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Thoth- 9 of Swords-Cruelty

Lord of despair and cruelty.

The Thoth 9 of Swords-Cruelty, presents a ghastly image of nine crooked, chipped swords, dripping blood, a total agony of the ego/mind. If this isn't gloomy enough, we have the celestial rule of Mars in Gemini, representing a primal raging hunger that has no restraint.

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9 is a number of completion, and is also the number of the Sephiroth Yesod-Foundation, on the middle pillar of the Tree of Life. Yesod is on the middle pillar of the Tree of Life, and has normally rectified the imbalances of the past energy disorders of Air. This, however, does not rectify the degeneration of the energy as Mars gets its rage all caught up in the vacillations of the Gemini Twins and as Mars continues down the Tree into the lower animal natures.

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Swords, usually depict the pure intellect that acts like air as its energy in motion continually heats up with passion and cools down with rationale. In the case of the 9 of Swords, consciousness has fallen into an unenlightened void of rational thought, stirring heartless animal passions; passions that are of the psychopath and the fanatic. This is the character of the inquisitor; it seems intellectual but is operating in a rage that is without restraint. All this sounds just awful and terribly gloomy, yet, it is the cultural foundation of "Divide and conquer" indoctrination technique of the myogenic Patriarchy and/or Military Industrial Compound/Empire.

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Our consumerism society is based on "fanning the flames" of that primitive raging hunger of survival thinking in order to produce the "fanatical shopper “whose world is always lacking self-fulfillment. It is the realm of the Neti-Neti (Sanskrit for, “Not This-Not That") consciousness, that consumes unrelentingly, hoping for happiness in accumulation; a futile seeking of happiness because happiness isn't in accumulation nor resides in glutinous bellies. Rather Happiness is a balance of inner and outer beauty. So if one insists on Neti-Neti, there is only one result in the completion of the greed of such hungry thought and that is the insanity of inner self cruelty. All of this begins young, were the ego-mind becomes the enemy of the body by first rejecting it's nudity and pure innocence by viewing it through the shroud of shame and embarrassment. Thankfully, many of us have enough strength in or character to know that happiness, is not a thing or word, but rather a "balance of Mind, body and soul" and have found out that by treating other people with respect, (do unto another as you would have done to you) we have a happier presence on this earth.

The 9 of Swords is the state of consciousness that is called "wanna-be", were one is not alive/happy until they achieve some phantom of a future possession or goal. This person is a corpse, a zombie, who lives only in yesterday’s emotions and uncertain futures, leaving the moment of now vacant of their presence. This phenomenon of “walking corpse" is not a new thing that some Hollywood director dreamt- up as the latest horror thriller. Rather, you'll find this "living dead" concept in the two-thousand-year old Gnostic Gospel of Thomas that is part of the Nag Hammadi Library. In paragraph 56, of the Gospel of Thomas, it is written, "Whoever has come to understand the World has found only a corpse, and whoever has found a corpse is superior to the world”, if you can understand this Gnostic statement, you can understand the 9 of Swords-Cruelty. Because the practice of "Self-inflicted cruelty" is going on in most human brains right now, most of us constantly belittle ourselves, in order to appease our dogma or indoctrination; i.e. our inner Pavlovian- slaver.

Again, the Thoth 9 of Swords, is called THE LORD OF DESPAIR AND CRUELTY, or Cruelty in short. This is Mars in Gemini; this is Yesod influencing Yetzirah in the Astral/Mental formative World. With a smattering of astrological data, one knows that the fiery energy of Mars, does little good in a sign of dualities. This "little good" is shown by the 9 rusty swords, dripping blood and poison on Crowley's card. One may shudder at the despair, meanings of illness, suffering and cruelty this card represents; But each of us, who are paying attention to our brain, know this to be a "inner self cruelty" of our programed consciousness (ego), as it cuts us with the emotionally poisoned blades of embarrassment, low-self-esteem, humiliation, self-condemnation, and/or inner disgust. It is the internal Slave Master software that is installed in our Personality by our culture and often is heard in the background of our brain saying things like ", You moron, you screwed up again!". The Few Who Rule the Many, by controlling definition, make sure this Internal-Mental Slaver is installed before you even reach 7 years old. Like rusty hooks of poisonous self-futility, this is a hard one to remove! Peer pressure, just drives this poison deeper into self-identity, even as the media, keeps slashing at your self-value...."you need need lack them, you are nobody!” This implied lack of self-worth is at the very least implied, or blatantly rubbed in your face, daily, if not hour by hour. “Resistance is futile", blare the horns of the pusillanimous invertebrates who enforce "their masters will" on others. Hence, many of us live in an internal dungeon, where we hide the abused, profaned and poisoned child within.

There is an axiom in Buddhism that states, “Life is Suffering” … but only if you live in the lizard brain of survival thinking supplied as "Life" by the Patriarchy. Life is indeed a mental/sensual experience, and we can be our own worst enemies, just by doubting our own value in the World. To see yourself as Lack, is the necessary software to continue the panicked consumerism that Muti -National Corporate mind programmers and/or definition peddlers-, It is okay to want for that generates creativity! But think! Before any human judgment, you were already approved into being by your Higher Self. So once again, the Qabalistic axiom reads true, “Above all things, Know thyself"!

It's simple really; you had to be approved by all that is Holy, to be made alive! Your presence is your Judgment....and obviously you are good enough for the Divine Creative-I AM!

You are a Divine answer, to a Divine question, that is what Creation does...answer questions of I AM!

Stop questioning yourself, and become answers instead! Action is the Fiery Spirit that moves you, reaction is usually run by the uncertain animal who thinks the whole universe is out to eat it! "I am" dares ask, "What am I"? And you are the answer to that question, "I AM ME"!

The 9 of Swords, cruelty, is about you being your own worst enemy, divided against yourself, mentally and emotionally. Always nay-saying before you can ever start a motion. This is “a moment of doubt" drawn out as a Life-time. Sure we doubt ourselves after all every new motion is a risk! But if the Child of Wonder, that innocent curiosity, still has "I's" in you, and can find its way out of the dungeons of self-torture, you're are going to "do it" anyway. We are always striving forward, we are being Pushed along by the Inner Spiritual Self, just like Dark Energy pushes the Universe of Matter forever outwards. Life is a Driving Force of I AM. and the Body is the vehicle driven as a "Me"!

So what this Cruel , poisoned blood dripping 9 of Swords implies, is that "a house divide must fall". and your body is the house of the Spirit- Soul. Get together with yourself, mind and body, thereby, over throwing the Slaver-Ego program that is in your brain. Software can be erased even when it’s Garbage. (G.I.G.O). All software programs know of G.I.G.O., for when software is garbage and programed in, the hardware is operational garbage as well. Garbage in, Garbage out, i.e. G.I.G.O.!

Therefore, 9 of Swords implies that you must release the constipated miserable perspectives forced down your throat by false authority and re think the programing! It's easy to fail, all you have to do is stop doing. However, success, is a stubborn optimist, Your Soul is the force of Life, and who will even destroy the man made ego/ hardware by elevating your personal intelligence to accomplish divine goals. In the long run, Souls just reincarnate personalities and keeps at it the in-form-action of Self-Awareness! We all will pound out the bugs of our software (definitions), some sooner than others; but we all will do it eventually, that is the purpose of sensuality after all, for we learn lasting wisdom through "suffering". Happiness is a result of wisdom, not greed.  For Life to continue in this Universe, the living Solar Selves/Souls (Suns of God) must learn to discern by experiencing success and failure as an identity! Foolishly believing that you, a sensual learning conscious, can all learn all that is to be learned in one life time, keeps you from understanding the very nature of energy and of “Life Cycles” and or Karma. Relax and breathe deep. For if you die, the soul, will just "reabsorb" the software garbage in the personality/you and by transformation, released, and try another revision of it in "wetware" performance, that we know as "alive". Therefore, you are not rushed, and if you take only one step a day, you still are journeying towards your destination of Self-Knowing..

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So, "get over yourself and get on with you! Impeccability is what we do'' is a correctional software loop that I run in my self-doubting brain; it just overrides the "pity pot" of self-defeating thought every time it comes on line. But installing that software loop, took determination, and plain old fashion "jack Ass” stubbornness and constant repetition, a meditation of seconds, done most minutes, until it becomes automatic. Don't you think it’s time, we programed our own Hard Ware! That is the real message of the Nine of Swords.


Each of us has experienced the temptations to remain chained to the bedeviling thoughts of our subjugation- definitions provided the few who wish to rule the many. The 9 of Swords, reminds us, that we are not preforming well mentally, when we are under the rule of self-belittlement. Again, you are obviously good enough for God, you are good enough for you! In our God-ness (Goodness), resides the constant ability in each of us, to become More Self, rather than becoming less-self by seeking more stuff!

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Tarot Illuminati-9 of Swords

Things that go bump in the night.

The Tarot Illuminati- 9 of Swords, continues with its interpretation of the Traditional Tarot Art, that is best known as the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot.

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Rider-Waite-Smith - 9 of Swords

Yet the Illuminati 9 of Swords, due to the intricate and exquisite art, really gets across the image of one who suffers the ravages of the mind. Hear the themes of night mares or night terrors are suggested, for this is the realm of the subconscious/animal survival mind/ego. The one that is easily programed by "Pleasure/Pain" training. Here we fall into the abyss of our darkest self cruelty, for we have put our "inner child" to "sleep" by rejecting it , in order to "fit in" and/or avoid the cruel pain of punishment and the resulting shame and embarrassment of being yourself. Here, one needs to examine the Hermit card, and carry their own Sun-Light (Bright, brilliant, Psyche of the Soul) /lantern through the domains of inner shadow and reclaim their innocence and joy of being themselves. Instead of looking for hope in a hopeless world, be the Hope of this world.

If the 9 of Swords is thrown during a divination, it implies:

  • Illness, malice, cruelty, pain, despair and suffering, in a period of 9 days, or 9 weeks or from self-cruelty thought processes in the past when nine years old.
  • There is burden, want, oppression, as well as, subtlety and craft.
  • There is also lying to oneself or others because of and "inferiority complex".
  • All of this dysfunctional thought is basically from "self-belittlement", that is often so subtle that we don't even acknowledge it in ourselves. But the program that is ego,  is clever, as you will notice whenever you try to mentally or physically, step out of "comfort zones", you will be challenged with worry and seemingly rational explanations on why you should not take that step. 
  • Aggressive destructivity. 

If ill defined by the surrounding cards:

  • Shame.
  • Guilt.
  • Terror.
  • Infamy.
  • Misery.
  • Hate.

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