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Thoth - 4 of Cups-Luxury

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Santa Muerte-4 of Cups

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From the Golden Dawn Texts:

“In Chokmah is the Radix of blue and thence is there a blue color pure and primitive, and glistening, with a spiritual Light which is reflected into Chesed. And the Sphere of its Operation is called Zedekiah or Justice and it fashionith the images of material things, bestowing peace and mercy: and it ruleth the sphere of the action of the planet Jupiter. And all is the title of a God strong and mighty, ruling in Glory, Magnificence and Grace. And the Archangel of Chesed is Tsadkiel, the Prince of Mercy and Beneficence, and the Name of the order of Angels is Chasmalim, Brilliant Ones, who are also called the Order of Dominions. The Sephira Chesed is also called Gedulah or Magnificent and Glory."

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With such flowery words of ritual adoration, it is often difficult to realize that this is Part of your Inner inheritance as a Divine Child. However, inside of you, which is infinity, you are compose of these 10 Sephirotic "states of energy conscious", thus the value of inner self meditation and skrying of the tarot cards should be apparent to one who is interested.

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THE 4 OF CUPS-Luxury, in the Thoth Tarot is called Luxury or Lord of Blended Pleasure. The Planet is Moon and the sign is Cancer. The Angels of the Decan are: Hayayel and Mevamayah.

The 4 of Cups is Chesed in Briah, here Chesed is influencing the unconscious mental realm. The alternate flow of the Moon is mitigated in Cancer, as the Moon naturally rules in this sign. Changing cycles are still there, but passive, and slow.

When looking at the Crowley Card, we see the Upper Golden Solar cups overflowing but not the lower, implying that the Pleasure of luxury is real but with reservations. The caveat being; pleasure but not without some anxiety and discomfort. Here the Luxurious feeling of pleasure is short and indifference soon takes over and as the multiple stems of the one lotus show, the energy of luxury is divided amongst multiple flows, implying too many diverse issues involved to stay stable. 4 is a "dead end" number so ending is the only place to go and action must be taken soon.

*4's are about stability achieved, and a stability that we've had for long enough for it to become mediocre. We are so used to it, it has become common and not seen as a luxury. For instance, in the USA everyone expects to have hot and cold drinkable water, a refrigerator, a flushing toilet, a bath or shower-or both, at least one car, a roof that doesn't leak, central heating and cooling, electricity and a sleep inducing bed.... to name a few. All of these are luxuries, that 80% of the world's people don't have and often can only dream of. But to us citizens of the USA, these have become so common, that we think that they are "human rights". Luxury is a form of mediocrity for most US citizens. Time to be grateful so that we can make the next step to escape a monotonous rigidity that dumbs down our creativity. The 4 of Cups warns us of the "Neti Neti" world (Sanskrit for "Not this, not that") of false security. A world were we keep trying to purchase happiness, by buying the "next best thing" for it only leads to waste and boredom as happiness is always escaping over the next green hill.


When strength and efficiency are needed, it's number 4 to the rescue. The 4 in Numerology is a no-nonsense number with a heads-down approach to life and work. It is extremely dependable and lends a great amount of stability to a person or situation. The 4 is dedicated to advancing, but in a more conservative way than a progressive one.

Number 4 Meaning in Numerology…

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santa muerte tarot-4 of cups

Advice of the Dead: The moment has come to make a decision before what you have obtained ends up boring you and stagnating.

The Santa Muerte-4 of Cups- gives us the image of boredom, that makes emotions stagnant making them rotten and tiring. When emotions pools, rather than having a inflow and outflow, it stagnates into a swamp of despair. Therefore, it is good to find the right Spiritual, Mental and Physical balance that provides a harmony of healthy restlessness.

This is a pitiful depiction of the "cup headed" skeleton that represents cups in the Santa Muerte Tarot, for the Sacred Heart that is on the floor between his feet, is dull leaded in color rather than red and bright. For hearts are never happy in a cage of security they must explore and dance about for hearts are only refreshed by taking risks, and emotional creativity only creates when challenged.  

When the 4 of Cups-Luxury card is thrown during a reading, it implies:

  • For a time, say 4wks or 4 months the querent shall experience emotional luxury, which is the capacity to make other people feel emotionally satisfied, secure and peaceful.
  •  A period of contentment but this is the edge of completion and a new vision of love is being seen. Thus there is both the gift and challenge of a fallow period.
  • There may be boredom, and apathy with a sprinkling of discontent as the querent awaits inspiration.
  • Here there is type of balance that is caught between the worlds of thought and action.
  • A good time for clarity and refining things down to a simple truth.
  • Loving feelings.

When ill defined by the surrounding cards:

  • Possessive inclination. 
  • Restricting another person through excess of affection. 
  • Boredom. 
  • Apathy.

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