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Thoth- 2 of Cups

The Lord of Love.

The Two of Cups-Love:

Is Chokmah, the 2nd Sephiroth called Wisdom, is ruler of the 2's, and by now one should understand that Chokmah is a state of Pure Maleness or rather the beginning of the idea of maleness, and that Binah is that of Pure Femaleness, or the beginning of the idea of Femaleness. Another way to say this is the concept of Will to Force-Chokmah is becoming electric, while the concept of Will to Form-Binah is becoming magnetic;

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However, both aspects of Kether that is primarily before Androgynous 0 became 2. As explained, sexuality as we understand it, is not vast enough of an idea to encompass even a minor understanding of the Supernal Triangle and/or Upper Triangle of the Tree of Life. To help with the confusion, Pure Male is Electric Force and Pure Female is Magnetic Force. But again, understanding of these 2 Forces is not complete.

The Thoth 2 of Cups is also called the Lord of Love and this is easily seen as it represents* Venus in Cancer. The angels of the Decan are: Ayoel and Chabooyah. Have fun with those sonic sounds!

By Molly Hall

    Updated September 11, 2018

    *Venus in Cancer guys and gals go off the deep end in love, until they've been hurt. Then they're super self-protective and wary of real trust. Venus is valued, and with Cancer, that means valuing the emotional bond that's been created. This Venus goes against their own nature when they pretend to be casual about sex and love. Cancer in love has a tough outer shell, but underneath is a sensitive soul.....[click on link below for more info]

    Venus in Cancer: Love Signs and Traits (

    The Two of Cups is the influence of Chokmah in the Mental world of Briah.

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    Cups represent the Alchemical Element Water, which is the intuition, emotion, subconscious and Cancer is a watery sign that is the House of the Moon, so the matchup with illusion and reflection is obvious. Jupiter is also exalted in Cancer thus implying benevolence in this most sensitive of signs.

    Therefore, this is a card of feeling and romance in the human world, so misspent emotion and/or energy-in-motion may apply. Generally, fish are a symbol of the Goddess Venus but the 2 dolphins shown on the Card, relate more generally to Neptune or the Sun god **Apollo.

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    Thoth- 2 of cups-love

    On the 2 of cups, we can see (by careful scrutiny as the colors are somewhat faded) a Silvery Dolphin and a Golden Dolphin, The Silver one represents the Moon, Female and the Golden one represents The Sun, male (Apollo). Here the union of both is loving, romantic, as they work together to bring light into our world. The harmony of male and female which is also the nature of the Water Sign Cancer. However, one can see by the twisting of their tales, the 2 lover's aren't separated yet. Hence, Apollo who was bisexual.

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    **Apollo’s love life

    Mythology 2 Comments

    Apollo the God of Light, the eternally beautiful youth, was also know for his affairs with both men and women.

    Here is a small list of the most known lovers and a small synopsis of their relationship:

    Cassandra by Evelyn De Morgan (1898, London); Cassandra in front of the burning city of Troy at the peak of her insanity.

    Cassandra : Apollo was all the time after her, he even promised her the power of the prophecy, but when she rejected him one too many times, he cursed her so she could only see tragedies that were about to happen, but no one would believe her.

    Coronas: She got pregnant by Apollo with Asclepius, but she was really in love with Ischia. A crow that knew about it, went and told Apollo, but the God didn’t believe the crow’s sayings and turned its color to black (the crows were white back in those days) for being a liar. But later when Apollo uncovered the truth, he sent Artemis to kill Coronas and made the crow sacred and gave it the task to announce important deaths.

    Cyparissus (1670s) by Jacopo Vignali: the boy mourns his pet deer (Musée des Beaux-Arts de Strasbourg).

    Cyparissus: He was one of Heracles’ descendant and one of his lovers. Once, Apollo gave him a deer as a companion, but Cyparissus killed it by accident. He then asked Apollo to let his tears fall forever, and the God turned him into the Cypress.

    Cyrene: Apollo loved her and they both had a son: Aristaeus, who later became God of Cattle and hunting.

    Hector arming, with Hekabe and Priam. Attic Red Figure amphora signed by Euthymides. Staatliche Antikensammlungen (Munich, Germany).

    Hecuba: She was the wife of King Priay of Troy, and gave birth to Troilus as a result of her affair with Apollo. One Oracle said that Troy would never be defeated if Troilus reached 20 years of life, but this didn’t happen because he was killed by Achilles.

    Death of Hyacinth by Alexander Kiselev

    Hyacinth: He was a Spartan prince. One day he and Apollo were practicing throwing discs when Zephyrus, full of jealousy blew a disc out of course, hitting Hyacinth on the head, killing him right there. From his blood Apollo created a flower named after him.

    The Water of Emotion, or subconsciousness, springs up from the Central Lotus, flowing down into the overflowing cups to ultimately reach the Earth. This imagery implies that only through the energy supplied by Chokmah-Fire, can water flow. E-motion, is energy in motion, and the "motion within the movement' is Chokmah's domain.

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    In Qabalistic Gematria (the book 777, by Aliester Crowley), the number 2 refers also to Will, So the 2 of Cups can also imply Love under will or Willful Love. The Two of Cups radiates a perfect placid harmony, amid joyous ecstasy...often called the "adorable fire".

    The symbols on this card maybe subtle, but they represent both the male and female forces that once joined; as a couple, and as the Sun above the castled phallus and the Water that is symbolically female as a lake and fertile earth all covered in exuberant vegetation, produce all things from the vital flow of Love. Yet the 0 that =2 , has not separated yet. Here is the love of I and "other", as the 2nd Sephiroth Chokmah-Wisdom, realizes the "other", which is the 3rd Sephiroth-Binah-Understanding. Love of "other" is the creation of Lover and most Beloved and/or Energy and Form/Data and Information, I and Am, Light and Shadow, Spirit-Mind-body. etc.

    There may be a tendency to think of this card as one would the Major Arcana Card of the Lovers. But that is not necessarily so, as the 2 of Cups is about Love being physical, between two human partners, whereas, the Lovers Card-key 6- refers to the inner Hermetic Marriage of the love between the Yin Yang, balanced in harmonious union as the inner Self/Soul.

    To a Qabalist, Key 6 rather than the 2 of Cups, would be the Love of Binah and Chokmah, of Wisdom and Understanding. However, the surrounding cards will show if this is the Hermetic Marriage of the Goddess and God within or of 2 "Soul mates" in the human world. Here is where the intuition of the Reader is most helpful as well. For Love is such a powerful emotion that it can overcome all limits of restriction and burn away in pure "adorable fire" (Paul Foster Case), any reasoning. It is the universal powerful attraction of the positive to the negative pole, that forms all atoms.

    Those faithful readers who have been following my blog ( know by now that Binah is "will to form", the underlying force that makes imagination a womb. She is the Will of the Womb of all forms, not the Womb itself for that is reserved to the Action of Chesed the Sphere of Mercy,

    Again the sexing of this forces is limiting and short on insight. Chesed may be Masculine in its expression of form, and yet it is feminine as it receives the Will of Binah. Chokmah maybe the “pure masculine force”, yet Chokmah was the Hebrew word for the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Sophia. The interplay of masculine and feminine Qualities constitutes all Sephira and is a description of an action (male)or reception of an action (feminine).

    What may surprise you, is that none of us are the sex of our bodies. We are Androgynous, in that we are both receptive (female) and expressive (male as "Suns" of the Divine Creative our Souls are Apollo; both magnetic (female) and electric (male). Being Electromagnetic entity, we are both sides of the same coin. Therefore, we have great Divine power, "to be or not to be" male or female or even both!

    The body is a tool, powered by the Electromagnetic Entity that you a power tool the human body is excelled, but as its operator, you are beyond the reason of bodies. You are obviously a "Will to be" which is very much a "Will to Force" and a “Will to Form” so here is a kicker, YOU ARE THE IMAGINATION don't have it. All the images you see are “Self-Images”/Self-Imagined!

    Mandarin and Tibetan for God and Man is from the Hindu word for mind---Manas, (all before Latin-a dead language) thus you are called a God Mind and/or Horus! The body is not described in the world human. So you are a Divine Mind, who owns a body for the necessary experience of turning knowledge into wisdom.

    Image-maker, is what the Imagination means, and that dear soul is Divine Power. So get off of your suffering butt and stand up and Yell-----I AM Me! And get on with you, and imagine your divinity, for self- impeccability is what you came to do! Remember, what we command by declaration in this Universe produces our own image, I AM! Therefore, take charge of yourself and stop blaming environment, or person or thing, sure they may influence, but they only have the power you give them. What you are is up to your Passionate use of Imagination and don't accept man-made definitions that only stimulate your imagination to enslavement of your image to another, person, place or thing. You are Imagination; the I-Magi-Nation! When imagination and love flow as one perspective----------You Are Divine in manifestation flowing in luxurious sensation that is known as the "adorable fire" of the Living Light and/or Horus/Apollo shinning bright and warm in loving embrace with the flesh.

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    Tarot Illuminati-2 of Cups

    Hearts united in balance.

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    The Tarot Illuminati- 2 of Cups, makes it easy to understand that this card is about 2 physical lovers. Even behind the 2 lovers is a caduceus, a symbol of physical life (DNA) with a medallion of the Wing Lion, a symbol of the Sun and Apollo. The art of Traditional Tarot is used here, but much more extravagant than most traditional cards. These 2 are definitely sparks/souls of the One Energy that shattered into pieces as a "big bang", and have rejoined and the spark and/or "adorable fire" of one see's the spark and/or "adorable fire" of the other. O=2, and when the 2 see the O in each other, the 2 become 0 again, the figure 8 and/or lemniscus (Greek for ribbon) displays this Union as O who is an inseparable 2 . This lemniscus or lemnistrate, is the traditional infinity symbol of western magic and is often shown over the Magician card (Key 2). Here one "knows themselves" when viewing the other.

    When the 2 of Cups- Love, is thrown during a reading:

    • The querent is in a deep love relationship
    • The joyous bliss of receiving as one has been received.
    • A loving and healing union of opposites propagating a compassionate and caring response.
    • The recent loving bond of consciousness and unconsciousness reconciling the harmony of what seemed opposite. Such as the merging of unconscious desires with those of the Heart.
    • The beginning of a love affair or pledge of deep friendship.
    • Ideas generated between two partners in cooperation and harmony.
    • The merging of Lover and beloved.
    • A healing harmony where quarrels and disputes are resolved.
    • Romance, trust, sympathy, and desires consummated, vows, engagement and marriage, all permutations of active partnership.
    • Where the action of body and Spirit are in sync.
    • All kinds of love, including Platonic. 
    • Seeing yourself reflected in another. 

    If ill defined by the surrounding cards:

    • Disillusionment.
    • Separation.
    • Conflict of interest.

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