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· Thoth -Apokalypsis

Above all things, know thyself!

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Thoth-3 of Cups-Abundance

"...the fulfillment of the Will of Love in abounding joy. It is the spiritual basis of fertility"

- [Crowley-Book of Thoth, pg.,196]

#3. Filled with understanding of its perfect law, I am guided, moment by moment, along the path of liberation.

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The Tarot Apokalypsis- three of cups

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Mercury-messenger of the Gods

The Thoth 3 of Cups is also called the ​Lord of Abundance. Here Mercury is in Cancer, The Angels of the Decan are Rachael and Yehomayah. With Mercury in the house of Cancer there is an abundant communication of emotions. The 3 of Cups signifies the influence of Binah in Briah, the Mental/Creative World of Qabalah.

Cancer is the most sensitive of water signs and is under the command of the Moon. Therefore, we have represented Cardinal Water, i.e., Emotional/Intuitive Consciousness. The 3 of Cups is perfect affinity with Binah, who is Mother of the Waters, Trinity Goddess, Imagination and "Will to Form".

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The 4 worlds of Qabalah

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The scene of rushing water, swift and extravagant as it overflows the Pomegranate cups, represents the gifts of Mercury, the pomegranate cups represent the Goddess of Spring, Persephone, as they are considered her sacred fruit. The Water arises from a single cup which denotes the "dark calm Sea of Binah" a characteristic of the Universal Collective Unconscious from which all consciousness springs. She is also seen as Persephone (spring) to whom the Pomegranate is sacred, the seeds representing the many souls of the Universal Collective Unconscious. With the Plenty of Persephone as spring, this card also represents plenty, hospitality, and abundance of Love.

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Those who have been following this blog know by now that Binah is "will to form", and underlying force that makes imagination a "womb with a view". She is the Will of the Womb of all forms, not the material Womb itself for that is reserved to the Action of Chesed the Sphere of Mercy. Again, the sexing of these forces is limiting and short on insight. Chesed may be Masculine in its expression of force, and yet it is feminine as it receives the Will of Binah. However, here we have the Trinity Goddess and 3 states of Love, Eros (love of flesh), Philos (love of family/brotherly love), and Agapé (Spiritual Unconditional Love) and the only masculine suggestion is Mercury. Therefore, this card can be seen as a menage â trois (3 in a house), with abundant overflowing love.

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What may surprise you, is that none of us are the sex of our bodies. We are androgynous Souls, in that we are both receptive (female) and expressive (male); both magnetic (female) and electric (male) and therefore, not looking for a Union as one sexual gender. Hence, our brain, which is a copy of our psyche, is also Hermaphrodite, left side being male and rights side being female. Being a Solar-Psyche (Golden Sun of God) entity, we have inherited great power, "to be or not to be" any gender at all. However, the body lives in a different dimension (Malkuth the 10th Sephiroth) than Tiphareth (6th Sephiroth-Soul) and is an Organic tool, powered by the Electro (male) Magnetic (female) entity that you operate in the name of I AM and driven by the DNA/RNA chain of Earth and ET combination (Earth is 4.6 billion years old-our DNA/ RNA is scientifically proven to be 9.8 billion years old: Hence older than earth) that employs sexuality separation in a species in order to diversify. On Earth, diversity must be made manifest for life to move forward, necessitating the "Splitting" up of the Soul into Anima (feminine) and Animus (Masculine), 0=2. Now this splitting up may cause some trauma, for as a spiritually powered/Life Wave animated- DNA/RNA driven tool, the human body is unexcelled in its seeking of union and yet still not always successful. But even more tragic, as its Solar/Psyche/Life Wave operator, your Will To Be one which is usually beyond the reason of bodies but is the function the psyche is now divided and confused as the "splitting" of your wholeness has also made you driven to reunite the anima and animus of Self (Binah and Chokmah), making the search for a "soul mate" a preoccupation.

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You are obviously a "Will to be" (I AM ME) which is very much a combination of “Will to Force” and "Will to Form", combined with "knowledge"- (I Am-is the Truth of Existence, but what I AM, is always an assumption). So here is a kicker, YOU ARE THE IMAGINATION (I-Magi-Nation), and the Imagined identity of sexuality is totally yours to be. Hence, all of us are Bi-Sexual by inheritance, even our brains are hermaphrodites, and we can become any sexual expression we feel the need to be or are indoctrinated into being., despite the body gender. As you can see in this world of manifestation (manifestation= illusion) this can get overly complicated, as the "splitting" up of the soul anima and animus creates a fantasy that may not match the sex of the body. Also, the sex of the body, and the conditioning of indoctrinated identity, can cause one to be more "rational" (Animus) or more "imaginative" (Anima), causing an imbalance in life motions.

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Identity Imbalance

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"Image-maker," is what the word Imagination describes, and that dear soul, is the Divine's and your inherited Power. Get out of your identity straight-jacket of words and controlled definition and yell, "I AM Me!" And get on with you, for self- impeccability is what you came to do! Remember, what we command in this Universe is our own image, making self-identity an assumption that produces our perspectives of the world. Take charge of yourself and stop blaming the environment, or person or thing. YOU ARE THE WILL and THE WAY OF YOUR WILL (Life Motion/Manifestation). Sure, environment, peers, or issues, may influence, but they only have the fantasy power you give them. What you are is up to your Passionate use of Will, Imagination and Boundary setting (rationale/measurement)! You are an abundance of Will and the Dreamer of Self. The Divine Creative dreams it is you!

"The only important thing about importance, is that it isn't important."


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The Tarot Apokalypsis- 3 of cups

Abundant love seems a wonderful thing! However, there is always a shadow (false ego) cast by the Sun and one must remember the legend of Persephone (one aspect of the Trinity Goddess of Maid, Mother, and Crone) whose sacred fruit was the Pomegranate. Because she swallowed a few seeds of the pomegranate, Persephone was sentenced to spend a few months in Hades, with her Husband Pluto/Hades, God of the underworld and because of a deal/compromise between Pluto and Demeter/Artemis (her mother who threatened to destroy him) she was allowed to spend the spring months above ground in the world of light. There seems to be a implied suggestion that no matter how good the things in life which are to be enjoyed, they should also be mistrusted and/or seen with cautionary expectation. Therefore, the caveat here is enjoy the abundance, but don't try to hold onto it. Overflowing abundance can be too much of a good thing.

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The Tarot Apokalypsis-3 of cups illustrates the statue of Dionysus the Greek-God of Wine, surrounded with 3 dancing maidens celebrating the festival of Dionysus. This celebration is actively conveying our desires and wishes - manifesting them with precision and enhancing fertility and lushness of life. The Universal Collective Unconscious will always produce a way to manifest the spiritual impulse that arises in us when truth and righteousness move it. For all thoughts or ideas, professed in strong emotions must materialize and be communicated. However, when the "false ego", a personality based on fear, holds the impulse captive, abnormal and wearisome situations will arise in us, capable of degenerating into dangerous and deceptive ideas or false and dishonest behavior. This leaves one's life under the command of a "mind virus" -a false ego, rather than the enlightened power of the Soul/Solar Self. The festivals of Dionysus in Ancient Greece were the City Dionysia, the Anthesteria, the Lenaia, and the Rural Dionysia, which were held annually in honor of the wine god.

The 3 maidens can also represent the trinity goddess of maid-mother-crone, celebrating the ecstatic life. *For the participants of the festivals of Dionysus, the god was a liberator. Hence, the maidens have removed their masks of words and classification. For the brief duration of the festival, women, slaves, and even prisoners could experience liberation and freedom, which were usually reserved exclusively for Athenian male citizens. This is what made Dionysus such a popular god in Athens and, also, the reason people worshipped him so extravagantly. Not only did the god give them the pain-ending gift of wine, but he also gave them freedom from societal constraints.

When the 3/Three of Cups is thrown during a reading, it implies:

  • The querent may have an outpouring of love and positive emotion toward three incredibly significant people in their life.  With an overwhelming desire to communicate such to them happiness and a full life.
  • May become clearer about what the querent's feelings and emotion are saying.
  • Let the spirit come through and express the joy of being with others.
  • A steady and timeless affection is being felt by the querent that is unconditional and thus more powerful and more deeply felt than romantic love.
  • Feeling the dance of love, often called the Three Graces. 
  • A very exuberant joyful feeling of being.
  • Extreme joy that can turn to tears.
  • Happiness.
  • Joy.
  • Harmony.

If ill defined by the surrounding cards in the layout:

  • Lust.
  • Hedonism.
  • Raw Sensuality.
  • Feelings damned up. 

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