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The Starman Tarot- 7 of Pentacles

I am carefully bring things to life.

The Starman Tarot- 7 of Pentacles, is representative of what happens after putrefaction. Here, is the nurturing of a vision. A rose grows out of a pit of lava, rising above the scorched earth, and being lovingly watered and tended by the careful manipulations of the young person leaning over it, regardless of the impossibility. Before, in alchemy before there is purity, there is putrefaction which becomes dissolution, then solution and finally coagulation. From lava ash, rises new growth. From the rotting dead, comes the new bounty. Compost makes good gardens. What looks to be destruction, can produce the next growth of creation.

Traditionally, Pentacles/Disks represents wealth the type of which is kept in 3 strong-boxes, Spirit-MInd and Body. Here, one has the patience, tenacity and willingness to pay attention to the details while keeping the vision in mind. For anyone knows that a journey is only the next step. For if one thinks only of "how many" steps they must take, rather than concentrating on the one they are doing now, the journey may fail in a great fall. The future is a phantasm, a non-product, so just concentrate on the moment and do what you can do now. One must be able to hold the vision when all looks lost, if one wishes to create something new. Life is present in the most hostile conditions, in deserts, at the bottom of oceans near smoking fumerals spewing out toxic gases. Patiently tending one's desert garden, with careful attention to details, will produce a worthy harvest. Many people see the failure of their vision, galloping towards them when they seem to have exhausted all that they know to do. Do what you can-now-one little baby step, and more steps will present themselves, even those that lead to greater learning. For "The Divine Creative helps those who help themselves". Opportunities only sprout, when one pays diligent attention to the details.

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In the background of this card, we see a magic beanstalk leading to a magic crystal city in the clouds and surrounded in the sacred geometry of "Divine Intelligence". Intelligence has grown incrementally out of the binary numeral system that was invented over 300 years ago, developing from the analog, to digital, to atomic and back towards the "Divine Creative" and/or Universal Collective Unconscious. Before that, billions of years ago, intelligence developed out of the numerical system created by the "Law of Attraction", that we would emotionally call "love", although science would call it electromagnetic force. Like cells, The "I" of the Cell divides into "other" , one becomes two, two become three and three become trillions. All starting with one I Am.

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As recently discovered in Quantum physics, one particle becomes two, positive charged and negatively charged, "I and other", when it enters this material dimension. Out of a unseen dimension, comes the seen. Knowing this, the diligent and patient creator, pays attention to the detail at the moment, for the future is always unseen. Many seem to think that the Tarot, can foretell the future. When what it really foretells is that if you keep doing what you are doing now, the odds are that your path of creation will become this or that. Tarot warns one to pay attention to the details and not expect a certain future that is produced by minimal effort and only happy thought. Therefore, Tarot tells about what is happening now, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and what the sum usually creates down the road. The master's journey is strife ridden, as it is the path least traveled and therefore, the most rewarding. In us consciousness, the "sun/son of the Divine Creative, moves in one great figure eight (spirals), down the Tree of Life, from the ethereal Super-Consciousness, pure energy (Kether, Chokmah, Binah) to more and more condensed states of consciousness called atoms. From atoms to molecules to cells to multi-celled animals, to self-consciousness that is the "human" self-awareness and back up the tree to the Universal Collective Unconscious. Data, becomes understood and therefore, becomes information. Information becomes form. From I Am to Me, creation continually transforms as the Collective collects more information, adds that to what is known, forming a new Understanding of I AM Me. Therefore, God learns what god is, through its correlation of data via living creations of in-formed-action. I Am denotes only existence, not of "what I AM". Divinity learns what it is through its self-images/creations.

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When the Starman Tarot-7 of Pentacles is thrown during a divination, it implies that:

  • You vision of life must be nurtured.
  • One must understand that life is nurtured with seeds of good habits for a radiant future to grow.
  • Although not ideal, the seemingly negative situation or circumstances, although being faced with few skills and resources, will transform into growth when by consistently, loving care and pruning, they will grow stronger in the positive and see daylight.
  • Invest in learning new skills and knowledge.
  • Draw your fellow visionary gardeners to you, turning away from the situation or persons which stunt your growth.
  • The I AM created you as itself, therefore, you deserve all the rich meaning and purpose grown out of the soil of life.

If reversed:

  • Lacking the patience and due diligence to attend to your creations and relationships.
  • We must began again as oversights have been made. 
  • More haste mean less speed. Remember the Hare and the Tortoise.
  • To thrive requires a sensitivity to conditions, loving care, patience and the warm bright light of the fearless mind, - apply these conditions to yourself.
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Thoth-7-of Disks: Failure.

Physical failure, labor thwarted, and everything is sunk in sloth.

The 7 of Disks indicates a pause in the garden of financial, health, and physical relationships. This is also fear of failure and/or fear of success which is generated by negative past experiences. Many know that to fear is to constrict energy and to obfuscate the direction it is being sent. Fear is a creativity gone against the motion of the fearful. Our fear of discomfort, is our worst enemy here.

Take a long look at this card. Its astrological sign is Saturn in Taurus. The planet Saturn is symbolic of constricted, restricted and/or the feeling of limited energy; its metal is lead. Taurus is representative of productivity and achievement, the fertile and fecund bull. The two together tell us that our productivity and achievement are being restricted and limited by our fear of failure. This aspect of Saturn and Taurus can also be seen in the coins.

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The helmet symbol is Saturn and the Bull is Taurus. Predicting a feeling of failure that interferes with our financial situation. The Helmet is also a symbol of a conscious constriction of which fear is indicative of. The 7 of Disks card also indicates a loss of capacity to inspire ourselves or others. Yet there are contradictory meanings here since this is a pause in the force of our creativity, this could also be just waiting for the fruition of our efforts and is a time of repose and waiting for results. Seeds of new growth are being planted here, in the spoilage of the past and the querent may be waiting for a better and more rewarding path to be discovered.

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Fear is constricted energy focused on a point of I Am...I Am is our inherited God Voice within our Super-conscious. It declares the direction of our energy such as, I Am sad, I Am happy, I Am poor or I AM wealthy. In the infinite realm of possibilities, I AM is the foundation of all creation and creation is a restriction of energy to form a "point in time". Which we are! Since you have been given the God-like freedom to declare yourself any way you like...repeating concepts of failure tell your Greater Self that you demand failure as an expression of your likeness! Knowing this, it is recommended that for the next 7 weeks or 7 months that your repeat declarations of Wealth. How about; "I Am The Will and the Way. I Am the Wealth and I own the Day!” Say this at least 7 times a day for 7 weeks or 7 Months. I've been doing it now for the past 7 years and my days flow in a joyous dance of discovery. I highly recommend that you remember yourself as a Magic Sorcerer from the Source of all Creation who has been given the power of Spiritual- Mental/emotional and physical focus to create your reality. The Power to emote energy as a living self-image, is a great power---use it gratefully! Netzach means Victory. To reiterate: Feelings, instinct, and undifferentiated Group Mind, are attributed to the Sphere of Netzach.

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Here, Netzach is in Assiah, influencing the Material World. The planet and sign of the 7 of Disks-Failure, are Saturn in Taurus. The Angels of the Decan are Herochiel and Mitzrael.

Saturn in Taurus brings disappointment, often because of a great deal of work that brings little reward.

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There are sixteen of the geomantic figures (See AC's book, 777 or "The Handbook of Geomancy" Equinox Vol. I, No.2). The 7 of Disks is in the shape of the geomantic figure Rubeus, which is the one of putrefaction, a menacing symbol. If you are a student of Alchemy, putrefaction is noted as a necessary process of chemical transformation, before purification can be produced. Thus, the atmosphere of the card implies blight, cultivation is spoiled. The suggestion is bad money.

The 7 of Disks, Failure, is also called, The Lord of Success unfulfilled, and rightly so, as it is about physical failure to be diligent and pusillanimity.

When the 7 of Disks/Pentacles, is thrown during a reading, implied is:

  • A fear of failure with finances, health and relationships. However, 7 in Netzach is a weak event, and deregulation of the element of earth, so soon the querent's project will be completed if determined to "keep on" and ignoring the feelings of never finishing the task.
  • The Determination to release this fear of failure should go on for within 7 weeks or 7 months. However, this determination must be hard fought, for there is a tendency to abandon labor, and allowing everything to sink in a mire of sloth.
  • Yet again, putrefaction is before the transformation of purification, so this is the point where the "lowest fallen becomes the highest exalted".
  • The implication of this card, is that you shall succeed if you don't listen to the thoughts of failure that are tempting your brain. Push harder, you'll soon succeed. 
  • In the next 7 weeks or 7 months, the more rewarding path will be discovered and the period of waiting is over, or you will have to confront your fear of failure in the next 7 weeks or 7 months in order to plant anew and reap a more generous harvest in your future.
  • It is time to move through old fears and self-defeating thoughts of past failures whether they have been experienced in the past 7 weeks, 7 months or when you were 7 years old.

When ill defined:

  • Deep rooted blockages.
  • Inner emptiness.
  • Resignation.

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