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· Thoth -Apokalypsis

Above all things, know thyself.

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Thoth-7 of Cups-Debauch

Lord of Illusionary success.

#7-Living from that Will, supported by its unfailing Wisdom and Understanding, mine is the Victorious life.

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The Tarot Apokalypsis- 7 of Cups

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Qabalistic Tree of Life (God Molecule)

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It may seem such a large step into the negative, after the Spiritual Ecstasy of the 6 of Cups-Pleasure, to go right into Debauch, a form of sensual-intoxication. However, both are astrologically Scorpio, but instead of Scorpio exalted in the Sun as in the 6, the 7 of Cups places Scorpio with the planet Venus and Venus is ill dignified in the sign, but not for incompatible reasons. The fact is that Venus is a "Party Girl" that is deliriously happy in both Netzach, the 7th Sephiroth assigned to Venus, the Goddess of love and being her beautiful sexy self in Scorpio's erotic sexy House makes her so happy that she overindulges and slides easily into excess. Hence, the party has lasted too long! Here, one double of single-malt Scotch gets her high, 2 doubles keeps the high, 3 doubles is an abundance of high, 4 doubles is just the luxury of showing off while 5 doubles, is disappointment because the high is over and now she is just getting blasted and sloppy, but after the 7th dram, well it is intoxication to the point of debauch. Here, the disappointment that is felt is like Venus running to the toilet to vomit, just after meeting an attractive and mysterious stranger!

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Venus is the planet that is associated with the metal Copper; she is all “external splendor and internal corruption". Such superficiality in a sexual, occult, and watery sign as Scorpio destroys any altruistic tenancies, turning the amiability of Venus into a grosser sensuality that can be called "Party on Dudes!" When it comes to past emotions, one just keeps adding to the dregs of "emotional past". Thus, in the 7 of Cups, the influence of Venus is violent, aggressive, emotional intoxication, and becomes uncontrolled intense, almost hysterical physical passion which unless gratified, will become hatred. This passion is so unbalanced that even when such intense physical passion is reciprocated, it will be stormy to the extreme. It may also end in tragedies and treacheries. Such extreme violence of intoxicated feelings may also end in poor health, since no matter the physical strength of the person, the emotional strength of greedy desires is even stronger and may eventually lead to a dangerous excess that exceeds healthy boundaries. Therefore, debauch (drunk and disorderly) is an appropriate title for the 7 of Cups.

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Venus is the Goddess of Love, redoubling the influence of the number 7, Netzach who is the Sephiroth of the instinctual subconscious mind. As most of us know by experience, when loving desire goes into physical overload excessive passion becomes dangerous excess from which some never recover. Passion must be directed by the Higher States of Conscious/The Greater Ego rather than physical body's ill equipped false- ego of the subconscious. When one is initiated in the Mysteries of the "Other Side of the Mirror", and reaches these higher states of mind, they begin to feel the intoxicating flow of more vigorous life force (sexual/Spiral energy) and if the false ego is the one in charge of the body,(automatic responses) one becomes enamored/intoxicated with the teacher/mentor/guide that opened the gateways to these high levels to the student. This can cause a myriad of problems especially if the teacher responds in kind to the student. It's okay to let Venus twirl in an intoxicating dance within your heart, but know it is the Goddess of Love that you feel, an inner intoxicating beauty and not an outer person's beauty that intoxicates you. Let the inner beauty of the Soul/Sun of the Divine Creative burn away the shadows of lowly desires of the animal/instinctual body and of the culturally designed false ego. This momentary expansion of mundane senses beyond the emotional discernment of the individual, is temporary unless the flesh is trained in the tempering heat of Tantric, Taoist, Qabalistic or Gnostic rituals that marry the inner anima (feminine) and animus (masculine) creating a consummation of inner desire as the "One Love" is fulfilled on both a cosmic and earthly level. The Passion that Created a Universe of Self, is often too much intensity for the self-absorbed brain, whose universe is all about "my feelings" rather than the reality of 0=2 and that 2 now longs to become 1.

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To carry forth this idea of excess, the Thoth  7 of Cups displays poisoned lotuses that have become tiger lilies. The cups are iridescent, (dissolving in the intoxication), and are arranged into two descending triangles, interlaced with the larger lower cup-showing a greater lower influence on the emotions, as it floats in a slime covered morass of putrefaction. Crowley described this unfortunate 7 of cups in his Book of Thoth, pg. 184. 

"This is one of the worst ideas that one can have, its mode is poison, its goal madness. It represents the delusion of Delirium Tremens and drug addiction; it represents the sinking into the mire of false pleasure. There is something almost suicidal in this card."


Therefore, the 7 of Cups, is a wholesome reminder of the fatal ease with which a Sacrament, such as Love, and flesh (eros) may be profaned and prostituted simply by losing one’s balance with Kether (Higher Mind), and straying ever so slightly from the middle pillar (Balance of Masculine and Feminine on the Tree of Life), thereby making the holiest mysteries of Nature become the obscene and shameful secrets of a guilt ridden consciousness that is suffering from a n emotional "hangover" created by excessive indulgence. 


Netzach, is that green Sephiroth on the lower illustrated Tree of Life. Green is the color attributed to Venus, and it is the patina of profaned copper and therefore, seen as the dominant color of the Thoth Card. Venus also represents the planet of the symbolic intelligence of Netzach, the Sephiroth that is associated with Love, feelings and instinct, the Group Mind, Nature, and the Arts. The 3 Symbols (Trinity Goddess) for Netzach are.

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The Girdle,

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The Rose,

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And the Lamp

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The Tarot Apokalypsis- 7 of Cups

The Tarot Apokalypsis- 7 of Cups, displays a scene of the roman baths. The scene describes a debauchery of its own. The primary meaning of this 7 of Cups card is dreams, desires, and imagination. What is described in the Thoth Tarot 7 of Cups also applies to the Tarot Apokalypsis- 7 of Cups.

by Mark Cartwright
published on 02 May 2013


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The Baths of the Roman Empire

Simeon Netchev (CC BY-NC-SA)

Roman Baths were designed for bathing and relaxing and were a common feature of cities throughout the Roman empire. Baths included a wide diversity of rooms with different temperatures, as well as swimming pools and places to read, relax, and socialize. Roman baths, with their large, covered spaces, were important drivers in architectural innovation, notably in the use of domes.

A Mainstay of Roman Culture

Public baths were a feature of ancient Greek towns but were usually limited to a series of hipbaths The Romans expanded the idea to incorporate a wide array of facilities and baths became common in even the smaller towns of the Roman world, where they were often located near the forum. In addition to public baths, wealthy citizens often had their own private baths constructed as a part of their villa and baths were even constructed for the legions of the Roman army when on campaign. However, it was in the large cities that these bath complexes (balnea or thermae) took on monumental proportions with vast colonnades and wide-spanning arches and domes. Baths were built using millions of fireproof terracotta bricks and the finished buildings were usually sumptuous affairs with fine mosaic floors, marble-covered walls, and decorative statues.

One reason many people go to excess is to escape emotional pain. The outside is a mirror for self-examination. All that manifests is first built in the Inner World of Imagination, no one is to blame for your emotional pain for that is your reaction to another's action. But your subconsciously controlled imagination, creating a false ego. The Truth is that you declare your outer world by using the words "I AM.....". I Am is your truth, what you "Am" is an assumption. Imagination must be consciously analyzed and then authorized; you are your only Author....and Life is the story you are telling yourself.

Above all things, know thyself!

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Netzach is the first Sephiroth of the astral triangle (Netzach, Hod, Yesod) and is the first part of your energy intelligence/subconscious to make up the personality of the individual self; that's right "your personality"---not you, for you are not the personality; like I said, "you make it". You may remember that I stated that the Personality is made up of the Four Alchemical Elements, each of which are represented by the lower Sephira, in the familiar sequence of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Netzach is Fire, Hod is Water, Yesod is Air and Malkuth is Earth. Netzach is the lower form of the fiery Yod of Chokmah that is reflected from Geburah through Tiphareth. This is the formula for Yod Heh Vau Heh (YHVH), Malkuth being the final Heh, because of the "fall" which is really a condensing or "downsizing" of sel.... the Divine Creative's goal! For intimacy with Self and the creations thereof, require sensuality and inform examination of information.

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In Netzach, normal waking consciousness of the student, must deal with the intoxicating illusions of the Astral (Dream) Triangle of the Subconscious and the many component parts of the Personality, after all, we are not of the Personality, it is the Soul's "mask" that it must wear to be seen, like the bandages wrapped around the invisible man so he could be seen, except here the bandages are a wrapping of words and therefore, a tangle of propaganda and false identities and with all Band-Aids, if you leave the same ones on the wound, putrefaction sets in. In this case, words left as identity, imprinted on the brain, when young, by indoctrination and dogma, later in life putrefy and sicken the subconscious.

Personalities are software programs that are created to operate the wetware of the brain and are supplanted in the brain to manipulate the physical body properly for the Soul who is of another dimension of the Mind called the Psyche. The Psyche is the infinite timeless one. However, if your personality was made for you out of the illusions, delusions, and ambitions of "another outside Authority" (institution of man-indoctrination and dogma) then you haven't a clue who is operating the body, as you don't know the code- language and authority that went into making the software your body is operating from! The Soul/Psyche then loses sight of the body that is lost in a fog of words. The inevitable failure of such errant propaganda and pleasure/pain programing can cause a delirium of worthlessness. Yet again the axiom of Qaballah: "Above all things, know thyself" rings true! You are the I AM (Spirit-Mind), the body is a Me (Organic Ego) which is all assumption. The True You is the I AM, the dreams of "What I AM", is the "Me" you call yourself. You are better than the institutions you work for and what you are is all an assumption and therefore, can be changed anytime you will it. Just knowing you are magnificent is a start in the right direction for your lifetime.

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The most important part of Qabalistic Tarot Initiation is to observe the layers of lies that your personality is constructed from, removing layer after layer of false you, until the real you is shining true. This "Garbage in" is called man-made persona and the "Garbage out" is the dysfunctional action of "seeking yourself" in the eyes of your peers, words, or of some outside authority. Hence, your ego is an imposter. You are already Spiritually approved----you exist, and your Software/Personality for operating the wetware (Me), in the name of I AM was already created by the Higher Self, often called the "the Soul". However, this conformity is not a statement of disgrace, for as children you had to reject your true self, or get punished, so the subconscious-your survival mind that builds the ego, responds by compliance and you become a "man made" personality rather than one that represents the Divine Sun/ Soul/Celestial Self. Besides, how are you going to correct the "ills" of society, unless you first become this Illness and built and immunity towards it by using Wisdom, and Reason based on the law of Love. Love is the law and the foundation of our waking consciousness, whereas fear is the foundational thought of the subconscious/survival mind. One must teach the Wisdom that is love, to the subconscious. To fear death is to fear Life!

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Adam Khadmon- (The Heavenly Human)

Let me explain what few wish you to know: Besides the Bible book of Genesis stating that you are made in "the image of God", you have both the intelligence of the Creator-Rationale and the Creatrix's mind of Imagination; the Complete Divine Creative. 

Now we all know a god is a dominating Consciousness on its Plane of Existence. Every one of the Ten Sephiroth, is a demigod (aspect of Energy Intelligence) and the True You is composed of the United Cooperation of these progressive energy intelligences we call "gods", condensed into an intimacy of form. Hence, you are concentrated imagination and intimacy called a Soul/Solar - Self; a Celestial who claims Dominion over Earth. To achieve intimacy with form, you have an I AM composed body of the "intimate god-form", Top Mammal Predator", ruler of its domain, the Human body, which is an archetypal design from the Cosmos! So, you are a Great Group-Collective of Ten -states of Energy Intelligence, via evolution of Light, who should be working as One Composite Group Soul of your individual Tree of Life; a One Divine Creative who is a trinity of Spirit-Mind-Body. The fact that you think you are not, is because you've been mentally separated from the reality of your divinity! You believe you are a body-personality seeking spirituality. This was done by the manipulation of your imagination, (auto-suggestion) by "The few who wish to rule the many", those worthless old men who control definition, dogma, and in your dreams of what that definition is, dreams of paradise for a few useless old men! From I AM, of the Divine Creative, you have been trained in "I lack" and/or "I Ain't" and have a personality that has become an impoverished lie of separation from the original authority that created it., your Spirit- Mind, the 2 who wish to become One. You are now an assumption of lack that must be controlled by the "few who wish to rule the many", or as stated in the Zohar, "Those who wish to receive for themselves alone", something we call "greed". An assumption of lack creates slaves to those who state they "have what you assume to lack". Therefore, greed is also an emotional intoxication.

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The Astral domains are the beginning of mental formation on earth. And by giving you "nightmare" stories of how bad your natural body is, you forgot it is a "god" of its domain and that you are the Sun/Son of the Divine Creative (All Souls are Suns/Celestial Selves) a Celestial collection of Energy and Mind, who declares the body as its House/Temple on Earth! This is not your fault, as a child, none of us have a defense against the profaned graffiti that is painted over our identity by cultural "pleasure/pain" training that is state, and media run indoctrination and dogma. Therefore, many of us are locked into the emotional victimization of a thoroughly pleasure/pain trained 9-year-old child. We have become intoxicated with lies making our self-reflection fuzzy and therefore, chaotic and/ out of phase with our Soul. We all must return consciously to the Subconscious Astral in a Lucid Dream (meditation) of our Divinity and clean up our personality software! Rather than being a Drunken Sailor, dreaming they are off ship and looking for lacked sexual gratification, as a crazed Netzach of lack, our identity is a Wealthy Soul, (Tiphareth) who is comparable to a Buddha under the Bodhi Tree of Life dreaming we are a human being. The Spirit's dream manifests as "you".

A Cosmic Image

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The God's made man-is a statement of Genetic Modification of "Those who from the Heavens came to Earth", known to the Sumerians as the Anunnaki.

So, as you may see, when we are dealing with Netzach, we are dealing with understanding a particularly difficult State of energy conscious called the instinctual or racial mind. Netzach is where both the Macrocosm and Microcosm meet, where the Lesser-Self (planetary) and Greater-Self (Celestial) come together, to form something spectacular. Thus, we are dealing with the understanding of the entire race patterns of humankind, "the gods", and patterns of individual persona. But if that isn't enough, we must understand that manifestation is an illusion! "I AM" is a declaration of existence, but as "what I AM" exists as a "Me", which is assumed and therefore, freely imagined by the Original Author, the individual Soul whose aware presence is "the awake consciousness". If you don't believe your Soul is alien to this world's evolution, you may ask yourself, why is the DNA, the blueprint for my body, 9.8 billion years old, while the earth is only 3.8 billion years old? Your DNA is more than twice as old as the planet! Hence it is not from earth.

The 7 of cups, remind us to: "Get over yourself and get on with you, for impeccability is what we do!"

Above all things, know thyself!

When the 7 of Cups- is thrown it implies:

  • The querent is being cautioned about the apparent Victory of Denial.
  • There is a suggestion of deceit, promises unfulfilled, illusion, and error.
  • Slight success may be experienced, a minor victory so to speak, but not enough energy to retain it.
  • The querent may be experiencing drunkenness, wrath, vanity, lust and promiscuity or even violence against women; a violence which is not limited to the male sex.
  • A warning against illusionary hopes and false promises.
  • Beware of arrogance and complacency.
  • Release past intoxication with emotional self-absorption. 

If ill defined by the surrounding cards, it implies:

  • This card bespeaks of selfish dissipation.
  • Deception in love and friendship.
  • Lust.
  • Addiction.
  • Lapsing into the swamp of false pleasures.
  • Hidden problems emerging.

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