old broken shells, that no longer fit the more authentic self.


The radiant person is released from the Human stain, and shouts "I AM" as their Solar Self (Soul) becomes their only authority. By letting go and letting the divine within take over, we ascend without the body dying, what dies is the old discard concepts of enslaved-self that have been programmed into one's head by media-controlled word hypnosis, dogma, and indoctrination. Above this enlightened image is the lemniscate (Greek for ribbon) represents the One who equals Two, the infinite Anima (divine feminine) and Animus (divine masculine) who are simultaneous and inseparable in the Soul. The two stylized light beings, one on each side of the Heavenly Human, represent the wholeness of Spirit-Mind-Body which is seated in our daily presence while on earth. This is also called Heart-Mind-Passion by some. For the body is the seat of passion. "I AM the Creative Passion that built me!" It is the truth of Self. You as Spirit-Mind built the body so that you can experience information as in-form-action and thereby, become a more advanced creator. Everything we create goes into the Universal Collective Unconscious and thereby, what does compute, becomes the next generation's common person's unconscious mind. Each of us, who goes about correcting errant data in our lives, advances the future person's performance; Hence we belong to each other! By releasing the false concepts of Self, we begin the process of remembering the Solar Being that we really are. We are not bound by the limited sphere of senses, we create them! Limitation allows us to examine the minutiae of thought, a process of analysis that breaks it down to "good or bad" which simply means does work or doesn't work. You are a sovereign being, who declares self as "I AM", but what you decide you are, is all assumption as the Truth is all is Mind and living self is an experiment in "I AM". So be the best I AM you can think of ...for progressive thought builds a greater Self-motion: something we call our life's journey. Take absolute authority over yourself and get out of the "blame game" of the enslaved!

When the 7 of Disks /No. 7-Disintegration & Release, is thrown during a reading, implied is:

  • A fear of failure with finances, health, and relationships. However, 7 in Netzach is a weak event, and deregulation of the element of earth, so soon the querent's project will be completed if determined to "keep on" and ignoring the feelings of never finishing the task.
  • The Determination to release this fear of failure should go on for within 7 weeks or 7 months. However, this determination must be hard fought, for there is a tendency to abandon labor, and allow everything to sink in a mire of sloth.
  • Yet again, putrefaction is before the transformation of purification, so this is the point where the "lowest fallen becomes the highest exalted".
  • The implication of this card is that you shall succeed if you don't listen to the thoughts of failure that are tempting your brain. Push harder, you'll soon succeed. 
  • In the next 7 weeks or 7 months, the more rewarding path will be discovered, and the period of waiting is over, or you will have to confront your fear of failure in the next 7 weeks or 7 months to plant anew and reap a more generous harvest in your future.
  • It is time to move through old fears and self-defeating thoughts of past failures whether they have been experienced in the past 7 weeks, 7 months or when you were 7 years old.
  • Assessment
  • Deliberation of choices, waiting for the right time and right place.

If ill defined by the Surrounding Cards in the layout it implies:

  • Deep-rooted blockages. 
  • Fresh start.
  • No opportunities.
  • No success.

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