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Thoth- 5 of Cups- Disappointment

Lord of lost pleasure.

The 5 of Cups: Disappointment.

Many people inappropriately term some tarot cards as "bad" and others as "good" which is the 2-dimensional thinking of our indoctrinated cultures. This is assuredly errant thought as the Tarot is about conscious energy and its movement as "your multidimensional life/Self".

The 5's, which have often been termed as bad, are really the necessary disruption of the placidity of the 4's. Your inner self is telling the outer self it is time to move! This is also true for the 5 of cups.

However, this seems counterintuitive as the 5 of Cups has a lot going for it. Now we know that the inverted pentagram arrangement of the Cups means matter has triumphed over spirit, but does that mean its bad? Here is Mars in Scorpio; Mars rules Scorpio and is very happy to be there. Then there is the 5th Sephiroth-Geburah, who is the Sphere of Mars, so all is hometown goodness there. So where is the problem? It is all about exuberance, for Mars is Too Happy in this configuration. Mars is way too excited to engage in foreplay. Scorpio finds this unnerving. Scorpio/Mars combo, now prematurely blows such a fiery blast of Emotion on this relationship that it retards what might have been a slow process of decay that Scorpio uses to devour and liberate her lovers.

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The Hot Winds of Emotion, blow the cups empty, while the martial wind blows apart the Lotus and turned the sky red. What's left is a stagnating pool of disappointment that makes us fragile (the five glass cups), and vulnerable. Like the murky sea in the background we become depressed and then angry, as the orange/red sky. We are now off balance (the askew star) and feeling uprooted (the lily pads with falling lotus blossoms). The transformational aspect of disappointment is shown by the universal sign of the butterfly (the roots of the lily pads in the shape of a butterfly). Now we can see the progression of the earlier small cards in this suit of water.

(2)Love leads to (3) Abundance, and if left uncontrolled leads to (4) Luxury which left uncontrolled, leads to (5)decadence, boredom, mediocrity, frustration and Disappointment.

Therefore, this is not a trivial disappointment such as not getting the right color of car, but a real stinging disappointment that in the next 5 weeks or 5 months has been or will be experienced. There could also be 5 years of disappointment or disappointment that goes back to a period 5 years ago or even disappointment that has been experienced deeply when you were 5 years old and is still influencing your present emotional state. All of these meanings are determined by where the card lays in the reading. It's now time to transform your emotional identity into a free butterfly rather than a "worm" in a hard shell of disappointment. Stuff happens to the just and unjust alike and by releasing disappointment, we can then turn frustration and anger into a personal ambition to create more motion in our life! This card states, “Release the past, for that is a dead place, fly forward into the sunny now!"

As I have previously stated, Geburah, the 5th Tee of Life Sephiroth and Sphere of Mars, rules the four 5's, and may be severe but she brings a necessary corrective in our lives. Severity corrects by tearing away all that is useless thought, and emotion; all that is outdated and unproductive.


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  1. the branch of physical science that deals with the relations between heat and other forms of energy (such as mechanical, electrical, or chemical energy), and, by extension, of the relationships between all forms of energy.

In this Universe, are the Laws of Thermodynamics which we try to communicate in physics 101 , which is a governance that all beings born of energy must emulate. The first Law of Thermodynamics states that there is only one energy that we can't create, nor can we destroy it. We can however, transfer it and transform it. Transformation is a process of deconstructing and then reconstructing that which is envisioned, thus what seems to end is merely changed.

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Transmitting is powerfully done sexually (Mars and Scorpio) or in some form of intimacy and/or communication, where we are in passionate communion with someone or something. Such as the intimacy of Lovers, or healers, or displayed on the Paths of the Tree of Life. or shamanistic rites of some cultures mixing chemical-spiritual -mental, all of which mimic the universal sexuality of electrons transferring charge from positive to negative polarities (male and female) and/ or the Universal Law of Attraction. This can be hard to see, for instance, we think light casts a shadow of darkness, when it is Darkness that Attracts Light (Dark Mater)/ or as the Ancient Egyptians said, The moon attracts the Sun, and pulls the Sun across the sky.   

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However one wishes to perceive this flow of this vital force, it is pure attraction and often called love. As such we could say that the intimacy of the negative pole as it joins with a positive pole of a magnet proves love. But being Spiritual beings, we know Love is more than just E-motions/ energy flow, it is a communion of multiple attributes that are even more apparent when a physical Spiritual body is present, such as, a "Whole Self" which is Spirit-Mind-Body, a ménage e trios (3 in a house) of Lovers in One Body . To the enfleshed Spirit, Intimacy is not just physical touching, tasting, smelling, hearing or seeing, even though those are usually involved; Intimacy is where one Auric Energy Field blends with another; one or multiples Spheres of female force to a multiple of Spheres of male force (Let and Right side of the Tree of Life). Energy weaving into a new pattern and/or dance (rhythm) for both parties. A multiplication of 7 dimensions of frequency weaving with another 7 dimensions of frequency becoming a harmony of 49. These 49 frequencies as harmony form a melody which is really easy to see in a numeric or gemantic 4+ 9= 13 ; Key 13 is the Death Card, which means a "Spiritual Transformation", of which both Union, and disappointment often leads to.

However wonderful energy- in-motion is, it must be controlled by Spirit/Mind so that the ultimate end and/r or transformation is a slow process rather than a "Big Bang". That would be the second law of Thermodynamics where"...all things proceed from order to disorder", so a Master Weaver of Self, would see the disorder in Self -Energy patterns, and deconstruct them and reconstruct a new order of E-motional-Self which is an energetic reconstruction of Self-awareness. Here's where Geburah steps in to assist us, she makes us view the disorders in ourselves, and as a corrective, we can now remove the old and build the new. As a master of creation (Sun-Soul of the Divine Creative), we must know emotion (energy-in-motion) as a willed action rather than a spontaneous reaction.

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The 5 of cups, is also assigned angels of the Decan which are: Livoyah and Pehilyah. As the 5 of cups, Geburah is influencing the Mental World, Geburah in Briah.

By now you may know that the Alchemical Element-Water is emotional and intuitive consciousness, and a sever situation is sensually presented in the 5 of Cups. Mars is violent energy and in the water sign Scorpio, this produces an extremely emotional effect.

The once full cups are empty, implying loss of that which is loved, Geburah is fiery of nature, and still water is totally at odds with this a martial and active force, thus causing an e-motional disturbance and loss of pleasure. This card, if supported by the accompanying cards, can even mean death of a loved one. The inverted pentagram represents the triumph of matter over spirit and therefore, is where disturbance arises in the middle of ease. One solution is to not expect, but just enjoy the now of the journey that we call "Living".

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Tarot Illuminati- 5 of Cups

The river of Tears.

The Tarot Illuminati- 5 of Cups once again depicts a more traditional tarot image of the 5 of Cups. Here is the emptying of ones heart (wine/blood) as 3 cups are laid over and 2 are left standing. Here flows the river of tears, and/or of disappointments. All of which is inevitable for when you open your heart to another, you become vulnerable to survival thinking (fear of rejection), your weakest spot of self-identity. No matter the joy, sooner or later you are going to lose them, for all things manifest must return to the unmanifest. Order, (form) comes from Chaos and eventually returns to chaos and/or "all things proceed from order to disorder". Therefore everything we love, will, in time, return to the star dust it came from. So don't rush the end by fearing its loss. Enjoy the moments you have, all of us grieve the end, but not before it happens. For fearing loss, creates a great rush of emotion that accelerates loss while also making grief a foundation of all future perspectives. Hence, the caveat here is, Get over yourself and get on with you, for impeccability is what we do! Besides nothing lasts forever, including the pain of loss.

When the 5 of cups is thrown during a reading:

  • The querent has been or will be experiencing emotional disappointment for 5 weeks or 5 months.
  • Usually implications of relying too much on others for love, rather than loving themselves.
  • Here, there is a certain crying over past events, an experience of grieving over what has been lost or unlearned.
  • Emotional discord as one begins to adapt.
  • Loss of a loved one. 
  • This is a card of regret, loss and separation. The corrective of Geburah is being applied here, and it is the beginning of recovery where one see’s the need to learn something new.
  • When this card is thrown you may want to release past patterns of disappointment either with the Scorpio people in your life and/or in the next 5 weeks or 5 months become no longer willing to hold onto past disappointments and will make a conscious decision to let them go.
  • Knowing that grief serves a purpose. 
  • Don't expect, just enjoy the moment.

If ill defined by surrounding cards:

  • Grief at loss.
  • Mourning an ending.
  • Bitterness. 
  • Desolation. 
  • Remaining in the crisis. 

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