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· modern witch-Thoth

Above all things, know thyself!

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Thoth-5 of Swords-Defeat

#5. I recognize the manifestation of the undeviating justice in all the circumstances of my life.

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The Modern Witch Tarot- Five of Swords

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The 5 of Swords-Defeat occupies the position of Geburah, the 5th Sephiroth on the Tree of Life named SEVERITY. Although Geburah is an aspect of the All Mother Binah, albeit lower down the Tree, this Severity is easily explained as cutting away the unworthy bits so that you are the original form she has known into existence; the Original You-Her Golden Child. What many fail to understand, is that all the definitions given you, by your society, belief systems and cultures are not you, because YOU HAVE TO BE KNOWN INTO EXISTENCE AS SELF-INFORMATION BY YOUR DIVINE CREATIVE! In other words, you have been already made to be you and have become complete in manifestation., which is the last step in "KNOWING". 

Wholeness is Spirit-Mind-Body as One Being, not a personal ego looking for approval. Your destiny is done, YOU ARE TO BE! From the beginning of Time, the One Energy, whose God name is Eheieh (I Will Be) shouted out loud "I Will Be", and from that came I AM...which is 0=2-Male and Female-Electric and Magnetic, Polar opposites who simultaneously became into idea (energy flow requires polar opposites). You are the fulfillment of that command of "I Will Be" and therefore, fulfilled destiny. However, your fate is up to you and you may know this as "freedom of choice", as your choices make your Life journey.

Since, truth is made manifest, you never came seeking your truth, nor did you come to find out who you are, the Soul already Knows that and built you, the Celestial Psyche, as its representative in the material world. By turning "Understanding" into information, the Divine Creatrix made you manifest! Therefore, You are already Defined into being, not a being who seeks definition; for this planet and this cosmos are not a courtroom. Rather they are a workplace whereby the use of in-form-action turns information into knowledge by experience! You are an image of Goddess/God---The IAM, who proves definition by making it manifest! You also give definition to things, so that they may be cataloged and used as communicated information; in the Mind things must be identified to become "Understood". Ideas, are what you build into things by naming them and then emoting them as in-form-action, thereby allowing the ideas, to be experienced and proven as Knowledge. Knowledge is different than information, as it must be intimately experienced by what is commonly called a "life motion". If an idea manifests and expands the intent it was designed to do; that's knowledge. If it doesn't succeed in the intent; that is also knowledge. Hence, knowledge is neither good nor bad. It is an experiment and experiments are all failures until they aren't.

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True SElf

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Man made self

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Therefore, Geburah, helps us remember who we really are, and not what we pretend or believe ourselves to be. This is necessary as we all wear a mask created of words that fulfill a ruler's propaganda and are unable to see our true reflection in the mirror of the Unconscious. The Thoth 5 of Swords, is known as Defeat, or Lord of Defeat, while the Modern Witch Tarot - Five of Swords is mimicking defeat. Defeat, where a strong person has 3 of the swords as the defeated hang their heads and walk away.

Being that Venus is in Aquarius here, the normal disruption of Geburah's strength, is not the cause of disaster! This is because weakness is the cause of the 5 of Swords disaster! A weakness brought on by pacifism, and enfeebling sentiment; maybe even treachery. However, it is also a weakness a child feels when he or she isn't allowed to be themselves, but must reject themselves to fulfill a doctrine or dogma as their identity. This begins by rejecting the very body, that they have come to claim in their name. In our society, the body is "bad" and Unclean when naked, and must be an object of shame and to enjoy it and the sensations it gives us, is a "sin" and a mode of embarrassment and humiliation. This defeats the whole purpose of sensual being! We are Celestial Beings who are not seeking Light, for Light is what we are. Rather we are seeking "enfleshenment"! For "Joy", "Happiness", "Pleasure", "Excitement", "Love" (intimacy) cannot be felt or known without a sensual body! Of course this also brings the "shadow side" of these sensations, "sadness", "sorrow", "Pain", " Boredom", "loneliness" etc. All of which is data turned into "knowledge". You are Spirit (another word for Energy) and Energy is not sensual. Your immortal self (True Self) is "Pure Energy" and/or a Sun of the Divine Creative. Hence, we are Celestial, not physical! Photonic Beings who need bioprotonic bodies to "Above all things, Know thyself"!

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How the Energy that is your I AM, enters and animates the body in your name of "I AM ME".

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Thoth-5 of swords-Defeat

The hilts of the Thoth swords form the sinister image of the inverted pentagram, symbolic of the body's fears having conquered the Will of Spirit by the treachery of sensation/shame and embarrassment. Many of us know that feeling fearful, is often more sensual than feeling willful. This is because of the ever present self-doubt brought into belief by indoctrination, propaganda, and dogma of "badness" and the fact that the subconscious is the bio-protonic intelligence of the physical form...something you must adopt and train to be a faithful companion (the subconscious is also called the "survival mind" as its intelligence is "fear based"). Antagonism between the Subconscious and Self-Conscious, keeps the will of IAM from collecting into force. Knowing, is replaced by " fear based belief systems"; systems made by "the few who wish to rule the many". Notice: that none of the sword hilts are the same, implying many different weak thoughts assaulting the blue Rose of Wisdom, that was at once whole in the 4, is now all cut to pieces in the 5, implying that Wisdom is scattered to the winds of emotional/mental defeat. To emphasize this defeat of will, blood of self-torture and the poison of shame drips from the intellect/swords.

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The 5 of Swords is Geburah in Yetzirah, a severe Mars influence, is now in the Astral-Formative World. Yet, Mars is the consort of Venus in mythology, whereby, mythology is not a story telling a lie, but rather a story relating a truth. Hence, there is also a vulnerability of capitulation here as warlike Mars, ravages the charms of Venus.

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The Modern Witch Tarot-Five of Swords, illustrates a defeated and dissolving image of deep to the bone suffering, as a woman (has all the swords while watching the defeated slink away. There seems to be more swords than the strong woman can handle, so 2 are left on the ground.

In an emotional sense, fear makes us think the same thoughts over and over again, expecting different results. This is self-defeating, for the only results will be inability to live in the moment. You become "yesterday's" dysfunction and not a "Today's" action. Hence, the image suggests anxiety, meanness, fear, humiliation, loss, collapse of plans. You now have a black streak in your life and are now unlucky in everything.

However, the querent maybe the strong one or at least the one feeling strong who is fed up with the situation and is will to stand and fight. The card implies that if you choose to fight, you will win but also there maybe unforeseen circumstances(2 swords on the ground). So stop and consider the situation for a moment, so that you don't do what you will regret.

When the 5/Five of Swords card is thrown during a reading, the querent is:

  • Usually caught in the fears of the past.
  • They are experiencing a self-defined prison of negative, self-defeating beliefs.
  • Here is defeat on a mental level, bringing humiliation and weakness.
  • The suggestion here is to give up fighting, swallow your pride and acknowledge your limitations, and then proceed in a new direction. 
  • We are only defeated when we stop seeking another way. 
  • So there is no 5 week or 5-month period here, since it is the querent's own mental negativity that is involved here, and they could change perspective at any time.
  • An overwhelming situation. 
  • Needing to hold onto principles until the time comes to make a  change.

If the cards are ill defined by the surrounding cards it implies:

  • Situation growing better with courage and persistence.
  • Winning against the odds with all that one has.
  • Testing one's prowess. 

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