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· Astromatrix -Thoth

Above all things, know thyself!

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Thoth- 6 of Disks-Success

#6. In all things great and small, I see the beauty of the Divine Expression.

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The Astromatrix Tarot-6 of Pentacles

As always, the 6's are about a balance of trinities which makes them powerful and stable in dynamic movement.

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The Thoth 6 of Disks card represents physical attainment, accomplishment, and success. This is the harmonious energy of Earth, the balance of polarities that have made fruitful the Son, Father, and Grandfather aspects of electric force and the Maid, Mother, and Crone aspects of magnetic force.

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The Thoth 6 of Disks is assigned the Moon in Taurus, a place the Moon is incredibly happy to be as she is exalted there. However, the Moon is constantly changing, making this a temporary success. Tiphareth is the central Sun and the 6th Sephiroth of Beauty, comes to the rescue and adds its Midas-Golden touch to the cards in the layout. The 6 of Disks-Success, is aptly named The Lord of success, and since the Moon is exalted in Taurus, and Tiphareth is also in the Sun placement on the Tree of Life, creates a complete masculine and feminine flow of energy. Here the charm, subtleties, ebb, and flow of the Moon are merging with the hard work and deliberate earth qualities of Taurus, ensuring success in business and other earthly matters.

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There is also a great beauty here that comes from the balances of mental, emotional, and physical energy enhanced by the higher conscious states of Self. Tiphareth is named Beauty as it is the Celestial Psyche or Soul and Being Beauty---feels great when you have a body! Beauty is not determined by fashion, nor culture, this is the Beauty of the Soul (solar self) that created me so it could be me! The great inner beauty of synchronicity; of a Trinity composed of Spirit-Mind-Body.

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In astrology, the Moon represents emotions, intuition, and the subconscious mind, while Taurus is associated with stability, sensuality, and material possessions. When the Moon is in the house of Taurus in a birth chart, it influences the individual's emotional nature in specific ways.

Here are some characteristics of the Moon in Taurus:

  1. Emotional Stability: Taurus is an earth sign known for its grounded and stable nature. When the Moon is in Taurus, individuals tend to have a steady and reliable emotional state. They may approach their feelings with a practical mindset, seeking security and comfort in their emotional connections.

  2. Sensuality: Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. The Moon in Taurus enhances the sensual and pleasure-seeking aspects of one's emotions. These individuals may find comfort and emotional satisfaction through experiences that engage their senses, such as good food, music, or physical touch.

  3. Attachment to Material Security: Taurus is associated with material possessions and financial stability. People with the Moon in Taurus may feel emotionally secure when surrounded by comfort and luxury. They may have a strong attachment to their material possessions and use them as a source of emotional grounding.

  4. Resilience: Taurus is a sign known for its endurance and resilience. When the Moon is in Taurus, individuals may handle emotional challenges with patience and persistence. They are less likely to be easily swayed by emotional upheavals and may prefer a calm and steady approach to resolving conflicts.

  5. Resistance to Change: Taurus is a fixed sign, indicating a resistance to change. Individuals with the Moon in Taurus may find comfort in routine and may be resistant to emotional upheavals or sudden changes. They prefer a steady and predictable emotional environment.

It's important to note that the complete astrological profile, including the positions of other planets and the overall birth chart, provides a more nuanced understanding of an individual's personality and life experiences. Additionally, individual interpretations may vary based on the astrologer's approach and perspective.


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Generosity is also shown here, as you now have enough success in physical health, finances, and emotional balance to assist others in their success. The Moon in Taurus also suggests productivity as Taurus is an earth sign and a deep inner satisfaction (The Moon) or a deep desire on the subconscious level. The foundation of creation vibrates from the deep passion and desire of Will-to-Be and the deep satisfaction of I AM Success! This being so, to achieve a happy success in any endeavor means that we must be in union with our inner master who built us as its masterpiece; the I AM. There is only diligence and doing indicated here. This is where the axiom," Above all things know thyself" really comes into its own. In Qabalah, it is stated that the Truth is I AM, what I am is an assumption. I Am the Tarot, acknowledges that you are the 0=78 and/or the 78 aspects of the Spiritual-Mind-Body as Self! I AM Success, acknowledges that you are 100% present. That 100% is known as "Holy Spirit", for a whole spirit is a trinity of Spirit-Mind-Body.

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The formula for success is indicated in the 6 planetary circles shown on the Thoth card:

1. Saturn represents success through discipline.

2. Jupiter reminds us that success is achieved by being open and flexible to options that may present themselves.

3. Venus reminds us of our beautiful heart and follows what has heartfelt meaning in our life.

4. The Moon indicates success attainable through following the truth of us, by being authentic.

5. Mercury reminds us about how important organized well-timed communication is important to success.

6. Mars reminds us to express continually steady energy into our professional or personal issues to achieve success...The Tortoise vs the Hare scenario, where rapid spurts of energy do not achieve success whereas steady-on does.

Success comes from deep within rather than the superficial without, which is symbolize in this card as the joining of the Western Cross (deep inner self integration) and the opening and blooming of successful achievement (the Eastern symbol of success- the lotus/Western Rose). However, 6 is not only several accomplishments, but also that of the Christ, Buddha consciousness; a consciousness we call the Soul. Throughout history a certain sacrifice is made for the" Number of the Dying gods" (Six), which means a definite personality deconstruction for the reconstruction that brings success.

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Rosy Cross

The colors on the Thoth Deck Card are muted in this rendition of the Thoth Tarot Deck; However, the center glows in dawn's light of rose-madder, surrounded by three concentric circles of golden yellow, salmon-pink, and amber. Suggesting Tiphareth, the Solar Self, fully realized on earth. The usual arrangement of the Planets, as disks, are being irradiated by the Sun/Son at the center. Again, Tiphareth is the Sun/Son and is here, idolized as the Rose and Cross. This is a forty-nine pedaled Rose, implying the interplay of the Seven with the Seven. The Rose crucified on a cross of five squares, is a Masonic magical symbol for the Sun. The Feminine is never separate from the Masculine, it is their interplay that makes Life.

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The Astromatrix Tarot-6 of Pentacles.

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The Astromatrix Tarot- 6 of Pentacles represents good fortune, prosperity, and generosity. Above the Priestess/Goddess who is wearing the yin yang crown of Chinese symbology for balance of male and female forces is handing out 2 golden pentacles are 4 more, indicating "the heavens are smiling on you" and that the goddess of fortune, Fortuna, is favoring you. All is lush and verdant greenery. Here there are two people who have prayed to the Goddess (Creatrix) are receiving wealth. This is a modernization of the Rider-Waite-Smith 6 of Pentacles card and therefore, classified as a Traditional Tarot Card.

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Cai Shen-Goddess of Fortune.

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Rider-Waite-Smith 6 of Pentacles.

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The Chinese goddess of fortune is commonly known as Caishen (also spelled Cai Shen or Tsai Shen). She is revered as a deity of wealth, prosperity, and good fortune in Chinese culture. Caishen's legend is deeply rooted in Chinese mythology and folklore.

Legend has it that Caishen was originally a mortal named Zhao Gongming during the Tang Dynasty. He was a skilled military general known for his bravery and loyalty to the emperor. However, despite his military prowess, Zhao Gongming led a humble and modest life.

One day, while Zhao Gongming was on a journey, he encountered a beggar who asked for food and shelter. Despite having limited resources, Zhao Gongming generously shared his provisions with the beggar and offered him a place to stay for the night. Unbeknownst to Zhao Gongming, the beggar was actually a disguised deity who was testing his generosity and kindness.

Impressed by Zhao Gongming's selflessness, the deity revealed his true form and bestowed upon him divine blessings, transforming him into the immortal Caishen, the god of wealth and prosperity. From that day forward, Caishen became known as the bringer of fortune and prosperity to those who showed kindness and generosity.

In Chinese culture, Caishen is often depicted wearing luxurious robes and carrying symbols of wealth, such as a gold ingot or a treasure bowl overflowing with coins. During the Chinese New Year and other festive occasions, people pay homage to Caishen by offering prayers, burning incense, and displaying images of the deity in their homes and businesses, hoping to attract good luck and prosperity in the coming year.

Overall, the legend of Caishen exemplifies the virtues of generosity, kindness, and humility, and serves as a reminder of the importance of compassion and benevolence in achieving true wealth and prosperity.

This card represents good luck in monetary affairs. You've had a run of luck and are enjoying your newfound wealth. The caveat here is to be generous for that promotes prosperity but be careful not to fall into bad spending habits. It states that the querent shares gifts of love or material value with others, and they with you. Therefore, what pertains to the Thoth 6 of Disks, also describes the deeper meanings of the 6 of Pentacles card.

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Adam Khadmon- The Greatest prosperity as The Heavenly Human

When the 6 of Disks/6 of Pentacles is thrown in a divination, it implies:

  • Material attainment and accomplishment, but with a caveat dealt out by the law of Karma; you'll have to put out effort, to receive continued success.
  • The successful cycle of income or security is steady and predictable.
  • That the querent is also generous, sharing wealth, giving people what they are willing to receive.
  • The 6 of Disks/Pentacles also suggests that money owed will be paid and the querent shall receive what is rightfully theirs. 
  • That in the next 6 weeks or 6 months, you have the opportunity for success if you follow the formula for success as represented by the six planets presented in this card.
  • That in the next 6 weeks or months, you will experience being successful in producing something deeply satisfying and important to you.
  • That success is only a temporary moment of repose, and we must be flexible to new options to keep on succeeding in our life motion.
  • If ill defined by the surrounding cards in the layout it implies:

  • Dissipation. 
  • Moment beginning to end.
  • Save money carefully during a period of prosperity.

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