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· Declarative -Thoth

Above all things, know yourself!

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Thoth- 6 of Wands-Victory

#6. In all things Great and Small, I see the Beauty of the Divine Expression.

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The Declarative Tarot- layers of Passion-No. 6- Achievement.

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Tree of Life

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The Universal Fire Element, created by the vibrational friction of the Divine Creative's shout of "I Will Be" that is moving through non-space, is the ruling element of the suit of Wands. Fire is ardor, as only Spirit/Will can be. Tiphareth the sixth Sephiroth-Beauty, is the home of the six of Wands and the sixes of every suit. Hence, they are wonderful cards. This is because Tiphareth is the direct reflection of Kether whose God Name is Eheieh ("I Will Be") and is called the "Son/Sun of God" and is known to us as our Soul/Psyche and/or our Solar Self. Tiphareth is also the heart center of all our psychic bodies and the Rauch /Rational intelligence of the Solar-Self. It rules as the perfectly balanced Sun King who is surrounded by the planets: Binah-Saturn, Chesed-Jupiter, Geburah-Mars, Netzach-Venus, Hod-Mercury, and Yesod-Moon. The Key symbols relating to Tiphareth- Beauty, are:

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1) The Cube, which is based on six, is a form taken twice-over in the double cube Altar of Malkuth (Earth).

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Truncated pyramid

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Adam Kadmon-The Heavenly Human

2.) The six-sided figure of the Truncated Pyramid (its top is cut off) that represents Adam Khadmon, the Cosmic Archetype Hermaphrodite- and/or the Heavenly Human. Adam Khadmon has many names, the Macrosopus- human or Archetypal/Macrocosmic and/or Universal/Cosmic Human, above him, completing the Pyramid are the Supernal- Sephiroth- Kether, Chokmah and Binah. We are all the avatars of Universal Collective Archetype of the Divine Hermaphrodite- Adam Khadmon; However, by traveling down the Tree of Life, getting progressively more condensed, and/or coagulated our psyche seems to be suffering from a type of amnesia. Therefore, the object of Qabalah (Receiving) is to remember ourselves so that we can "receive" our memory of Divine Self and welcome it into our brains while correcting the "mind virus" implanted by the Military Industrial Complex (Patriarchy). The human brain is a copy of the Divine Hermaphrodite intelligence, with its left (male) and right (female) sides and therefore, able to receive these microwave transmissions of Higher Self-knowledge. However, this receiving requires one to know themselves as Divinity and not some indoctrinated slave to media-controlled words. and mental parasites.

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3.) Then, there is the Calvary cross, properly drawn as black and unequally armed, surrounded by a circle, and mounted on three steps. This implies Wisdom through Sacrifice.

The Rose cross and the Rose Cross Lamen, are the other powerful Tiphareth symbols.

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In the 6 of Wands, we have a powerful blessing of a marriage of benevolent, boisterous, and generous Jupiter in a powerful Sun ruled Leo. This yells Victory to the Universe. Victory over strife, Victory over the whole damn issue at hand! A Beautiful Melody comprised of the harmony of Spirit-Mind-Body!

Therefore, when the 6's show up, the Soul/ your Solar Self has the issue covered in the best possible, sunny, warm, bright, and beautiful way. Take a deep breath, inhale all the goodness/"god-ness" of your psyche!

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Thoth- 6 of Wands-Victory

To illustrate this Victory of Spirit over matter, the three Wands of the Golden Dawn Adepts are shown. Here, the lotus wands harmoniously unite the Phoenix heads and the winged-sun disk with the* uraeus snakes/serpents (Life and Death). In two groups, these wands cross and form diamond shaped intersections (hermit's lantern) that burn with nine flames as the expression of the stabilizing and flowing energy of Victorious Spirit. Here is a representation of the Spirit in its highest form of pure Light. Hence, the Spirit of the Divine Creative is expanded (Ace of Wands) with the physical form and reflects the Creator in the bringing forth of the I AM's self- aware creations. The pattern of this card is that of the internal strength that helps us succeed at all levels. Here, one is Victorious over Strife. The sixes are beautiful cards, full of Solar Power and Self Harmony. If you are feeling "out of Sorts", just take any six card of any suit and scry it. You'll feel warmth, brightness, and clearing up of the doldrums.

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*Uraeus is the stylized, upright form of an Egyptian spitting cobra (asp, serpent, or snake), used as a symbol of sovereignty, royalty, deity, and divine authority in ancient Egypt. The Uraeus is a symbol for the goddess Wadjet, an early Egyptian Goddess, who often was depicted as a cobra. Hence, this symbol is used on the Major Adeptus Wand, to illustrate your divine authority over your life. The Uraeus serpent is also often shown in singularity as a cobra on the headdress or crown of a pharaoh. The Six of Wands acknowledges that the Spirit is the only Pharaoh in your life. Put your face towards the sky and Yell: "I AM Spirit"!

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The Declarative Tarot- Layers of Passion-No.6-Achievement.

The Declarative Tarot-Layers of Passion (wands)-N0.6-Achievement (Victory) is about claiming our authenticity by declaring ourselves as the one accountable to ourselves. Here our passion is to ask more questions and thereby receive more answers.

Above right on this card of a forest floor, sits a green grasshopper who observes its surroundings before singing its song. In folklore around the world the grasshopper is a symbol of good luck, and an indication of achievement. Folklore often contains fascinating stories about various creatures, including green grasshoppers. Here's a folklore tale about a green grasshopper:

In a quaint village nestled at the edge of a lush, green forest, there lived an old woman named Agnes. She was known throughout the village for her wisdom and connection to the natural world. People would often seek her out for guidance and insight.

One sunny morning, as Agnes was tending to her garden, she noticed a vivid green grasshopper perched on a vibrant red flower. Its emerald body glistened in the sunlight, and its antennae twitched with curiosity. Agnes, recognizing this as a sign from the natural spirits, gently approached the grasshopper.

The grasshopper looked at Agnes with its tiny, black eyes and began to chirp a melodious song. Agnes listened closely, for she knew that the grasshopper was conveying a message from the spirit world. The chirps told of a great drought that would soon befall the village, bringing hardship and suffering to its inhabitants.

Agnes immediately gathered the villagers and shared the grasshopper's warning. They heeded her words, and together, they prepared for the impending drought. They stored water, cultivated drought-resistant crops, and shared their resources with one another.

As the days turned into weeks, the drought did indeed descend upon the village, but thanks to Agnes's wisdom and the guidance of the green grasshopper, the villagers were well-prepared. They managed to endure the dry spell without suffering as much as they would have otherwise.

In the end, when the rains finally returned, the village flourished once more, and the green grasshopper, having fulfilled its purpose, disappeared into the depths of the forest. Agnes and the villagers continued to honor the grasshopper as a symbol of wisdom, foresight, and the importance of listening to the natural world.

To this day, in that quaint village, the green grasshopper is revered as a messenger from the spirits of nature, reminding everyone to remain in tune with the world around them and to heed the wisdom it offers.

This folklore celebrates the role of the green grasshopper as a symbol of connection to nature and the importance of heeding its messages.


The two Domino Roaches (spotted roach) and/or the Question Mark Roach, are from India. In India and parts of Asia these insects are considered pets. There really isn't any folk lore concerning these docile insects who chemically communicate with each other when danger is near. They are adaptive and persistent as they thrive on the forest floor usually found under the leaf clutter. Because of their persistent passion to be, they are victorious in an ever-changing environment and therefore make these Roaches easy to care for pets.

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The sparkling orbs represent fireflies that dance about the sky rhythmically using their light to signal their lover. And behold! There is folk lore concerning these lightning bugs.


Fireflies are often seen as symbols of various things in diverse cultures:

  1. Romantic Symbolism: In some cultures, fireflies are associated with love and romance. Their soft, glowing light is seen as a representation of the sparks between lovers.

  2. Guiding Spirits: In certain folklore, fireflies are believed to be the souls of the departed or spirits guiding people on their journeys.

  3. Light in the Darkness: Fireflies are also seen as symbols of hope and illumination in the darkness, both literally and metaphorically.

  4. Harbingers of Summer: In some regions, the appearance of fireflies is seen as a sign that summer has truly arrived.

  5. Magical Creatures: Fireflies have sometimes been associated with magical beings or fairies. They are thought to be tiny, mystical creatures that come out at night.

While these beliefs and stories may not directly connect to your expertise in Tarot Card Comparisons or Western Hermetic Qabalah, they do offer a fascinating glimpse into the cultural significance of these insects in various parts of the world.

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The glowing eyes amongst the bamboo and leaf litter of the forest floor remind us that Nature is looking back at us. Here is an image of Earth looking back at us, reminding us that we are supported by Nature and belong to the Earth thereby making our actions directly connected to the collective of Life.

Together all these symbols represent the mental force of the "self-authority" and/or the intellect that the Soul places in our subconscious as the flames of truth, liberty and justice while also leading us to triumph over liars, usurpers, while purifying the Soul, and granting a deep sense of duty that helps us build our inner lushness where the Solar-Self resides.

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The Thoth six of wands declares that the aspirant has shown wise leadership, gathering others around in ordered cohesion. Therefore, what is also implied here, if surrounded with negative cards, is the potential for leadership turning into dominance and for the good of all sacrificed to the gratification of one's ego. Therefore, victory is dual of nature. Battle/strife must happen first and then be overcome with victorious effort, while also controlling one's ego.

When the 6 of Wands or The Declarative Tarot-No.6--Achievement card is thrown during a reading, it implies:

  • One is assured of victory, but victory only comes after a struggle so don't celebrate prematurely.
  • There is implied a short-lived mundane victory with all blockages overcome but by trusting the Stability of the Higher Self, the Victory is long lasting.
  • Confidence and belief in yourself are the necessary tools here and it looks like they have been achieved with some breakthroughs in insight and creativity happening in the next 6 days or weeks.
  • The querent is showing secure knowledge of self-identity and displays self confidence in leadership abilities.
  • There is, in the querent, a purposeful sense of direction and purpose.
  • Joy.
  • Optimism.
  • Victorious struggle.
  • Allowing your will to triumph. 

If ill defined by surrounding cards in the layout, it implies:

  • Presumption.
  • Excess of emotion.
  • Personality cut.
  • Loss of belief.

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