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Thoth- 10 of wands-oppression

Aleister Crowley called the Thoth, the 10 of Wands,  Lord of Oppression, and this oppression is caused by Saturn in Sagittarius. There are Angels attributed to the Decan, Reyayel and Avamel.

The Whole of us (the invisible 99.6% and the Visible.4%) is called the "Divine Child" and/or Son (Sun) of God. The Angels are servants to the Laws of their structure; their motion has been decided for them, while we can break or change the laws of self-identity. We are endowed with freedom of choice or as quantum physicist state, by observation we change reality, an action of Divinity. Hence, I Am is our truth, but what I AM thinks it is, is all assumption.

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Since in terms of singularity the Law is Love....we can "fall" out of love by our choices. Mankind is ruled by his/her own freedom to choose which is a very painful burden to those who don't rule or "Above all things”, know themselves. However, when the choices are considered "good or bad", a problem of viral programming and/or indoctrination, the personal choices are limited to 2 dimensions. This is oppression of creativity. We are copies of Adam Khadmond (Horus), and each of our Psyche's (Souls) has the power to see beyond 2 dimensions, past the natural 4 ( Length, Width, breadth and time) into at least 9 dimensions and/or 5 spiritual planes. The Tree of Life displays these multiple dimensions of I Am, as Sephiroth.

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The ancient Greeks called us Daemons, (God Men- the Children of Angel and human mating, hence, we all carry the "God Molecule" in our DNA). Daemonic, because by our own perspectives and observation, we can change reality....No other manifestation of the Divine can do that! So, when the Hierophant says to you,"If you wish to speak to me, you must stand." He is not just stating "tough love", it is also a statement of equality for we are made of all the mental, emotional, and spiritual power that ever was or will be-now!

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The TEN OF WANDS-Oppression; is Malkuth in Aziluth and is the influence of Malkuth in the world of Pure Spirit. Where upon the destructive powers of Saturn (Geburah-Severity) are amplified by the swiftness of Sagittarius, leading to selfishly applied material force, and often sensual cruelly. On the Thoth 10 of Wands, the suggestion of the crude club like wands, and the Dorjes (Tibetan spear- like symbols of Thunderbolts) suggests, cruelty, malice, overbearing force and energy that can be injustice.

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There is a great illusion here. As we are all of the I AM-The Original I dentity and or Universal Collective Unconscious. Each Soul, is an exact copy of this Psyche, made of multiples and therefore, a collective of dimensional Self-Awareness. We are not bodies, but because of the illusions of sensation that the body gives the energy that "makes it breathe" (Spirit) it feels as if the spirit is bound in the body even though, it is the other way around. Spirit is that "one energy that cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed-unlike the homo sapiens sapiens. In truth you are as an Ocean is to a fish; you're all around it and flow through it as it breathes, and it is made of Ocean, yet you are not limited to a fish's reality. The Great Dark Ocean of Mother Binah (3rd Sephiroth) is where we all begin existence and it is known as the Universal Collective Unconscious. I AM Spirit and I operate a material body, because I have no "mass"/"material", in which to measure myself and therefore, sense what I AM. One could say that the Ocean built the fishes, so it could see/sense itself.

However, one must understand that a certain amount of energy must be oppressed at all times, for form to exist. Energy must be contained in a "Thought Form" before it can become measured as information and the become manifest. Then again, too much oppression of energy-in-motion (emotion) leads too disaster Like electricity, Water or Fire, energy resists this oppression, and will "slip its bonds" at any sign of weakening. Sometimes destructively so. Therefore, it makes no sense to let an "underling" operate the body in the name of I Am. That "underling" is an "artificial" self, that we call and ego. This is one of lies, deceit and illusions, not because the original program was imperfect, the Real You/Soul created a wetware program to operate the body in its own name, but like a game player, it was always aware of the Avatar's motion and in-form-action. This link of correctional awareness has been cut by the indoctrination programming of the Military Industrial Empire/Patriarchy, whose sole power relies on the deceptions of a "divide and conquer" viral program (indoctrination-dogma -propaganda)to usurp the individual's authority over themselves, and become lackeys of the Culture or State. The true Power of the State, is the ability to control the imagination (image-making-ability) of the people. This control is lost to those who don't fear. Fear based," knee jerk" thinking, is that of a lowly animal, and easily controlled by false authority whose only authority is a indoctrinated "belief" system. Spirit doesn't believe, it Knows.

Often the oppression of our own ability to act, is because of our own self-perspective, as most of us tend to be crueler to ourselves than to others. This is because we often fear ourselves be rejected more than others. We can escape this cycle of self-destruction if we understand that the oppression we feel, is often the Mind and/or the Inner Self, seeing the Ego's oppressive "belief system". We feel oppression so we can identify it and act to see through the illusion. So let's remember that it's better to pop a balloon, than an over pressurized air tank and stop daily oppression of our emotional energy (energy-in-motion) before it explodes the body into horrendous actions against itself and all life.

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Often, by takingthings too seriously, we fail to use the power of mirth that cracks the veneer of perspective, so that we can see beyond our self-made prison of "I can't". Truth being, "I can’t", usually means "I am afraid to". and/or "I don't want to”; however, "I Can't" becomes a statement of low self-value when believed. So just say," I don't want to" and get on with your motion and know it is okay to laugh at the ego's viral content. For as we all know, laughter defeats the illusive power of pain. We are the Divine's own I AM,;we can accomplish anything. That's the beautiful side of "freedom of choice". So remember this, we use "thought" to oppress energy into form, for creation's sake----including our own. But eventually, because change is the only constant in this energy Universe, that oppression will end whether voluntarily released or by emotional-explosion. Energy moves, and it will fight stasis, and win.

Energy will free itself, and move. Those who are freely changing their perspectives, will find that the once feared end we call death, is merely a movement towards another perspective of I Am and will experience what the Tibetan's call "reincarnation", which is simply expanding and liberating one's personality by change of perspective. By fearing an end, you have one, by not fearing and end, you consciously experience transformation. By being a personality/ego of the culture, you can only fail, by being the true persona of the Soul, you can only progress. Above all things, know thyself. Fear pain, and you will serve whoever or whatever, you think can hurt you the most. Understand that pain is necessary to point out error, and you become your only author.

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The Tarot of Druids-10 of Mistletoe

The Tarot of Druids-10 of Mistletoe, depicts an image of 2 Druids, one older, one younger, gathering sacred Mistletoe. Interestingly, the one in the branches of the oak tree, isn't using a golden sickle to cut the branches of the sacred berries. This would profane the Mistletoe, according to Druid tradition. Hence, there is something not quite right here. Implying, confrontation with colleagues and rivals. One fears "peer pressure" and hastily needs to acquire acceptance " as the best gatherer". Peer pressure, is an illusion created by indoctrination and dogma. For each of us is without peer, we have already been approved as a "golden child" of the Divine Creative; each a Solar Self/Soul. Souls are in charge of their own in-form-action and are not subject to outside authority. This is explained in the axiom of "Live by the sword, die by the sword", which is the justice of the Divine Creative. Live by the indoctrination, die by the indoctrinated.

When the 10 of Wands or the 10 of Mistletoe is thrown during a Divination, the Querent may experience: If Ill dignified by surrounding cards:

  • Cruelty and malice towards others.
  • Oppression.
  • Injustice and over-bearing strength being applied for selfish and material ends.
  • Sometimes shows failure in a matter, and opposition too strong to be controlled arising from the person's too great selfishness at the beginning.
  • Ill will, envy, slander, obstinacy and swiftness in evil.
  • Ambitions.

However, if well dignified by the surrounding Cards:

  • The querent is being generous or experiencing generosity from another.
  • Self-Sacrifice as in the form of oppressing one's wants for another's,
  • Disinterestedness in a situation.
  • Searching for help. 

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