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· dreams of gaia

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Dreams of Gaia Tarot- I of fire

The Dreams of Gaia-Ace of Fire, represents the power and energy to create new beginnings and/or the promise of new beginnings. This is a fiery action and represents the power for and to take initiative in actively pursuing our goals. New beginnings are symbolized in the Orphic Egg of the Universe and the Spider Woman/Divine Creatrix that spins the material grid of Life. The Dragon, represents the Fiery Power of Creation, the "Big Banger" of the Big Bang.

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Linking the Dragon with change is constant in Dragon reverence throughout the world. In Chinese Taoism, the Dragon represented the "spirit of the way", bringing eternal changes and the guardian of the Flaming Pearl that represented spiritual perfection and as many authorities in Ancient Astronauts suggest, Dragons, were Ships of the Gods that flew across the sky. This is obvious, in the Ancient Greek/Roman then naming of the constellation Draco, the Ancient Mesopotamian god Dagon, and the Chinese belief that these Dragons came down from the sky with Riders . In Brittany, the dragon was the "dragon of the Bretons" and became Ouroboros. And the official emblem of Wales is still the red dragon which was derived from the Great Red Serpent that once represented the Welsh god Dewi (Same god as the Sumerian Enki, Egyptian Thoth, and Quetzalcoatl of the Mayan's) who latter metamorphosed into Wales mythical patron saint David. Later, Dragons have become the mythical guardians of buried treasure, due to the insistence that they hoard gold (metal of the gods) are guardians of Christianity's hell.

The Ace of Fire, lets us know it is time to move beyond research and planning, as we must now take the first real steps towards getting "the ship to sea". It is time to follow through on inspiration and create. The Fire of Will, the Action to begin, is what places that first physical step towards a journey of a thousand miles. The"first step" begins all journeys of discovery . You are an active participant in your life and it is time you began "you" instead of another's idea of what life is. Life has declared itself as YOU---your presence proves that, so begin, now is the time for you to run towards your "inner Sun", by activity of Being. You are the Soul's "in-form-action". You are Spirit's ability to do work on the material plane of the alive as an unique expression of Self, with your own unique perspectives. You also have inherited the Image-Maker Mind (imagination) that is the Universal Creatrix and/or your "inner muse", so use it! The "Ability to Do Work", is called Power. You are therefore, Spiritual Power! Declare your Divine Inheritance: I Am the Will, I Am the Way, I Am the Power, I Own the Day!

When the Ace of Fire is thrown in a Divination, it implies:

  • New beginnings/opportunities.
  • Actively pursue your goals.
  • Take advantage of what is being offered. 
  • Move beyond research and planning. 
  • Weave your future into being. 
  • Take something old and make it better.
  • Break with tradition and offer something new. 
  • Uncertainty inspires procrastination. 
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Thoth-Ace of wands

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The Thoth- Ace of Wands represents the Force of Spirit as the Element of Fire. It is the Radical or Root Force of the Fiery Motion that Moves all things. To those of us who need a pattern, the 4 Aces are said to be placed at the North Pole of the Universe, where they revolve and govern the revolution of the Universe. To a Qabalist the 4 Aces are the connecting link between Yetzirah (Formative World) and the Material plane.

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The Ace of Wands represents the outpouring of energy in the Universe, and is from the "point" that is Kether. It is the root of the Powers of Fire and is the influence of Kether (Dark energy) on the level of pure Spirit. It is represented as the Hebrew letter Yod. Yod is related to Kether, not only is it isolated and self-contained but it is also the formative graphic root for all other letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. Moreover, the Yod is Phallic, even though it is translated as "Hand". Hence, the "hand of God" is a phallic power. To us moderns, it is the Male-Fire (electric) that rushes out toward the Female-Water (Magnetic), where she contains and forms it into Energy's Self Identity (I Am).

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The Thoth Ace of Wands shows 10 Yods emanating from a primitive burning club. This represents the Primal force behind the entire Tree of Life that is composed of 10 Sephiroth and their connecting paths of energy transference. The entire Tree is a glyph of the Power of Fire, i.e. of Spirit. The scholarly student of Qabalah will find that the letter, Shin (Maternal Fire) and Yod are often used interchangeably when referring to the Tree of Life.

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Besides being a practicing Qabalist, I am also a practicing Tantric in the techniques of Yoga. To me and all those of a higher state of mind, the human body is a Divine body. It is sacred and sanctified by the Creator and Creatrix and part of that sacredness is the sacrament of Holy Communion and/or sexual union which is an action of Whole Spirit! It is the Magick of 0=2, in a living form of 2 who must become one to flow in Universal transformational power. I am of the opinion, along with many other intelligentsia, that there is no shame in being a human, or being a Hu-Man who owns a homo sapiens sapiens body and/or that a soul who owns its own "house" on earth, by giving it life. Being Life how should I in any way be embarrassed for creating the alive?

To make alive such a being is a high honor to any Spiritual Power of Being!

I've spent this life (and many others) learning the powerful purpose of having a homo sapiens sapiens form as my power tool, not only because I was curious why those who rule us, wish us to reject it's divinity (Divide and conquer) and persecute those who refuse to lessen themselves to slaves, but also because God Wants To Be Human! In fact the very name Hu-man means "God-mind", as Hu is a Chinese-Mandarin word for God and man comes from the Hindu word Manas, meaning Mind.

If you can imagine, you have a god/Divine Creative mind!

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human Merkabah (Chariot of light)

Alchemical Fire controls creativity, desire, passion, ambition and the satisfaction there of. For it is the Fiery Spirit in all of us that we've inherited from the Solar Logos as "Divine Frenzy" or Lust of God to Be! Fiery passion, can be ill defined and become that which seeks the perverse or transgressions but only after we are indoctrinated to "fear life" and must "earn it". Hence, giving our passion to survive to Fear based dogma and/or indoctrination.

On the Qabalistic Tree of: Life, Kether is the Crown, the Observer, the Dark Energy, that is infinite. Infinity can't be seen "so dark energy" is unseen energy. It is the Unknowable God of many religions, and yet as many of us know, religion is not God. Kether is the Idea of the Big Bang, the point, the Singularity. The Aces are also essences, so they too are not easily explained.

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The 4 Aces are related to Kether, thus they are representative of the Pure Forms of Energy that are elaborated by the other cards of the Tarot Deck and/or Sephiroth.

The consecutive elaboration of the Numbers, are Forces being woven together to form the Harmonic that is the World. A World that is 99% invisible to us. However, by combining the colors of the visible spectrum of electromagnetic light, we see that different combinations, make different color changes, such as blue combined with red makes purple, etc. These combinations are the necessary diversity of creation, as well as transformative and can be called harmonies or the “spiral Sex action of Spirit”. In Qaballah, the world we see, is the 1% world. When different harmonics of energy come together, a new Universe is formed and in each man is a catalyst that stimulates change and in each woman is a vessel that takes the catalyst and adds it to passive data, that then becomes active and fruitful information. The Mystery is that the Male and Female, combine to make the "electromagnetic" Universal Spectrum of "I AM"; where 0=2. But that is a mystery of Self, who is all it Observes.

To Reiterate: THE ACE OF WANDS:

The Ace of Wands represents the Force of Spirit as the Element of Fire. It is the Radical or Root Force of the Fiery Motion that Moves all things.


  • It signifies a deep burning spiritual desire for self-discovery and realization.
  • Trans-formative High Energy for new beginnings
  • The first impulse and passion to begin.
  • Creative energy and initiative, to begin new business ventures, new understandings, new foundations, where creative energy is flowing with plenty of potential and ambition to succeed.
  • The burning flame of Dragon Power, A balancing and increasing in Potency of Inner Fire. 
  • The Souring of Kundalini energy, "the Dragon within".
  • The dawning of desire, passion, enthusiasm and creativity.
  • The Power of Masculine fire, with its connotations of heat, vigor, contest, aspirations, enlightenment, and avidity to consume.
  • The overwhelming power of Lust to be that vibrates at the core of all manifestation. Pure Power to create.

If ill defined by the surrounding cards in the divination:

  • Destruction through exaggeration. 
  • Failure through arrogance. 

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