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The Starman Tarot- 4 of Cups

The Starman Tarot- 4 of Cups, depicts the difficulty of life. As the Buddha was quoted as saying: "Life is suffering", or as M. Scott Beck said in his book, The Road Less Traveled, "Life is difficult". Both of these declarations are not malicious nor negative, for they are prophetic. Life can bring sorrow, loss, and difficulty. By seeing clearly and accepting what is, we transcend the experience. As Souls, we often forget that the Homo Sapiens Sapiens, avatar that we operate in the name of I Am, is limited to certain measurements, such as time and the laws of nature. Often we can seemingly defy Nature's laws with medicine and fantastic technology. However, that is a delusion. We still die. We still get sick. We still lose loved one's. Earth still quakes, hurricanes still blow and volcanoes erupt. Life is indeed difficult, yet every moment is worth having. Hence, the figure is covered in woe as the 2 cups above him pour even more woe down upon him. For the Gail, is Imagination. The image maker Creatrix of the One Mind. Emotions, are Energy-in-Motion, and the Mind sets that motion to the energy that is you. Yet above you is a hand in blessing, representing the Emperor Constantine that stopped the persecution of Christians in ancient Rome as a symbol of your soul absolving you of all self persecution; a persecution that usually begins in childhood, as blame, shame and embarrassment that eats away at the foundation of Self. We are indoctrinated to bow to the rule or to kneel, to make ourselves weak before our "betters". This starts early, as a child you cannot defend yourself. Life is difficult. These wounds, will fester and putrefy until we are adults, bent over in woe. Yet , you are good enough for the Divine Creatrix to create as her "golden child". You know this because you have the Mind of the Grail, I-Magi-Nation!

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The Starman Tarot 4 of Cups, depicts a figure bowed under the black tar of negative emotions, head bowed in defeat. Often I have heard people say, " The universe is out to get me...". as they stumble along in a viscous liquid of their own lower emotions. Many of us feel that the planets are not aligned in our favor and bad shit is raining down upon us. We feel victimized , we punish ourselves for not "cutting the mustard", we are somehow dysfunctional and live life as a urinal, constantly being pissed on by those around us. Life is difficult, what many of us have yet to find out as children facing adulthood, is that no one is out there to "kiss and make it all better". You'll be falsely accused of being the monster that other's see in themselves. You'll be blamed for things you never had anything to do with for it is well known amongst psychologists, we transfer what we suppress or fear in ourselves to others. Hence, you need to toughen up, by bearing scar tissue. Been there, done that, and am still laughing and enjoying the moment. For I am the Spirit's intimacy with Life.

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The message here, is that Life is difficult, but not all that bad. For every challenge met, creates a sense of confident living. Every mountain climbed fills us with satisfaction and the joy that excellence brings., things that the infinite cannot feel. First, you were never put on earth to be judged, nor make judgments, you are to observe and make observations for we are always data of Self that is understood, and therefore, made into information; in-form-ation. For in this realm, data understood becomes form. So the judgement has already been made by the Soul, you are understood, and therefore loved into being. It pays not to fear the inevitable, for "shit happens" and we all die. Death walks with us all daily, as a shadow does in the light. All love ends in loss. Hence, sorrow walks with happiness. Yet I love to love, so I keep loving.

Death is a the fated Transformation, that all energy must go through. I am the Life and the transformation of Life, known as death for I am the spirit who knows itself through form. Form is a measurement and as all things measured it has a beginning and end. Organic life eats itself to stay alive. Hence, death, is life and life is death. Oroboros, the serpent that eats its own tail, is the infinity symbol of life and/or Organic matter. I am that. For as a Soul, I consume the data learned by being, turning that being into understood information, makes the next organic form of self. So now I am a Lover and a fighter. I am unafraid of my inner dragon, for now I ride that sucker among the stars and I the Observer, point that dragon's head in the direction I wish to go. It's so good to have direction, for the infinite don't have one. It is good to feel measurement, for the immortal can't. I , as Spirit, have made myself intimate with creation and therefore, I am the Creator and the Created. I Am Me. How can one not love this? I am no longer the One, alone and just dreaming. I AM Me and "The Other", making these things called love, joy and happiness possible. The come with their own "other", love-loss-joy-sadness, happiness-sorrow. The I Am is always wedded to the opposite in this world of cause and effect. Electric to Magnetic, Male to Female, Love to Loss, Happiness to sorrow, Joy to sadness. Life to Death. The inevitable, is not something I care about, as I can do nothing about it, but I can live the now, this very moment, is Time's eternal happening. So grab the moment and dance because you can! Give sadness a kiss, slap sorrow on the back and say, "Hi old friend". Love is worth any loss. So love like it is the only moment you can.

"If you wish to speak to me, you must stand! For I'll not kneel to your weakness."

The above statement was told to me by my "Master", who only answered a 12 year old sniveling child in the Lhasa monastery, who felt he wasn't able to complete a task and wanted the master to help. That day, life-times ago, taught me that Love, won't bow to a supposed weakness of flesh. Love is tough. Love, sheds the tar of challenges and walks into the Frey of the slings and arrows of adversity, with head held high. I have found that even the most loving person has moments of difficulty. Yet, because of the toughness of love, they stand, and find ways to overcome that which is overwhelming. I have learned that the immortal Soul will help those mortals who help themselves. Life wants to be you; Hence, you are alive. Take a breath, look at the sky, look at your feet, and take a step, a shuffle that begins a dance: A dance that is your own rhythm in the frequencies of I AM. Life is yours, be it. I Am Me! Life dies to transform, and I have died so many times, it has become a dear friend. My death bed is always a place of laughter, for it takes humor to do what we do. Thank you, Divine Creator, for making me-me, for this journey is most sensual, and therefore, intimate and the only way I can feel, taste, smell, hear and touch my Divine Creator, my most beloved, is through this Homo Sapiens Sapiens body that I operate in the name of I AM. Damn but I do love this so!

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Thoth- 4 of cups-luxury

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From the Golden Dawn Texts:

In Chokmah is the Radix of blue and thence is there a blue color pure and primitive, and glistening, with a spiritual Light which is reflected into Chesed. And the Sphere of its Operation is called Zedekiah or Justice and it fashionith the images of material things, bestowing peace and mercy: and it ruleth the sphere of the action of the planet Jupiter. And all is the title of a God strong and mighty, ruling in Glory, Magnificence and Grace. And the Archangel of Chesed is Tsadkiel, the Prince of Mercy and Beneficence, and the Name of the order of Angels is Chasmalim, Brilliant Ones, who are also called the Order of Dominions. The Sephira Chesed is also called Gedulah or Magnificent and Glory."

With such flowery words of ritual adoration, it is often difficult to realize that this inner-architect is part of your Inner-inheritance as a Divine Child. However, inside of you, which is infinity, you are compose of these 10 Sephirotic "states of energy conscious". Therefore, the value of inner self meditation and skrying of the tarot cards should be apparent to one who is interested.

THE 4 OF CUPS-Luxury, in the Thoth Deck is called Luxury or Lord of Blended Pleasure. The Planet is Moon and the sign is Cancer. The Angels of the Decan are: Hayayel and Mevamayah Practice calling these names, you may be surprised at the vibratory change. Blended pleasure is taking the good with the bad.

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The 4 of Cups is Chesed in Briah, here Chesed is influencing the unconscious mental realm. The alternate flow of the Moon is mitigated in Cancer, as the Moon naturally rules in this sign. Changing cycles are still there, but passive, and slow.

When looking at the Crowley Card, we see the Upper Golden Solar cups overflowing but not the lower, implying that the Pleasure is real but with reservations. The caveat being; pleasure but not without some anxiety and discomfort. Here the Luxurious feeling of pleasure is short and indifference soon takes over and as the multiple stems of the one lotus show, the energy of luxury is divided amongst multiple flows, implying too many diverse issues involved to stay stable. 4 is a "dead end" number so ending is the only place to go and action towards change must be taken soon. What is said about the fantasy of luxury, has been said in the explanation of the Starman card. For luxury, has a shadow self as well, poverty. We find the impoverishment of luxury, when we believe that the gathering of goods, will make us happy, and find out that this is not so. This is called the Neti Neti world in Sanskrit. Neti Neti means "Not this, Not that". For as Didymos Judas Thomas wrote in the Gnostic Text of the Nag Hammadi Library:" Let the seeker seek for they will become troubled, when troubled they shall become astonished, when astonished, they shall know that they are ruler over all". We are all seekers, and we grab, hold and seek more comfortable things, until we wake up one day and find that all this stuff, hadn't made us happy. This troubles us until the light bulb goes on and we become astonished that we are the All, That I am gain. I am loss, I am love, I am sadness, I am happiness, I am sorrow, I am pleasure, I am pain. I am how Life, Feels itself. Hence, knows itself. I Am how the Divine becomes intimate with itself! I am always becoming..... never ending, Spirit. Damn, I like this!

When the 4 of Cups-Luxury card is thrown during a reading, it implies:

  • For a time, say 4 wks or 4 months the querent shall experience emotional luxury, which is the capacity to make other people feel emotionally satisfied, secure and peaceful.
  •  A period of contentment but this is the edge of completion and a new vision of love is being seen. Thus there is both the gift and challenge of a fallow period.
  • There may be boredom, and apathy with a sprinkling of discontent as the querent awaits inspiration.
  • Here there is type of balance that is caught between the worlds of thought and action.
  • A good time for clarity and refining things down to a simple truth

If ill defined:

  • Possessive inclinations.
  • Restricting another person through excess of affection.

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