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The Starman Tarot- 5 of Wands

The Starman Tarot- 5 of Wands depicts a scene of ritualistic violence, most common to all cultures. The 5's of tarot are all about conflict or disharmony, and the Starman Tarot is no exception. We have 5 figures in leaping, conflict. Each decorated to his own idea of threat, and wearing carnival like masks with wands aflame, dancing in and out as if swords, all of this looks to be heavy war-like conflict. But if one looks closely, no blood is being spilt. What we have here is a youthful portrayal of martial arts. Here, as in many cultures, we have a display of threat, but because of their skill, no real threat is given. For example the young men on the island of Lombok, Indonesia, arm themselves with long "rattan" sticks and rectangular light wooden shields and attack each other under the watchful eyes of a referee. They use many elaborate and comical gestures of threat, wide eyes, while leaping about in a mock battle. This is not limited to Indonesia, for in New Zealand we have Maori displaying their mock battles and comical gestures to intimidate their enemies. In Brazil we have incredible martial art displays of mock battle as well.

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Since there are so many cultures involved in testing themselves, even martial art communities in our own culture, we can get the idea that one must prepare themselves for strife. "Practice makes perfect", is the often annoying axiom used by parents to get the children to "knuckle down" and concentrate on skills. This is also shown in the animal kingdom where strutting, biting, and ridiculous displays of grand horn, antler, testicles, teeth and claw allows the battle for dominance to be a stage play of bluff and counter bluff. Unlike the kingdom of man, animals know that to injure yourself in battle is dangerous to one's health, so they mostly avoid conflict if they can. Hence, the 5 of wands invites one to test their ideas, mental, emotional and physical skills, in an arena of goodwill and safe competition. For handling strife and conflict with skill, is a necessary part of a healthy life.

We live in an ultra-competitive technologically advanced world which requires us to test our skills before venturing into the real-world of business or were the risk of losing is potentially costly. It is vital to test our skills in a controlled friendly and simulated environments that allow us to learn and grow, while perfecting our game. Therefore, the 5 of Wands of Tarot, is often called the card of the "master's journey". Strife can either make or break and individual, depending on their self-confidence gleaned by practicing the necessary skills to hand it.

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Thoth- 5 of wands-strife



Artfully Lady Freda Harris displaying her knowledge of the Tantric Arts in the composition of the Thoth 5 of Wands-Strife. Here is a scene of three wands that could be called the Chakra Puja or Pancharmakara, or the Choli Marg Tantric rituals. You can look these rituals up in the Book: THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF EROTIC WISDOM by the author, Rufus C. Camphausen.

The objective of Tantric and Taoist sexual practices is to harmonize, balance, exchange and utilize the life energies (Vital Fire) set free during erotic play and sexual union. The Sexual Self is Spirit---it is the Adorable Fire of Life. In the instance of the 5 of Wands, the male electric-Fire is being heavily invoked by the Female Magnetic Water. Achieving an Electromagnetic surge which causes a great deal of physical strife and re balancing, causing a great deal of bliss and a higher vibratory nature of the body’s vital energy which is known as the Adorable Fire to the well-studied student of Qaballah. This is the Master's Wand that represents the Master's Body. This is the Adorable Fire of Tantric, Gnostic, and Magick ritual…often called the Strife filled Ecstasy, which is always invoked by the communion of male electric and female magnetic polarities of energy.


To the Elements, the 5 bring serious problems of unbalance. The 5 of Wands-Strife, brings quarrel and strife in the Vital energy:

  • The Five of Cups, brings disappointment to relationships;
  • The Five of Swords, brings defeat to health and mind;
  • The 5 of Disks, brings strangulation to income and business.

All seemingly very gloomy; However, the other cards in the divination will show how long the difficulty as well as, how serious the 5's are to be taken. Really, these nasty old 5's just announce that a difficulty exists and often the solution to the problem at hand is shown in the other cards of the Tarot reading. Without strife, one's skills become unused and dysfunctional. We need mental, emotional, spiritual and physical challenges, to stay healthy and vital.

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This Lord of Strife astrologically is Saturn in Leo, which is the influence of Geburah (The 5th Sephiroth) in the World of Pure Spirit; Atziluth of the Qabalistic 4 Worlds.

Here the powerful heavy effects of Saturn, united with a Fire sign like Leo, brings quarreling and Strife in energy. In other words, volatility.

The Angels of the Decan are Vahaviah and Yelayel, necessary knowledge for those who wish to call on them.

The 5 of Wands is a continual outpouring of force, with Saturn influence, this flow of force is agitated and disturbed, not unlike water flow is disturbed by rocks, causing rapids. Or more likely, as volcanic magma is disturbed by the cooling nature of atmosphere and slowly thickens and becomes stone. Thus, in the 5 of Wands, there is contest unresolved as the nature of Saturn turns all to lead.

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Crowley's Thoth Deck Card, shows the nature of the energy rather than its disturbed nature displayed by the Golden Dawn or Ryder-Waite Tarot Decks, or the Manara Erotic tarot cards. In the Thoth 5 of Wands, are shown the Lotus wand of the Golden Dawn Adeptus Minor of Tiphareth, the Phoenix Wand of the Adeptus and the Major of Geburah, all crossing the central wand of the Major Adept. The fact that the Major Adept Wand is central is because its position implies this severity is directed by Geburah rather than happenstance. The Phoenix wand implies resurrection from the purgation of Fire, while the Lotus Wand is of the Mother-Water.

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Many people find Geburah a difficult Intelligence to understand because she is a volcanic as Pelé (Hawaiian Volcano Goddess), all irrational disturbance, yet these disasters are derived from the benign and gentle influence of the Feminine that is Great Mother Binah. To me, this just shows Spirits "tough love" for its incarnations. Spirit knows you are the best built God Image yet, and have the internal strength necessary to handle anything this Universe can throw at you. Yet, because we often believe the definitions of those who "rule definition", we see ourselves as a weakness, trying to become strong. This misconception is often corrected by strife. Our souls will become nothing but a dreaming phantom without the "real" challenges that a living body imposes on it. Here, the Psyche/Soul is required to develop "life skills" and become a driving internal engine of accomplishment. We are internally week only because we are taught to believe that mortality is a weakness, rather than the only way to experience the courageousness of our Souls to learn skills and discrimination through the measurement of sensation. Immortals don't have need of courage.......they don't die. However, they also don't have sensuality which is needed to produce discrimination, skills, determination, and plane old "guts". Thus, Strife is a loving corrective that is at first safe, and not life threatening , such as learning to take tests at school, and to drive in traffic, and to handle life's curve balls when you are up at bat. Strife is not a punishment as it is but a stimulant to "think it through".

Learning requires a "beginning and an end", to exist. The very fact that Soul of you is seeking sensuality by building an incarnate persona, requires severity just to make it so and a fearlessness to make it happen! For data is only so much noise if it is not understood. To understand the Data of Self, one must have a way to measure it. Hence, the Soul uses the Avatar of a Homo Sapiens Sapiens form to measure the data we call life. Life, once understood, allows skillful living and one to be lucid in the dream of I Am.

Even on earth, a certain amount of friction is required to form energy into creations or to get creations mobile. Without the severity of friction where Will to Force (Chokmah) is captured by the magnetic force of Will to Form (Binah), energy could not become form! Just so, without the friction of severity in one’s life, accomplishment, progress and evolution would not happen! We Souls knowingly build an incarnation, knowing it can be a "crap shoot" and the soul is certain severity will be applied but now it can be felt and therefore measured! Over many incarnations, skill is developed to the point of "Mastery of Life", and/or a Soul who becomes a Time Master: a master of form and force and wears the carnival mask that is a "Me"/Personality of one who knows the skills of mirth, where severity is not taken as serious, for souls never die, but as a way to learn more motivational skills in the everlasting creation of I AM.

When the 5 of Wands , is thrown during a divination

It implies:

  • That the querent is involve in a spiritual conflict. This frustrating conflict can ensue for 5 weeks or 5 months because of this confusion of ideas.  The solution of which depends on the diligence of the querent.
  • Here, the querent is adjusting the identity, struggling with self-doubt while striving to move forward,
  • There may be a struggle or strenuous warfare- like competition for riches and success, a kind of battle in life.
  •  The querent might also feel like they are in an impasse, powerless in a time of trial and difficulty.
  • Release of tension through conflict.
  • Proving one's own abilities in sporting competition.

If ill defined:

  • Recklessness and rash actions.

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