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· Declarative -Thoth

Above all things, know thyself!

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Thoth- 5 of Disks-Worry

#5. I recognize the manifestation of undeviating justice in all the circumstances of my life.

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The Declarative Tarot-Layers of Presence-No.5-Distraction.

(Formerly 5 of Disks/ Pentacles)

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Thoth- 5 of Disks-Worry.

Lord of Material Trouble.

Since Disks/Pentacles are cards that represent the physical, this Thoth 5 of Disks card represents physical worry, concerns, and rumination. It is a state of consciousness that dwells in the past and looks forward fearing the future and therefore, doesn't live in the now. By not living in the now, we are not present today, which doesn't allow new perspectives or thoughts to change our mental-emotional (Energy-in-Motion) direction. This is a general effect of a long strain without action, a general state of inaction. Health, finances, work, relationships and/or creativity are the concerns here. However, its primary meaning is Poverty. This card represents the feeling that the earth has gone from under your feet, troubles, losses, and bad luck have piled up like a snowball that turns into an avalanche.

To the knowing magus of this material world, the misuse of one's possessions or the misuse of energy or power will easily lead to separation from others and the potential for losing it all. The Knowing here, is that the true wealth is not of accumulated titles, or possessions; Rather what is to be gleaned from our manifesting here is that true wealth is the Spiritual abundance of Spirit-Mind-Soul, in perfect fearless cooperation as the Whole Self Harmonic. True Wealth is Will and/or Mind over matter. We are a Psyche/Solar Psyche not a body nor its subconscious fear-based survival brain. Each of us has the power of command. I Am... begins this command process. I AM Wealth, commands the manifestation of Spiritual, Mental, and Body wealth. To concentrate on loss is to command loss as your manifestation. To seek is to deny you have it. To "Know" is a command to manifest. Hence, I Am Wealth, Health, and Wellbeing! I Am Commands energy to become these things as well as your Identity. You are a Mind that controls energy and emotes thought, the first material, into creation. This power of emoting is called "emotions". The more emotion you put into a command of I Am, the more the swirling power of emotions stirs the energy all around you into manifesting your command as atoms condense in the spiral motion.

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You already have fulfilled your destiny which is "to be" for that is the will of the One, known as Eheieh the Hebrew God name for Kether the 1st Sephiroth and means "I Will Be". However, now that your destiny has been decided, you control your fate, which is called "freedom of choice". Most of us are a Brain suffering from culturally imposed amnesia. We have forgotten we are the Mind over matter (Brain), a power mind that is often called the Soul/Psyche and/or the Sun of God. We command our fate by what we send energy-in-motion to, which helps created our Identity. I AM, states existence, what I Am, is assumption by freedom of choice. I AM Wealth, yelled with the force of passion, cancels the manifestations of poverty and worry.

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Astrologically the Thoth 5 of Disks card represents Mercury in the House of Taurus, also symbolizing communication worries. Worrying about whether your communication efforts are coming across correctly or if you even can communicate at all. By now we are familiar with the 5th Sephiroth- Geburah, a state of energy intelligence that is severe in its function; Geburah, the 5th Sephiroth, is a corrective state of intelligence, whose severity is an action towards self-assessment, rather than anything karmic. The angels of the Decan are Mibahiah and Pooyal.

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Worrying Sheep.

In the 5 of Disks, we have Geburah-Severity, influencing the Material World (Assiah).

"To Worry" something, is translated from Anglo- Saxon to English, as the Anglo-Saxon shepherds used the word "to worry sheep" which is a type of strangulation a sheep dog does to a sheep. This strangulating is a biting and holding on to the Sheep's throat, which stops it in its tracks and is just for that purpose. No blood is let, yet the dogs grip is strong enough to stop the sheep from any consideration other than stopping. Thus, we understand that the 5 of disks is so named because it stops all material events, such as profession or monetary gain, dead in its tracks.

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The Five Hindu Tattvas

Again, Crowley shapes this card as an inverted pentagram, which implies difficulties. as the body's fear is overriding the brain and therefore, not allowing the Mind to run the body. He also placed the geometric figures of the Hindu five Tattvas in the individual disks, each symbolizing an Alchemical element of Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Spirit(ether). In the Hindu system these are the underlying currents of matter. The 5 Tattvas are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether (ether is the dark in the center) These are the same “elements” known to Hermetic science & Chinese medicine. These 5 earthly tattvas are qualities in our senses and in the world.

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As mentioned, Mercurial energy is opposed in Taurian earth, simply because earth has a natural tendency to be stationary while Mercury is a messenger of swift motion. Granted it takes a strong Mercury to influence and unbalance Taurus, but Geburah is just that strength. In fact, instead of Severity, she is sometimes called Strength and causes instability in the 5 states of matter. This instability is vibrational, much like an earthquake, yet the 5 states of energy (Tattvas) have enough attraction necessary to hold together on the lower planes forestalling complete disruption. So, again, this is more like the dog holding the sheep at a standstill, a kind of intelligence applied to labor. The 5 of Disks therefore also implies intense strain with long moments of inaction.

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The 5 of Disks states that perspective makes our present state of being, and if our perspectives dwell in the past we are “up-side-down” ---we aren't living today; the body may be in the "now", but the activating principle of the mind is in "yesterdays". Therefore, the 5 of Disks card reminds us that we are presently inanimate, which is dead to action as if stuck in the mud. We can change directions, be they physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental, only by acting and/or moving! You can't correct the direction of a parked car, it must be moving first, so don't wait, begin with what you have even if your only action is to hold out your hand for assistance. Tomorrow and what-ifs are unimportant to motion as they only excuse inaction. It's time to break worry patterns by actively pursuing changes in communication patterns, financial, health, and in relationships with the Taurus people in your life. Therefore, worry is seen as a type of mental lethargy where one is at a crossroads and must choose a direction to break the chains of the past that are easily broken by current activity. Live the now, you are not "a past person" you are an I AM Now person---an active and unique expression of Alive Energy-in-motion. Therefore, when the worry card shows up, it implies you're at a crossroads, and must choose a direction, and then move into action which is a worry- free zone, for one step begins a journey of a thousand miles!

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The Declarative Tarot-Layers of Presence-No. 5 -Distraction.

The Declarative Tarot- Layers of Presence-No.5- Distraction is the 5 of Pentacles/Disks in this deck. This card represents the self-defeating thoughts that we use to distract ourselves when caught up in "what ifs" and would, should, or "I'll do it tomorrow". Thereby, we lose sight of our goals and peck at fruitless things that crumble, often under our need to meet perfection and success which is a distraction.

There is also a subtle admonishment here to ignore pride and ask for help. Sometimes we struggle and feel like there is nothing to do but put one's head down and suffer through it. Look around and you will see there is shelter, warmth, and loved ones who are willing to help in some sense. You are not alone; others will help you weather this storm.

The No.5-Distraction card is a metaphoric display of distractions. The image of the Greater Spotted Woodpecker, who pecks continuously in the same location, even if it produces no result. Do you like the sound of active pecking (sound of your own voice), or do you feel compelled to do so to hide the fact that you don't have the answer?

While there isn't as much folklore specifically centered around the Greater Spotted Woodpecker compared to some other birds, woodpeckers in general have been featured in various folk tales and legends in diverse cultures around the world. Here are a few interesting aspects:

  1. Communication with the Spirit World: In some Native American cultures, woodpeckers were seen as messengers between the living and the spirit world. Their rhythmic drumming on trees was believed to carry messages or signals from the spirit realm.

  2. Woodpecker as a Symbol: In European folklore, woodpeckers were sometimes associated with different symbols and superstitions. For example, in some regions, seeing a woodpecker was considered a sign of good luck, while in others, it was seen as an omen of bad luck or death.

  3. Woodpecker as a Weather Forecaster: In parts of North America, particularly among some Indigenous tribes, the drumming and behavior of woodpeckers were observed to predict changes in the weather. They believed that woodpeckers would drum louder and more frantically before a storm.

  4. Woodpecker as a Symbol of Patience: The persistent pecking of woodpeckers has been interpreted as a symbol of patience and determination in some cultures. This characteristic has been incorporated into stories and fables as a lesson about the value of persistence.

While these aspects aren't specific to the Greater Spotted Woodpecker, they provide a broader context for the folklore surrounding woodpeckers in general. It's important to note that folklore can vary widely among diverse cultures and regions, so there may be additional, more localized stories or beliefs related to woodpeckers. The caveat here is to stop useless pecking at something that can be a sign of ego-based stubbornness rather than constructive patience.

The Lumina Annua or Silver Dollar plant in the background represents the thought that one thinks will bring future abundance, but just ends up being mental noise that brings abundance in unneeded things.

The Silver Dollar Plant, also known as Lunaria annua, Honesty, or Money Plant, does have some folklore and symbolic associations:

  1. Money Plant: The common name "Money Plant" is derived from the round, silvery-white seedpods that resemble coins or silver dollars. In some cultures, it is believed that growing a Money Plant in your home can bring financial prosperity and good luck. As the plant matures and the seedpods dry, they can be used decoratively or even saved as symbolic "money."

  2. Symbol of Honesty: The scientific name "Lunaria annua" is derived from the Latin word "luna," meaning moon, referring to the plant's moon-shaped seedpods. This has led to the plant being associated with honesty and purity in some folklore. It is often used in floral arrangements to represent sincerity.

  3. Protective Properties: In some traditional folk beliefs, the Silver Dollar Plant was thought to have protective qualities. It was sometimes hung in homes to ward off evil spirits or used as an amulet to protect against negative energy.

  4. Medicinal Uses: In herbal folklore, various parts of the Silver Dollar Plant were used for medicinal purposes, although it's important to note that these uses are not scientifically supported. For example, it was believed to have diuretic properties and was used in traditional herbal remedies for various ailments.

  5. Decorative and Superstitious Uses: In addition to its associations with money and honesty, the dried seedpods of the Silver Dollar Plant have been used in various decorative crafts and arrangements. Some people have also incorporated them into superstitious rituals or charms.

Overall, the Silver Dollar Plant has a rich history of folklore and symbolism related to prosperity, honesty, and protection in diverse cultures. It continues to be a popular ornamental plant for both its attractive foliage and its intriguing seedpods. In this card's definition, it implies a dried-out seed of misdirection.

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The image of the Border Collie chasing its own tail represents how we often get distracted by being over focused at the task at hand. Getting lost in the details, and not seeing the whole picture. This may seem playful and comedic but can also mean that our playing around is to avoid attending to what must be done.

The dominoes also represent how we play to distract ourselves. We create mental games to distract ourselves from boring but necessary tasks. Playing games is also good for rest and relaxation but can be overdone and keeps us from doing the necessary things that mortal life demands of us. Get done what you must get done, and then go play and frolic. Happiness isn't just play and games, much of it is a harmony of work and play.

When the Divination brings up the 5 of Disks/Pentacles, the querent is going through a period:

  • Of rumination, anxiety, or concern...or both.
  • Feeling left out of social events because of lack of money.
  • Of challenges concerning insecurity, deprivation, and even exclusion. 
  • Where the mind is focused on survival issues and thus stopping creativity dead in its tracks as a feeling of helplessness and inertia takes over.
  • There is a foretelling of material trouble for the next 5 weeks or 5 months. 
  • Of the next 5 weeks or 5 months, opportunities are presented to you for the release of worry about health, finances, relationships, productivity and to improve your communication skills.
  • The past, let's say when you were five years old, is what produces worry.
  • Of intending to avoid discomfort, and try to compare present day events, to past ones.
  • Locked into past pain----does not help us live in the present and this card reminds us to forget the what-ifs of yesterday, or tomorrow and to be the I Am of now.

If ill defined by the surrounding cards, it implies:

  • Failure.
  • Collapse.
  • Despair.
  • Triumph of Matter over Spirit (survival mind fear overcoming will).

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