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Above all things, know thyself!

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Thoth-10 of Disks-Wealth

# 10. The Kingdom of Spirit is Embodied in my Flesh.

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The Spiral Tarot- Ten of Pentacles

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THE 10 OF DISKS, is called the Lord of Wealth and is Mercury in Virgo. The Angels associated with this Decan are Hahaayah and Laviah. Again, this is MALKUTH in ASSIAH which is the influence of Malkuth in the Material world. Hence this card is also called: The Lord of Wealth-a hieroglyph of the cycle of regeneration.

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Thoth- 10 of disks-wealth

Represented in this Thoth and the The Spiral Ten of Pentacles Card, is prosperity, wealth, success in the world of finances, family, and physical health. This represents the appreciation of luxury that comes from "knowing the right people". There is much less metaphysical knowledge displayed in the Spiral Tarot art than the Thoth Tarot. The Spiral card, shows the Pentacles in the Tree of Life pattern, and generations of family members; an image of human heritage. This Spiral Ten of Pentacles card represents a rich family heritage, and the security of family support and if surrounded with negative cards, representing family burdens. Financial security is also part of this card.

The Thoth 10 of Disks card represents, the sum total of the other 35 minor arcana (Aces are not considered Minor Cards as they are the "seeds" of the Minors) since wealth is a synchronicity of mind, body and soul. This card indicates that by using your communication skills (Mercury symbols on top three coins) and linking them with your healing abilities (the caduceus on the bottom coin) while listening to your inspiration (the Thoth star coins) you will be able to manifest abundance (the three Hebrew symbols for abundance coins-bottom center).

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The Spiral- Ten of Pentacles, does show a great deal of wealth as abundant flowers, symbolizing fertility. . So here is the key; enjoy your success and wealth without the fear of losing it. In fact, true abundance should be owned by you, and not you by it. Therefore, a wealthy person promotes prosperity by sharing their wealth. Invest some of it in others and in this instance in future generations of ones family. Since, you have earned it, you can always earn more, as that path has been made open to your travel by your very own effort to clear the way. The primary meaning of this card is a successful long term business and family support created by wisdom, harmony and inheritance. This also represents complete stability in family affairs.

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As stated the Astrological sign for the Thoth 10 of Disks card is Mercury in Virgo. Mercury is the representative planet for communication and organizational skills. Virgo is the sign of prosperity and abundance manifested in a tangible way. The 10 of Disks card indicates that all 10 of your intelligent states of energy (The 10 Sephiroth of the Tree of Life) contribute to a balanced flow of healing, communication, and organizational skills all accumulating to active function on the physical plane. Your Spirit-Mind and Body are manifesting abundance. Obviously this is a card of prosperity and also obviously, it will change, but for now eat, drink and be merry and express your gratitude. We should also understand that wealth becomes prosperity when we spend/share it as our wealth prospers others and thus ourselves as sharing is also a form of communication and accumulation.

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To reiterate, MALKUTH is Earth that is also called the Active Word and/or Assiah.

It is the lone Sephiroth of this World. In the other Worlds of the Qabalistic Tree of Life, there are 3 Sephiroth composing a Triangle, but Assiah/Malkuth stands alone, for it is the completion of all the other States of Energy Conscious. It is the Only Sensual Activity, of Creation and it is now the end and seemingly nowhere to go. However, Mercury, who is Thoth in Crowley/Harris Tarot is not one to stand around and form a clot, like matter is known to do. So in the 10 of Disks we see the invocation of Mercury in the 10 coins. Also the 1st Sephiroth in the Tree of Life is Kether, which is Eheieh-meaning: "I Will Be". The 10th Sephiroth is Malkuth- the fulfillment of that declaration of "I Will Be" by becoming the Material World of "I AM Being"!

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  1. Kether- this top coin displays the astrological sign of Mercury.
  2. Chokmah- Here is the Magus, a symbol of Mercury, complete with the right angle positions of ATU 1.
  3. Binah-shows the alchemical symbol of Mercury.
  4. Chessed- illustrates Pa,  the Enochian equivalent of the letter "B", which is the Hebrew letter Beth that is associated with the Magus/Mercury.
  5. Geburah-the letter Beth.
  6. Tiphareth- the name of Raphael in Hebrew. Raphael is the ruling Angel of Mercury. 
  7. Netzach- Mercury's 8 pointed star.
  8. Hod- displays the hexagram within the hexagon, symbol of the Sun (all elemental forces are exhausted in Malkuth, the Sun is the only possibility of energy projection in the elemental impasse.)
  9. Yesod- is shown with the *Pythagorean Tetractys (see below).
  10. Malkuth-Here be the Caduceus of Mercury. Harris artfully created it from the 3 mother letters of the Hebrew alphabet. 
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The Thoth 10 of Disks, forms a Tetractys of the decad. The tetractys (Greek: τετρακτύς), or tetrad, or the tetractys of the decad (a group of ten) is a triangular figure consisting of ten points arranged in four rows: one, two, three, and four points in each row, which is the geometrical representation of the fourth triangular number. As a mystical symbol, it was very important to the secret worship of Pythagoreanism. There were four seasons, and the number was also associated with planetary motions and music. In truth, the 10 of Disks represents a melody of the invisible conjoined with the visible and composed from wisdom.

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The Astrologers assign Mercury the God of commerce, as the ruler of the sign Virgo. Thus this placement is often called an embarras de richesses, as material gain here is so vast, that it often loses importance. This vast materiality is shown on the Thoth 10 of Disks, as the whole Tree of Life, of 10 Sephira, as Disks decorated with the various symbols of Mercury. Truth, being, that the Whole Tree of Life is dedicated to this Manifested world; it is the Goal Achieved, by the Conscious of the Divine Creative. Our purpose as physical Spirits and or operators of the Master Power Tools, (the God Body) the Human body, is to establish, the "As above, so below”, i.e. The Great Work. However, a 10 is a 1-0, and shall return to the 1- Magus (who is Mercury/Thoth) and begins again as the 0-Fool/ The Whole Spirit.

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As energy that is Spiral (spirit), we are "everywhere and nowhere" at the very moment of "I"; a kind of diffusion into eternity of the Universal Collective Unconscious. But with a "God-Mind" body (Hu-Man/Adam Khadmon) I Am the ability to focus on one "moment" in the Time Space continuum, giving me not only the "sense of presence" but the ability to immediately discriminate and/or discern my motion! In other words----"freedom of Choice" to weave a harmony of frequency that is "Self", which simply means free to move by perspective chosen and not “natural evolution”. Therefore, the Mercury that I Am finds it very fulfilling to be able to have a "sense of presence", and move about sensually while also evolving via perspective while fulfilling the will of Eheieh (Kether: "I Will Be"). To be able to do so is indeed a gift, an inheritance, and a sensual Wealth which mere Ideas do not normally experience in the vast Mind of the Universal Divine Collective; that is , until now! The" I Am" created the "Me" which supplies intimacy with Creation so necessary for in-form-action and/or experience. The body also generates sensual contact with One's dream of "Self". That is an amazing wealth to any creator. For knowledge is power/wealth and to sensually experience ideas of Self builds knowledge.

It's time we realize that we are the "Sacred Place in Time Space"! We, as Spiral Entity (Spirits) have inherited the Earth, not because we are bad or lustful (The Lust cloud of Goddess- God-bio-photons built us after all!) We are the accumulated Wealth of Creation--made alive and sensual! The Divine Creative’s Self Experience (Self Awareness) built us as a Solution---- not a problem! We solve the problem of how to focus intense energy (motion) to a point in time space, to nullify entropy and be able to deconstruct and reconstruct idea right at the time and place of "seeing/sensing an error"! The “I Am” is the Image-maker, who can recreate the theory of image by using our "Child of God" union card, I-Magi-Nation number "10"! Imagination is the "Holy Grail", the enclosure that builds form and rationale puts form to measurement (manifestation). We are indeed the most wealthy of inheritors.

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Adam Khadmon (The Heavenly Human Hermaphrodite)

For those who don't know, 10 is 1+0=1, in Qabalistic gematria which simply means The First Sephira - Kether, The Above, that we bring to the below! In other words, we don't have a goal, we are the Goal; an intimate bridge between the Creator and Creation! Therefore, we are Lust without the Need of result; being is the result of our Lust! Lust being the Divine Frenzy of vigorous energy that is the rhythmic vibration in all things that "Live"! What makes this even better is that We, each alone, are our own Tree of Life/Universe; but this is not known to you until you have established a mercurial communication middle pillar with your Holy Guardian Angel/Higher-Self! Each of us must be the Magus that came to earth to magically control " a point in time", as the Sun (Energy-in-motion- consciousness) of the Divine Creative's "Will to Be". Information must become in-form-action, before it becomes knowledge. Hence, you are the in-form-action of the Divine Creative- I AM!

When the 10 of Disks/Pentacles is thrown during a reading, the querent:

  • Is assured of physical prosperity and abundance.  
  •  Being a 10, the end of a cycle, means it may be short lived.
  • Is at a physical cross road where supply is stable but boredom has set in and perspective is not stimulating.
  • Should be patient for the time for taking security risks is approaching and will soon arrive.
  • Success and prosperity.

Also when this card is thrown:

  • It suggests that in the next 10 weeks or 10 months you will experience opportunities for abundance by utilizing communication, organizational and intuitive skills.
  • It also indicates that during this period you will experience a better alignment of abundance on the physical plane where things seem to "go your way".
  • This may also indicate that setting up good communication with the Virgo people in your life will profit you (August 21 to September 21) add to your abundance emotionally, physically and mentally.

If ill defined by the surrounding cards, it implies:

  • Greed.
  • Avarice.

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