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· Notoria -Thoth

Above all things, know thyself!

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#4. From the exhaustless riches of limitless substance, I draw all things needful both spiritual and material.

Thoth- 4 of Swords-Truce

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The Notoria Tarot in Light- Four of Swords

The Only God.

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Tree of life

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4 worlds of Qabalah

Chesed, the 4th Sephiroth, is the Universal Architect, therefore, normally the 4's suggest perfection, realization, completion and fixing a matter to a rock-solid stability. In the 4 of Swords, this stability is a form of Truce, where the equal tension of mutual exhaustion, makes a stability of mental powers and of the 4 elements. However, the 4 of Swords represents Chesed in Yetzirah, the Architect, influencing the fluid light of the of the astral world. As you may know, mental creation happens in the fluid light of the dreaming Astral World before the manifestation is solidified in the Material World of Malkuth. Hence, the crystalized and/or coagulated stability of the 4's is missing here and therefore, not as stable as the 4's that are already established on Malkuth.

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The Divine hermaphrodite

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Adam Khadmon-the heavenly human (The Divine Hermaphrodite)

Now you may not be able to clearly see that you are not a body, as sight is a copy of the original "I" and your body senses are copies of this "I", as sight, as smell, tasted, touch and hearing, to name a few of the 33 senses. Senses also make us feel like we are bound in a body; However, this is the illusion of senses, as you are the Energy Atmosphere around the body, called an Aura. Light/Spirit is your identity. You really are a Yod (Fiery hand of God) in the Universal Collective Unconscious, so your Real body, is the Hermaphrodite Adam Khadmon who is the Tree of Life. This is not as farfetched as you would think, for the Brain is both left-Male and right-Female. The human body is the incarnation, for sensual purposes, of making you, the Solar Psyche (Soul), intimate with your "dreams". You are a "Sun" (Star/Celestial intelligence) of the Divine Creative and therefore, as a Sun you have an Atmosphere of light, and the body resides within the solar corona of the Invisible you. That Invisible you are as Jupiter, a benevolent god, and in this card, Jupiter is in Libra. Thus, the normal destructive Swords are put to rest in the munificent, benevolent, loving nature of Jupiter.

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Human Merkabah (Enclosure energy field)

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Blue Rose of Sophia

The Rose that was cut apart in the 3 of swords, is restored and consciousness is settled, and a rest from emotional turmoil is implied by the 4 of Swords. Jupiter in Libra radiates compassion and sensitivity showing the Mercy that is Chesed. Here Jupiter claims authority in the intellectual world. Arguing for convention, Jupiter restores mental balance after the chaos of arbitrary thought.

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Saint Andrew's Cross

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In the 4 of Swords card, the hilts of the Swords, are formed into the corners of the St. Andrew's Cross, suggesting the rigidity and fixation implied in the 4. The Rose of 49 petals, in which the Swords are sheathed, suggesting social harmony, and implying a suggestion of compromise. As does Crowley, I find this compromise to be a less than positive factor. Swords are for war. Hence, this is a truce brought on by force. Making this truce an act of an indolent mind, which would rather be pusillanimous and compromise for social peace rather than work out the thought through the promised struggle. However, it may be to keep the peace; but peace at any cost is not always preferable. The price of liberty and freedom is courage that does not compromise. Here, no Treaty has been made, and no one has won. Instead, all parties agreed to rest and regroup for further conflict in some future time.

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The Notoria Tarot in Light- Four of Swords

Invocation of Angel Nelchael: Ego autem in te speravi, Domine: dixi Deus meus es tu: in manibus tuis sortes meae.

The Notoria Tarot in Light- Four of Swords, illustrates an Angel holding a book and a golden feather across its eyes. This implies an ardent desire for learning. There are four doves, who are supporting a banner of angelic seals, hover around this angel suggesting peace of mind. I am not sure why there are a couple of oxen above this angel, unless this one is "bullish" about learning.

By refining our intelligence this angel instills an enlarged consciousness allowing our mind to project forward. Hence, this angel occasionally dominates when one is involved in the study of literature, poetry, astronomy, and science. The caveat here is that an excess of study can lead to isolation and the resulting loneliness by generating a prejudice towards what is external to us, arrogance, or any change that separates us from our habits.

You have been putting all your time and energy into friends, relationships, job, and all other outer aspects of your life. Therefore, represented here is a time to quiet the noise of the mind and allow the rhythms of the intuitive mind to wash over one's auric field of energy bodies; Calming the emotional, mental, and astral aspects of the Mind and to remember peace. Now is the time to embrace silence and look deep within to where the Great Buddha-Self is sitting quietly on a white Lotus, floating on the waveless wine- dark sea of the Universal Collective Self. There is an issue at hand, something unresolved and it hovers, waiting to be solved, although all attempts look to be processed. However, for now it is best that we call a truce, and go inward to self-introspection, coming out when we are ready to attempt a new solution again. Now is the time to restructure the mind's eye and contemplate the meaning of reality. "Reality" being relative and subject to change via perspective changes. The Truth of you as SELF is I AM, how you identify yourself as a form (Me), is all assumption. We are the manifested universal constant of Transformation.


  1. The Angelic Seal. 
  2. The original numeric classification of Angel supplied by the Shem ha-Mephorash: 21: Chorus of Thrones (3rd Sephiroth-Binah-Understanding).
  3. Angelic name. 
  4. Tarot card divination name and number: 4 of Swords.
  5. Planet: Sun.
  6. Zodiac sign: Cancer.
  7. Esoterica as assigned by Eliphas Levi and Alister Crowley: 4 of Swords (Truce). 
  8. Elemental sigil: upright triangle with bar representing Air. 

When the 4/Four of Swords, is thrown during a reading:

  • There is mental understanding of a matter, or a relationship coming to full resolution on 4 levels of mental awareness: The Rational, The Emotional of the Unconscious, The Spiritual, and the Subconscious of the Physical.
  • Implications of problems that should not be ignored; listen to the inner self and answers will be restored.
  • A holding pattern after mastering a difficult mental situation.
  • Retreat or withdrawal is necessary to heal or hide, by creating a protected mental space. Here insight can be generated by seclusion.
  • A moment of logic and discriminating intelligence of integrity and planning.
  • A temporary stagnation of one's affairs.

The actions of this card are often ill defined-and imply.

  •   A bout of illness to recuperate. Intellect is relinquishing control back to the body so that a time out of from problems and solutions are achieved as the body has only one focus of getting better.
  • Isolation.
  • Forced retreat.

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