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· Tarot of the spirit

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thoth- 4 of cups-luxury

From the Golden Dawn Texts:

“In Chokmah is the Radix of blue and thence is there a blue color pure and primitive, and glistening, with a spiritual Light which is reflected into Chesed. And the Sphere of its Operation is called Zedekiah or Justice and it fashionith the images of material things, bestowing peace and mercy: and it ruleth the sphere of the action of the planet Jupiter. And all is the title of a God strong and mighty, ruling in Glory, Magnificence and Grace. And the Archangel of Chesed is Tsadkiel, the Prince of Mercy and Beneficence, and the Name of the order of Angels is Chasmalim, Brilliant Ones, who are also called the Order of Dominions. The Sephira Chesed is also called Gedulah or Magnificent and Glory."

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With such flowery words of ritual adoration, it is often difficult to realize that this is Part of your Inner inheritance as a Divine Child of the 0=2. However, inside of you, which is infinitely deep, you are compose of these 10 Sephirotic "states of energy conscious", who each have a Tree of Life of their own. Hence, the value of inner self meditation and skrying of the tarot cards should be apparent to one who is interested in the knowledge of Self.

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THE THOTH- 4 OF CUPS-Luxury, in the Thoth Deck is called Luxury or Lord of Blended Pleasure. The Planet is Moon and the sign is Cancer. The Angels of the Decan are: Hayayel and Mevamayah.

The 4 of Cups is Chesed in Briah, here Chesed is influencing the unconscious mental realm. The alternate flow of the Moon is mitigated in Cancer, as the Moon naturally rules in this sign. Changing cycles are still there, but passive, and slow.

When looking at the Crowley/Harris Card, we see the Upper Golden Solar cups overflowing but not the lower, implying that the Pleasure is real but with reservations. The caveat being; pleasure but not without some anxiety and discomfort. Here the Luxurious feeling of pleasure is short and indifference soon takes over and as the multiple stems of the one lotus show, the energy of luxury is divided amongst multiple flows, implying too many diverse issues involved to stay stable. 4 is a "dead end" number so ending is the only place to go and action must be taken soon.

There is a mighty blossom of thrones created by the 4 stems, topped by a large rose colored lotus and crescent moon. Rose is the "love color" and the Moon is in Cancer. The 4 stems represent the condensation of the 2 achieving completion in the 4. However, there is some degree of restriction indicated by the interwoven boundaries of stems. Hence, stability is gained, but possibility for further growth is quelled. The restless sea, indicates that the cycle has reached it end point. But at this time, the stability of the chalaces keeps the balance.

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On an emotional/inner level, this card implies that our wish for stable feelings, emotional security, and love without risk leads us to live in mediocrity instead of intensive feelings. The Soul/Psyche, which is one's true identity, must shine, so it will let this mediocrity last only for so long, and then the Moon cycles and the 5 of Strife will come a knocking on the door of one's security.

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the tarot of the spirit- four of water-the flood..


The Tarot of The Spirit- Four of Water-The Flood, also carries the glyphs of the Moon in the house of Cancer. Indicating that things once pleasant, are now growing stale and one senses an outgrowing of contentment. Just around the corner is the Universal Constant that we call change.

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The flood represented by the Four of Water, is the flooding subconscious. One is looking into the eye (I)of the storm known as the eye of Karma and/or the eye of Temperance. This is the "I" at the center of the Wheel of Fortune. This is the "Identity"/Eye of Binah, the Mother that is the Great Sea of the Universal Collective Unconscious. To a student of I Ching this would be the receptive/magnetic energy of Yin.

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The Story represented by this card is based on the gushing flood of that  begins with the tears of Binah, for her mate, Chokmah, has left the dark to dwell in the house of light that is the 4th Sephiroth of Chessed. Her move comes later as she is not yet done with her dark/invisible work. Her merging with Chokmah, has filled her with love, and the separation, the sorrow of love, is now being released. This shown as "crying eggs", the source of her fertility, that are becoming weakened. Her light shines weakly in the center of the storm. Accordingly, Binah has lost sight of the truth as her cup "runneth over". Around the storm is a gold wedding band, which united the her with the Yang, Chokmah; However, it can no long contain her tears. She remains solidly in the physical plane, the old structures bind her. To escape her sense of emotional imprisonment, she must tune into the source of life and Spirit, which dwells in Her own internal House of Light.

When the Four of Water or the 4 of Cups-Luxury card is thrown during a reading, it implies:

  • For a time, say 4wks or 4 months the querent shall experience emotional luxury, which is the capacity to make other people feel emotionally satisfied, secure and peaceful.
  •  A period of contentment but this is the edge of completion and a new vision of love is being seen. Thus there is both the gift and challenge of a fallow period.
  • There may be boredom, and apathy with a sprinkling of discontent as the querent awaits inspiration.
  • Here there is type of balance that is caught between the worlds of thought and action.
  • A good time for clarity and refining things down to a simple truth.
  • Domestic ideals of security, prosperity and emotional stability.

If ill defined by surrounding cards:

  • Possessive inclinations. 
  • Restricting another person through an excess of emotions. 
  • Emotional domination (motherhood).

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