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Thoth- 6 of Cups-Pleasure

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Santa Muerte- 6 of Cups

[From the Sepher Yetzirah and the Thirty-Two Paths of Wisdom:]

In Kether is the Radix of a Golden Glory and thence is there a pure, primitive and sparkling, gleaming golden yellow which is reflected into Tiphareth. This is the first reflected Triad complete. And the sphere of its operation is that of Shemesh, the Solar Light, and bestoweth Life, Light and Brilliancy in metallic matter, and it rideth the sphere of action and of the Sun. And YHVH
Eloah va-Daath is a God of Knowledge and Wisdom, ruling over the Light of the Universe; and its Archangel is Raphael, the Prince of Brightness, Beauty and Life. And the Name of the Order of Angels is Melechim that is Kings or Angelic Kings, who are also called the Order of
Virtues, Angels and Rulers.

Aleister Crowley called the Thoth 6 of Cups the Lord of Pleasure. Here the Sun is in Scorpio the Angels of the Decan are Nelokhiel and Yeyayel.

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The influence of the Solar Self-Tiphareth (Soul), in the Creative World known to Qabalist as Briah.

Tiphareth in Atziluth (Beauty in Pure Spirit) means Victory after effort, shown as the 6 of Wands, thus we see the 6 of Cups as Tiphareth-Beauty in the Watery Creative World of Imagination, as the beginnings of Pleasure.

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Noted to be a sign of discrimination, magnetism and hidden qualities, Scorpio, in the 6 of Cups, is like activated Water by Solar-Sexual communion. Here, Scorpio revels in the Sun, and is likened to a Fertile, warm, fruitful Sea--a Spa of Life generating qualities. Personally, being a Sun in Scorpio, and a Scorpio Natal, and having a Moon in the 7th house of Cancer, my inner-self/Soul is a bright pleasure to my Watery World of imagination and intuition. Bacchus revels in my halls of hearth and heart as I live this card in a daily Glow of Bright Pleasure. In the Solar Self there is no need to seek Pleasure-----I Am Pleasure! And pleasure is a state of daily being as I Am the will , I Am the way, I Am the Wealth, I Am the day.

Of a matter of course, Scorpio may sting where the Will directs, however, when the Will resides in Beauty-Tiphareth, Love is the Willful view of life and the scorpion's sting is reserved for those who would demean life with vial destructive actions. So as the Sun activates the Forces of Scorpio, gain or pleasure commences. Implied, without assurance, is that pleasure and gain will build as shown by the partially filled cups that leave room for more experiences. When one's identity is the Will, than the body follows that will rather than the will being subservient to the body- ego.

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Pleasure, being the natural title of this card, is not that of the mundane pleasures of the pain fleeing populace, but of the highest sense as the "adorable fire"; implying well-being, harmony of natural forces without effort or strain but with ease and satisfaction. Yet it does emphatically represent the fulfillment of Sexual Will, as shown by the ruling Sephiroth, Tiphareth, sign of Scorpio, Planet Sun, and element of Water. A communion of fertile forces, that makes all life possible.

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The person who experiences this card in sensual being, knows this as the sexual ecstasy of the Solar Logos that blazes as a Sun Rising up from the* Muladhara chakra to the "Sexual Chakra" or **Swadhisthana chakra continuing up to the Sahasrara or crown where the orgasmic ecstasy that never stops. This is the state of the Highest of Sexual possibility, as in the union of Zeus Christos and the Mari, or of the Simon and Helen, even of the Shakti and Shiva...where one knows God is Sex (Sex is 6 in Latin and sexen in Egyptian, denoting copulation). The perfect Pleasure of the synchronicity of communion, where the true female and true male identities coiled at the base of the spine blend as one Shining Star of Intelligent Vital Life Force. Here, the 0=2 goes back to the source as 2=0. This inner sun and/or soul is called the *** Kundalini.



Muladhara or the root chakra is one of the seven primary chakras according to Hindu tantrism. It is symbolized by a lotus with four petals and the colour red.

The term muladhara comes from the Sanskrit mula, meaning "root,” and adhara, meaning “support” or “base.” This is fitting because balancing this chakra is said to form the supportive foundation for higher spiritual development.

What is Muladhara? - Definition from Yogapedia

'Svadhisthana or the sacral chakra, is the second primary chakra according to Hindu Tantrism. This chakra is said to be blocked by fear, especially the fear of death. Opening this chakra can boost creativity,manifested desire and confidence.


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Definition - What does Kundalini mean?

Kundalini is a Sanskrit term that literally means "coiled one." In spiritual circles, this term represents the primal force that lies "coiled" at the base of one's spine. Yoga poses, controlled breathing and meditation provide a means to awaken the kundalini and channel its enlightening force upward through the seven chakras, to the sahasrara chakra at the crown of the head.

An intense practice, Kundalini yoga awakens the “coiled” primal life force residing at the base of the spine. Through movement, chanting and meditation, this practice channels the force from the base, upward through the body’s spiritual centers, or chakras. As it is channeled, the force “unblocks” each chakra, awakening energy and freeing the practitioner to experience total health and blissful enlightenment.

This is true inner pleasure that does not fade away. I recommend Kundalini Yoga to everyone who wishes to know the "Magic of being SELF".

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Number 6 Meaning in Numerology

What is the definition of 6 in Numerology? The number 6 is the embodiment of the heart. It represents unconditional love and the ability to support, nurture, and heal. It is a powerful force of compassion and empathy and its warm light is a beacon of hope. Its role is to use its heart and soul to be of service to others.

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santa muerte tarot- 6 of cups

The advice of the Dead: ​Carefully analyze the reasons for your current situation and use the energy at your disposal to organize your future rather letting it shrivel and stagnate.

-From the Santa Muerte Book of the Dead, by Fabio Listrani

The Santa Muerte-6 of Cups, seems to be about the pleasure of harmony and balance. Here St. Death is shown as a waitress balancing 6 full cups while dancing on the borderline of the past (gray) and the present (rose colored bricks). One could say that she is straddling the fence between yesterday and today. In such a state, the balance is precarious with a tendency to live in the past, accumulating memories and nostalgia, bringing uncertainties that cause us to hide from the present. Hiding brings inevitable solitude. The message here is that only "through renewal and new acquisitions of trust regarding the future can the situation be reversed" (Fabio Listrani) .

When the 6 of Cups-Pleasure, is thrown during a reading:

  • The querent is experiencing emotional pleasure, in a period of 6 weeks or 6 months of giving to and receiving pleasure from others.
  • A period of innocence and taking great pleasure in one's childlike qualities.
  • They may be experiencing an orgasmic rush of feelings, a wave of ecstasy that even sad feelings being actively expressed, feel good in release.
  • The querent may also be experiencing sweet memories of the past, as past efforts bring present rewards.
  • The querent's sexual sun is fully shining, producing a summer crop of pleasure throughout the body.
  • Karmic rootedness.
  • Emotional-Sexual strength. 
  • Strong suggestive charisma. 
  • Emotional Will and creative power. 
  • The Inner-center as the source of emotional power.

If ill defined by surrounding cards:

  • Emotional imprisonment- (living in the past).
  • Flight from reality. 

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